Monday, August 29, 2011

Question of the Week 9

This week's question (the last one for August before most people return to school) is:

Who are the best AND worst composers / producers / arrangers for K-pop artists?

Gee, I am actually really exited to see your answers on this Good Day. My Intuition tells me that all the answers will not be Black&White because everyone has different opinions on what is a good song or not.

Some people might think I am Crazy and tell me to Go Away, and please do not think I am a Bad Guy, but I actually kind of like E-tribe. And I am biased towards Bang Shi Hyuk (soley because of 2AM), Brave Brothers (only because I heart After School), Teddy (yes, I love 2NE1 and Big Bang. Suck it), and Tablo (because who doesn't love Epik High). But I'll Back Off So You Can (Live Better) say your own opinion as I don't Like Being Hit by a Bullet.

So Let me see YA answers-answers (YAYAYA)!

(You see what I did there? I put song titles of some of these composers' hit songs. Eh? Ehhh? ;p
(Don't judge me)

If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to Thanks!


  1. Yes, I saw what you did there... Do you have Downs? Sorry for judging you.. lmao

  2. A+++++ Would read again despite how painful it was to read.

  3. I hope Brave Brother will stop composing for After School.. all his song are lately shit

  4. But whoever the hell is writing songs for new groups/singers these days suck.

    That's that.

  5. Non-Sweetune answers are incorrect.

  6. Imma be cool and tell you who are the best: Kim Eana and Lee Min Soo.

  7. "Thisss issa JAY WAI PEE PRO-DUCK-SHION"

    I dont have a favourite producer but i can name the worst.I think E-tribe should retire and brave brothers.

    Teddy im ok with only because he is fucking hot,but that dude needs to change shit up with 2ne1,YG needs to invest in other producers and no not fucking GD,he is the fucking worst,but im sure most of you arent surprised to read that.

    Can we count BNS even though they are more of a indie label,i like what they come out with,assbrass is my homeboy,even with that as a name i still lubb him.

  8. ^
    YG has a whole lot more producers (Kush, Perry etc) than Teddy and GD. It's just that GD and Teddy are the more active ones.

  9. I take my comment back about teddy,YG should only let him produce.

    With a face like that he can make all the crappy autotuned music he wants.

  10. Teddy is pro, he churns out hits like David Guetta. I mean Lady Gaga asked to work with him during the peak of her fame and BEFORE most of his work with 2NE1 and he said no only to churn out some major league hits in "I Don't Care", "Go Away", "You & I", etc. He also did Seven's comeback album, Solar, Hot and tons of Big Bang's stuff, most of which is really, really good. He's probably my favorite producer.

    Brave Brothers is okay. Yeah, a lot of his songs sound the same lately (Shady Girl, How Dare You, Lip Stains and In The Night Sky all have a very "I Don't Care" vibe) but they're quite catchy and he also churned out After School's "Because of You", still one of the best K-pop songs of recent years IMO. The biggest thing I have against him is that he always jumps on the goddamn track with annoying adlibs. So in many ways I consider him the Puff Daddy of Korea. Yeah, he produced Ready to Die and Life After Death, but he still needs to get the hell off the track and let Biggie rap. Too late for that now though.

    E-Tribe made Gee. 'nuff said. (Naengmyun and his ballad with Lee Hae-ri was pretty good too)

    I like Young Yoo-jin of SM, some of his tracks are decent.

  11. Really diggin' what Oneway members are producing. And meh I love Sweetunes but it sounds the same after a while.

  12. Sex feels the same after a while.

  13. Dat's why you gotta keep it fresh with an occasional divorce crisis

  14. Kim Do Hoon. Not only did produced some of the songs you mentioned, he gave T-ara awesome electrop songs as well (TTL/TTL2, Ma Boo).

  15. E-Tribe plays a huge game of hit and miss.
    Loved Gee, Fucking hate yayaya.
    Teddy... I liked i dont care, thats about it.
    Brave brothers is actually pretty good, after school because of you anyone? best song out.
    Sunny Hills male member, i think after they left nega or something he took over with midnight circus, and then well, they became awesome.
    kim do hoon for TTL. And Cho Young Soo, Kim Tae Hyun for i go crazy because of you. Fucking Love that slutty song.
    I know hardcore beg fans dont really like Abracadabra, but i do. And i prefer it over how come, but i sure as hell love my electronica, so lee min-su and jinu.

