Monday, August 22, 2011

Question of the Week 8

If you could kick any idol (or... group if you wanted I suppose. It could be like a firing line I guess) in the nuts/balls/male genitals, who would it be and why?

And if you can think of a female version of that, go ahead and answer. It is just that I do not think getting punched in the ovaries is nearly as painful. But maybe that is just me.

If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to Thanks!


  1. Jonghyun and Minho for being homos.

  2. For me it would be Leeteuk. To be as arrogant as he is for the lack of talent he has and forcing people to see his fugly plastic self all over the media (nobody wants to see that) he deserves a good kick in the balls.

  3. Heechul and Leeteuk. Both of them are among the biggest douches in k-pop.

  4. Nichkhun. I'm sick and tired of all the "royal" treatment he gets just because Koreans find him good-looking. How shallow can you get.

  5. I swear if I could punch the fake bitch out of Hyomin and that dull half retarded look off of Suzys face.... I could die happy. :D

  6. Omfg, Heechul. For reasons, see above.

  7. Leeteuk and Shindong the most, and probs the majority of suju excluding Siwon, Donghae, and Heechul.
    The rest of them are shallow, arrogant and douchey. My reason for wanting to punch Leeteuk has already been mentioned. And then Shindong's a big ol' hypocrite, with his "GUYS CAN BE FAT BUT GIRLS CAN'T" bs lololol what are you saying about your own sister then.
    Heechul is douchey, but not so much to the extent as the others, honestly.
    ...also, I would like to punch Sulli though I can't put my finger on why.

  8. Heechul, for being so lazy on stage.
    Shindong, for being a sexist fat ass.
    2PM, because they suck as an idol group.
    Minho, Jonghyun, & Key... just to see if they even have balls.

    And I would punch Hyuna in the face. Twice. Just because.

  9. kwanghee, unless his testicles are also plastic

  10. Jia, I'm convinced she's a tranny.

  11. Hyuna because she's a slutty whorebag.

  12. Kwanghee and Heechul
    and Suzy
    and Kwanghee again.

  13. Nickhun, reasons above.
    Bom, I'd punch her in the face just to see if she'd feel it.
    Heechul, for being lazy and being an attention whore.

  14. kwanghee because he doesn't shut up about his surgery. we get it. you're ugly~~

    Leeteuk and shindong - douches.

  15. Eunhyuk, he is too damn cocky for his overrated dancing skills. He can't even freestyle to save his life yet he thinks he's a bamf.

    ^^The reason why SM needs to be kicked in the ass/balls etc for letting their idols to even perform this shitasslazylowquality perf. Heechul wasn't even properly lipsynching!!and all they did was walked around instead of dancing. Stupid fans for even thinking this shit is awesome.

  17. I'd kick Hyomin's vagina with my dick.

  18. KWANGHEE & JO KWON....I don't think any explanation is required.....


    That is all.

  20. Oh goodness where do I begin...
    i would love to punch that bitch look off of jiyeon's face. and um those chocolat girls look annoying so i'd like to punch them.

  21. i would punch tiffany's eye smile right off her face.

  22. Most of SuJu
    Co-Ed School (all of the guys)

    And I would pinch Taeyeon's cheeks.

  23. Shinee's Minho, Kwanghee, Jokwon, and Superjunior.

    First 2 cause they're untalented twats who are famed for being an average athlete and half man/half polyurethane. the later 2 for being generally talented (pushing it with 7/13 suju members) but famous for acting like fucktards.

  24. @12:53

    Better stay da phook away from my wife, bish. Say that shit to my face and see what happens, bish.

  25. Heechul, Kwanghee, Jo Kwon, Key and Siwon... Just to confirm whether they're really packing or not.

    I'm inclined to think they have camel toes instead.

  26. Heechul: He is a douche

  27. "Jonghyun and Minho for being homos."

    ^ My exact thoughts.

  28. CL - Maybe the shock will fix her lazy cock eyes

    Yoona - Though I'll probably break my toe on her boney cooch.

    Wooyoung - Just to ruin Nichkhun's evening

    Jonghyun - To ruin Key's evening

    Taecyeon - Actually I'd Lorena Bobbitt his ass. I can't stand that buck teeth bitch

    Thunder - Cause he's annoying and looks like Dara in drag.

    G Dragon - Because he hasn't written a decent song for Big Bang in years

    Lee Soo Man - He's the reason Sunny's in SNSD right?

