Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lol Korea are you for real

I see that Korea is finally ready to embrace the 21st century and is debuting a tittie girl group. I'm all excited, thinking even if they're a group of G.nas that'd be ok I can still paper bag it, aaaaaaand then I get this shit.


What the hell is this, where's the boobs, if you're going to debut them as "the boob group" at least put them in some flattering clothing, k? Holy sheeeeet it's an entire group of butterfaced Jung Juris.

I don't like getting trolled by Korea, and damn this was a low blow.

“We joined our company after we saw a notice saying they’re looking for tall singers. Once all of the members came together, we all averaged 170 cm in height, and all had D-cup breasts as well. We’ll be using that as our differentiating factor, and thus debut in the industry with our sexiness.”

Damn they make Hyuna look like one of those nuns from the Sound of Music.


  1. oh, there you are, mondegreen.

    hope these girl's so called D cups are perky...

    but they usually sag quickly...

    they need to photoshop their faces

  2. "butterfaced Jung Juris"

    Lost it after that. Yeah, I thought they should have gotten their faces fixed instead.

  3. God I am sooooooo sad soooooooo sad this could've been great, FANTASTIC. Trolled me like a Suju-in-a-box, sigh...

    Yeah sorry I was kind of awol, wrapped up my summer internship this week.

  4. Those funbags must have some expired milk.

  5. Doubt all of them joined with D cups. Or at least the Korean equivalent of D cups.

    No one could make money looking like Jung Juri in k-entertainment and not be funny.

  6. How old are they? O_o Look at those saggy tits. Do not want.

  7. if you want perky tits, go looks at girls with boob jobs or A cups, I want the all natural saggy hanging, large tits.

  8. how does snsd have bad synchronisation?

    anyway, if they're going to be known for having huge tits (at least Korea considers them D-cup), can't their faces be worth looking at? lol

  9. ^have you seen the bad girl mv?

  10. Who likes big saggy tits? Grandma-lovers.

  11. ewww saggy ass no nipple having grandma titties


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