  16. @ 1:15 Agreed! I really love this duo. Tablo is cool too.

  17. @ JK Doogarn: Janghyun from Sunny Hill is pretty awesome <3 He does deserve more credit.

  18. Sweetune pwns all your shitty kpop producers up the ass, around the park and in your basement. Defectors may be shot.

  19. I haven't heard of Sweetune's shit. Can anyone link me some?

    Anyway, I like some of Brave Bros' shit. Then Teddy's(except for the 2NE1 crap), Janghyun of Sunny Hill and Yoo Young Jin. Is DJ Clazzi counted? If so then him too.

  20. I like Yayaya... am I the only one?


  21. whoever wrote TTL and TTL2 gets my thumbs up. and i like what Shinsadong Tiger did for Beast and T-ara(except One and One).also, 10cm is an indie band who writes their own songs, they got good stuff. and Hitman bang.

    worst? whoever writes these songs for new idols.

  22. Even if hes still starting, idol composers......I would choose Jonghyun. Obsession and juliette lyrics are pure love.
    Yonghwa isnt skilled at all, his lyrics are all the same

  23. Brave Bros should stop saving his good tracks for himself cuz he doesn't bring justice to em as much as others would. Also should go back n work with BigBang again, they made good tracks.

    Kush needs to produce more. as well as those dudes who worked with seungri on his album ( YG use ur other fuckin producers man)

    whoever produces 4mens work needs a award.

    The Quiett needs a mention too

  24. worst i woulda said whoever is producing Suju's shit. Though they may be the smartest ones out of everyone, create crap that elf's will stockpile in their garages and houses as cup holders n frizbees for easy profit. Though the 1 hit I like from them is that lulzy ass ELF song that they thought was a great fandom song but everyone else knows/sees it as a big ass joke at them.

  25. I like teddy and kush. Well i'm a bj so that makes sense xD
    Didn't know about them before you said it but ttl 1 & 2 producer and sunny hill's only man. They're great too =D
    I like shinsomething tiger too ^^

    I'm sick of brave brothers. He gives catchy shit songs to sistar as title songs when strong ballad (Over) could do amazingly well.

  26. Teddy is a good producer. I love the work he did with 1TYM; especially their One Way album. That shit he produces for 2NE1 is horrible but I guess that's what happens when you work with artists with ZERO talent and you have to autotune the fuck out of their voices.

    I don't like any of the shit SM or JYP put out so I don't know/care about any of their producers.

  27. i love E-Tribe. i came to kpop for obnoxious overproduced pop music and he(?) never fails to deliver.

    even though Brave Brothers has been lame lately, i have tons of respect for them(?) too. Brave Girls has great stuff

    Daishi Dance is a fav of mine too (he did like two kpop songs so i assume he counts lol)

    as for stuff i don't like, whoever does Big Bang/2ne1. just not my style

  28. Yoo Young Jin: love his songs, especially the powerful dance songs & smooth r&b ones... Heck most of his old stuff were pretty good before the Sorry Sorry crap (even before that probably ). Though he did do that awesome Mr. Simple intro teaser...... And then again the guy did make Mr. Simple. He really needs to take his talent somewhere else though because SM artists are really restricting his creativity to mediocre shit with their limited vocal abilities....

  29. Ohh though it's not really kpop, I love whoever composes for Urban Zakapa (probably themselves) and 3rd Coast.

  30. best: whoever does infinite's shit
    worst: brave brothers

  31. @2:03

    i think jype gets english speakers to do that part cos it's never really engrish (for example, i think nickhun was prob the one at the start of miss a's title tracks)

  32. Shinsadong Tiger is alright.

  33. ze:a gots some stupid ass lyrics.
    red beat down
    knock u down
    monday tuesday...friday saterday sunday
    baby love me u so fresh,
    shawty knows i want cha.

    wtf. write get some better lyricist starempire
    the only song that was good is heart4two


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