    WG - For polluting my ear drums with their shittastic music

    Sunny - Because Hyoyeon is getting all the flack but she's actually the ugliest member of SNSD

  29. ^^^^^I meant to say Thunder looks like the pre-op tranny version of Dara

  30. Amber.
    I wanna see its gender.

  31. yuri- kick that bitch face she has all the time off of her

    someone already said this- tiffany, so i can get rid of that fake ass eye smile

    krystal- for being a bitch

    taemin- just to see fangirls cry

    jonghyun- for looking like a dinosaur with big nostrils

    jessica- for having horse teeth

  32. ^ dude, STFU

    Jessica's hot

  33. ^ no she's hideous and she can't sing

  34. k
    punch the living shit out of all of SNSD and f(x) cause they suck shit and look like stuck-up bitches...maybe except taeyeon. she gets a slap. oh, and manber gets a kick to the nuts of course.

    all of super junior- for being talentless, worthless shitheads. i guess the kick to their balls could be their military nut check? (TOO SOON, ELFS??!!?!? TROLOLOL)

    all of shinee- for looking like girls.

    sorry SM, but there's just something i hate about you. im not trying to. i just do.

  35. kwanghee for obvious reasons.

    e-tribe and brave brothers. no, i wouldn't just kick them in the balls, i'd stab them if given a prison-free chance. these two should just get out of the business and spare the world of the ear-rape they will produce in the near future.

    super junior, especially Shindong, Leeteuk and Siwon for reasons already mentioned

    Minho for being the most useless idol in the industry. IMO he beats Hwayoung in uselessness.

    I would kick Hwayoung too, but my desire to fuck her is greater than my desire to kick her

    Gay-Y-Gay for being money-hungry douchebags.

    G-dragon for having no special skill to back up all that praise he gets. i'd kick TOP too, but i loved 71-Into The Fire so he's spared.

    and finally, Kim Kwang Soo for being one really big troll. CCM artists are so full of talent but this guy messes them up.

  36. I'd also repeatedly kick JYP in the balls for this picture:

  37. I think we all know who id like to prevent from having babies. G DRAGONNNNN!!!!
    Man i would relish destroying any chance he has of breeding,having more of his kind running around would be a real nightmare for my future babies.

    And id like to super punch Dara on the boobs.

  38. Where to start.

    JYJ- They need to die

    g-dragon- For thinking his is the shiz when he aint

    (I think they should put a bag over daesungs face as well during BIGBANG performances. Also, i want to see More taeyang abs, actually, just strip him and make him walk....)

    That new bitch in T-ARA - I didn't even bother learning her name (hwasomeshit)

    2NE1- "I think im UGLY" ME TOO, now get the fuck out of kpop, you have been spiraling down ever since I dont care.

    Leeteuk- Your fugly, go die

    The snsd bitch who made a scene on strong heart - You dont talk about that shit on T.V

    Not really relevant, but if i could change something about an idol i would make JUNG AH have long, brown, wavy hair, or the hair she had in AH, because the hair in Because of you and Shampoo made me want to die.

  39. ^ She's already a flattie. By the time you're done her chest will be flatter than Thunder. LOLZ

  40. Sulli. Her fucking lazy ass dancing and uninterested face when she's not in the center, then when she is in the center dancing she acts like she's trying her hardest. Fake

  41. Definitely Kwanghee and I believe everyone knows the reason

    If I can choose more than 1 idol, i'll kick all Zea, Teen Top (esp that fish face), Boyfriends and all other gay looking teenage boy groups

  42. Shindong for dressing up as a woman everytime I was watching tv. =.=

  43. ^
    and because he's a jerk.

  44. ^
    and because he's a jerk.

  45. I'd like to drop a sledgehammer on Sulli's face from 30 feet in the air and then rush to the hammer.

  46. ^Hilarious! Poor hammer...

    I'd take an assault rifle to Jiyeon, Hyomin, and Suzy. Quick, easy, and very messy! Just the way I like it ^^

  47. ^If by "assault rifle", you mean "ASSAULT RIFLE", then so would I. I would love to change to spray mode and just let my load go berserk on them.

  48. 2NE1 - All of them ! because they make me sick !

  49. For me, Rainbow's Jaekyung. Her face is annoying enough and it was just plain stupid to let her appear on that idol girl groups quiz contest special. She could hardly answer any of the questions and she could still make it to the final round to go up against BEG's Miryo.

    And wth? SEVEN CHUSEOK SPECIALS THIS YEAR? Oh dear lord, save my eyes...

    Jaekyung, "sexy dance" is NOT a talent, unless you're Gahee. kthxbai

  50. Kwanghee. Because he makes me wanna puke.

    Jiyeon. Because that freaky eyed girl steals the fame eunjung and soyeon deserve for being talented.
    Her brother too, you know. EYES.

