Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Fresh Collaboration" - ShinB feat. davidfresh

That's right, kiddies. You all heard it. This is Anti Kpop-Fangirls' first collaborative article between davidfresh and me. We thought working together (she did most of the work) would be a good idea for multiple reasons:
1) It's been a slow month. Good news has been far and few.
2) Apparently I'm too nice. David is too mean (I've never heard that. Never). Therefore, together we will create a mediocre and bland article.

First good news of the month:
DJ Tukutz is back from the army.
It has been a long 2 years (to be fair, he doesn't contribute much to the group musically; he's just a funny dude). All that's left is for Mithra to return (as he went in a year ago) and we will have the holy trinity back. Epik High, we miss you (we really fucking do).

Secondly, another famous trio has returned. Koyote, a group I've never heard of, has made a comeback with the song "If You Don't Like it Now" (powerhouse Shinji, lovable Jongmin, and dead-weight Baekga are together again. I think I'm going to fucking cry). It's not bad. I kinda like it. But I have nothing to compare it to as I don't know shit about their old stuff . Their template is like 8eights' where one guy sings, the other raps, and the girl hits the ungodly high notes.

The group apparently had to go on hiatus for 2 years due to a member (Baekga) having to recover from a brain tumor (I was getting ready to bid him farewell, pity lolwut).

Lastly: this could be made into a post of its own. In short, we (she) want to talk about how teasers are the shit and raise very high expectations. ... Until we see the actual MV and are horribly disappointed much of the time (very true. Although kitty ears on Suzy weren't disappointing at all, for the most part). I wanted to bring this up because I recently saw a debut teaser for an up and coming MALE SOLOIST (not many of those out there, so I am fudging excited), EI (the song is produced by Brave Brothers, don't be too excited).

Please... please don't disappoint like Boyfriend:

Look at those sexy (BUT UNDER-AGED. FFFUUUUU-) (and sometimes fish-eyed) boys. Bet that teaser made a lot of ladies' panties as wet as those boys are on the water floor. But calm down your raging hormones! The MV will surely blow your mind:

Wait. What? What!? What just happened? Who are they? What happened to the sexy dancing boys from the teasers!? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!?!?!
Well. It was bound to happen. An entire boy group of eunuchs. Lovely.
But fear not ladies, these young men certainly have plenty of time to grow and become men (or fish) (or as the fans will turn them into, metro-sexual boys who will question their identity). Plus, so far, their performances have shown clean and clear dance moves like INFINITE (<3). Which is pretty damn impressive.
Also, how do they expect to share ONE girl amongst SIX boys!? (oh, I'm sure they'll manage. Before she came along, all they needed was a bar of soap).

Finally, another classic "wtf just happened" teaser example goes to SNSD with "Run, Devil, Run" (don't forget every 2PM teaser, ever):

I wanted that. But got this:

So in short, entertainment companies, we all understand that you give us golden teasers to tempt us into buying all your shit AND eat it up, too, with your MVs and CDs and such. But sometimes, it is almost worse to give something beautiful, and then take it away (blue balls) or give something mundane. Maybe, and this could just be me, just give us a teaser of what we should actually expect instead of making many fans cry themselves to sleep asking "Whyyyyy!?".

Then again, you sneaky people you, you know all your delusional fans will follow you no matter what craziness you throw at them *cough* Super Junior's Mr. Simple teasers *cough* (colors...... too....... bright).


  1. Boyfriend does nothing for me.NOTHING!!!!
    I also hate it when they do that with teasers.Like Cho Pd did with block b.When they debuted we were all flailing our arms when the teaser came out,the song they teased us with was "wanna b" i was like fook me this is going to be awesome then "freeze" came out, I was like fook!
    Now they came back with "tell them' but they used "halo" as the teaser and again i was flailing my fangirl arms around but was disappointed again.I dont get excited any more about the teasers i just wait for the actual track/MV to come out before i freak out.

  2. i can't freaking wait til Epik High makes a COMEBACK!!! so sick and tired of some girl/boy groups coming out of nowhere...eeek! i need some good korean music!!! talking about those teasers they are evil and tempting then at the end it's like a bazooka shits u in the balls of disappointment! e.g SUJU's comeback! wtf?!?!?!, 2pm, boyfriend takes the cake though!

  3. Hell to the Yeah.
    The Boyfriend teaser was the fking most badass teaser I have ever fking seen. It literally blew me mind out my ass.
    Then they just flat out punted me in the fking balls when they released their song... still hurts....

  4. if SM trolls with the Bad Girl teaser (and they dance in a fucking warehouse or some shit), I will slaughter a baby

  5. I was sad that the Run Devil Run teaser turned into "that". I wanted the teaser beat to be the song so badly. I hear some similarities in Keep Your Head Down though, but nothing with this exact sound in any of the other SNSD songs either.

  6. need more articles like this. sorta reminds me of javabeans commenting over girlfriday recaps

  7. SM is the worst troll when it comes to making teasers. I've lost all hope from them. <_<

    Teasers are supposed to tease us about what's to come, not what it isn't going to be.

  8. freakin young'ins never heard of koyote... >.< How old you, 10 y.o.? and you guys claim to be kpop experts. :shakes head:
    That girl wasn't known as a good singer though. I remember whenever she would have the reach the high note, we were all praying our ear drums would survive.
    To help you guys out here's two songs they were known for:

  9. For me it was mr. Simple. Not even a suju fan but the bg music in the second teaser made me think that I was gonna like the song the way I liked neorago but it turned out to be absolute shit imo. Then I was further disappointed when I saw their music bank comeback performance only to be more impressed by infinite's performance that day lol.

  10. Brb, fapping to the Run Devil Run teaser.

  11. also why is yoona so overrated?

  12. Im 15 and i know about koyote, Im surprised you didnt hear about them before
    Ohmygosh, how fucking dissapointed with boyfriend and block b

  13. *Between davidfresh and ME. Hypercorrection, google it.

  14. ^You're right. I told her to change it from 'davidfresh and me' so the blame's on me. Thanks!

  15. you forgot narsha's bbi ri bop a teaser


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