    The twin fishes from boyfriend, the fish from teen top and the fish from kara (goo hara). I really can't stand fishy eyes.

    Not an idol but a celeb, that bitch PARK YEJIN.
    Everytime I see her in a drama or a movie I stop watching and miss great things such as kim tae hee awesomeness.

    Hmm ... Should be enough.

    Ah no. Besides dbsk (before end of the world. Well. Of fangirls world. AKTF) I wanna throw SME in the han river.

    Done ^_^

  51. I would show KiKwang's blackface skit to all the Bloods & Crips and sit back and watch them curb stomp his ass. Then they could mollymop the sidewalk with Yoboobs or whatever the fuck his name is for looking like a ugly little homosexual troll doll.

  52. Jo kwon just cause I think his expression would be pure luls


  54. Uh. So people hate people because they're ugly... and then hate those that try to 'fix' the appearance with plastic surgery? Are you promoting plastic surgery or are you not? So confusing.

  55. ^ Welcome to Kpop. A good number of the authors here don't care about plastic surgery (mainly because we'd rather look at good looking idols.) But yes, the batshit insane fangirls (Korean and international fangirls) can never be satisfied. If someone's ugly they "demand" the person to get plastic surgery or to go the fuck away because they're ugly. If they get plastic surgery, they get ridiculed for it. Note that this is mainly the relationship between fangirls and female idols.

    Male fans, on the other hand, don't really care if a male idol does plastic surgery. Except for Kwanghee, because that douche never shuts up about it.

  56. So much hate in this post. Makes me want to cry T_T

  57. I live off of this hate! Keep it coming!

  58. I'd kick Hyomin in the head a few times with a steel-toed boot for giggles.

    I'd throw Suzy in a sack and chuck her over a waterfall with a smile.

    I'd pack SNSD onto a small plane and send them into a mountain with joy in my heart.

    Ahhhhh, sweet dreams...

  59. I'd kick most of you anons in the head but because you're too bloody scared to post this shit with your real names and too hypocritical about this rubbish. No one gives a shit about you guys and your opinions because you all have no sense of respect of hate. Just grow some bloody balls and don't listen to k-pop if this shit pisses you off so much. What a bloody waste of a blog really.

  60. ^^^ HAHAHAHA typical.
    If you don't already know, we are all answering the fucking question which is clearly written in the post.
    you,sir,are the one who should GTFO

  61. @Dorian Alaric

    Most of us anons are too fucking lazy to create an account/log in just to post a few comments on 1 blog.

    Sorry, but that's the only truth to it.

    Just because we don't have our names in full print, doesn't mean we're all trying to hide the fuck out of our asses as if we think we're "fully protected", 'cause, y'know, if someone really wanted to know who we are, they'd do it with ease.

  62. If no one gives a shit... why are you here? Why are you commenting? Do you really think your comment will stop anyone in the future? You're funny!

    This is why I love bashing. Its fun, but people like you make it even better ^^

    Knowing that you sit around and stew makes my day.

  63. Dorian Alaric must be a Sone.

  64. ^^^ hahaha you guys. I think trolling is fun after I discovered this blof LMFAO.

  65. Before I start, I'm a fan of some of the groups I'm mentioning...

    Leeteuk and Shindong- They both piss me off... SuJu would do better without their shit...
    Tiffany, YoonA, Jessica, Taeyeon, and Sunny- Vapid and whiny cunts... All of them...
    Seungri- I'm gonna kick him in the face for his racist ass comments!(I love him but dammit!!!)
    Dara- Bitch can't sing worth shit... End of fucking story...
    Boyfriend- Just fucking gag me...

    That's my list 'o folks... I'm a fan but dammit, I've got common sense!

  66. @ Dorian

    You look like a dumb ass idiot who can't fucking pass grade school right now. If there's an anonymous option at the bottom of the screen to choose, then they can fucking choose it. Stop pointing out your useless opinions as facts and let the anons post. If the bloggers didn't want anons to post they wouldn't be shit for brains and add the option.

  67. All of SNSD's fug plastic faces especially Jessica and that horse Tiffany. All of 2ne1's ladyboy faces. And all of Big Bang. Those posers won't know what hit them.

  68. i'd grind u-kiss's alexander's face across a bed of nails for being a talentless piece of shit, who happens to be the ugliest bastard alive. kicking him out of the group was the best move ever.

  69. lol you people, this isn't supposed to be anti nest, if you're not even gonna try sound funny in your posts, don't bother posting, because we don't want to listen to your bitching tbh

  70. ^^why are you even here then?


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