Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Japanese AV actress gets shitted on by some fangirls for showing her love for Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

''...Shiori wrote on her blog, “My heart has been captured by Big Bang’s G-Dragon. G-Dragon is a member of a Korean group named Big Bang, and I hope to see their live [concert] some day. When I sleep, I dream of GD.”

So when I read this article on akp I thought to myself 'Damn GD's surely popular among most Japanese celebs' then I scrolled down to see some of the comments...the amused look on my face was instantly replaced by a lengthy facepalm.

Yeah because she's an AV idol we must automatically assume that she wants to fuck the living daylights outta GD. Yeah, four for you Glen Coco. 

Yeah because GD's so going to get freaked out by finding out that a pornstar is an avid fan of his. At least these pornstars aren't as retarded as some K-pop fans who send letters written in menstrual blood sprinkled with their pubes or stalk their homes etc.

Amazing logic right there, just because she's an AV idol does not mean that she thinks about sex 24/7.
Due to her profession her thoughts are automatically deemed as 'not innocent' or 'vulgar'.
Funny, most fans who say something along the lines of  'When I sleep, I dream of GD.” are the ones who go around saying 'Omg I wanna phuck  GD oppar so bad cause ya know oppar totally wants to phuck me hard after all, just look at his lyrics in Breathe 'Hey gorgeous sweet amazing baby, I know you want it baby, You and me hot cold right now, Til you say no more.' GD Oppar my body is ready kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke!!!!!!!!' 

Just saying.

People who use 'kekekeke' when they're an English speaker just makes me facepalm twice as hard.

Yay, lets all be as judgemental and ignorant.
The world would so be better place if we all acted like close minded bigots.

It's no surprise that most K-pop forums and blogs are reeking with pre-pubescent boys and girls who display prudish behaviour constantly which contrasts with their x-rated fanfics spazzing, I'm not even going to bother dwelling on that topic since it's been made pretty damn clear of how bad I despise them in my previous entries.

Not only are some fans displaying prudish behaviour but as expected they're displaying impeccable levels of ignorance (what a surprise!), being judgemental and displaying traits of a superiority complex.

Yes, Shiori Kamisaki a pornstar/AV idol...so does that make her any less of a human? Does that snatch her right from being a fan of an idol? No. Sure her profession might not be regarded as respectable to some of us but in Japan about 50% of drama actresses were in AV or Gravure at one time. Also a lot of mainstream fashion models did Gravure or AV to start so it's really not that big of a deal. Most people in Japan tend to be sexually liberal and rather open minded about it. Her saying that she's a fan of GD is like a Playboy bunny saying that they're a fan of xyz celeb. 

In conclusion, big fucking deal. 
A fan is a fan, regardless of their occupation, sexual orientation, gender or race.
Let them be one for fuck's sake and stop discriminating and throwing around the stereotypical responses.
To the ones who are being reasonable...

...meanwhile GD's apparently banging Kiko Mizuhara.


  1. If I was GD I'd go to Japan and fuck her

    Just saying

  2. I expected fangirls to be retarded when I opened the article on allkpop and wasn't disappointed. It's ridiculous how these same fangirls go about shamelessly writing very crude comments/spazzing over really graphic x-rated fanfics, with many of them being underaged. It's too much to expect them not to act like little hypocrites.
    They are always like this with female idols. If any of them even mention a male idol, they'll go about calling them sluts and whores. I hate their double standards.
    I felt like ranting about this somewhere.

  3. yay, internet high five....now to get rid of the smudge on my screen : /

    This is why I love kpop, ignorant fans, and hilarious comments. I agree with ADKF, if I was GD, plane a trip to Japan and fuck her, hell, make a damn video and sell that shit lol

  4. I hate that "kekekekeke" thing. It annoys the fuck out of me.

  5. true story: My buddy told me a story about his friend who was stationed in Japan. He went out with this Japanese girl there and the girl was hot but never ever let him do stuff. She acted strangely every time he would try to be affectionate, make out etc. But since she was hot, he put up with it.

    Turns out she was a porn start, and the guy found out later and dumped her.

  6. Agreed, nothing new, ignorant close minded fan girls being what they are.

  7. gotta agree with the post the fans themselves think of perverted thoughts and just because a porn star is a fan they think they are better for her?

    besides idols in a way are the same they are selling their bodies, image to the media, if they were ugly most of these "fans" won't even pay attention to them

  8. what's the big deal
    both sell the same thing

    porn = made to fap to
    idols = made to fap to

  9. i really hope those comments were being said sarcastically cause i totally agree that their just down right rude!!!!

  10. suckmydee, don't tell me that's the size of your hand...

    these two need to make an AV film...that way all the fan girls will go crying to their moms

  11. I don't see what's wrong with selling your body as a porn star.
    She gets payed more than me to have sex.
    And of course if you are a Porn star, sex is not always on your mind, because as a AV actress, Sex becomes work, and work is tiring.
    She probably wants to focus on something else, like her Gdragon love :/

  12. 1:02// nuff said.

  13. Hell, half the female population does what she does for free. They obviously feel jipped.

  14. These are the types of articles I miss, the ones bashing the stupid fangirls.

  15. damn gd sure is popular... I have yet to see whats so amazing about him o__o

  16. Kiko is drop dead gorgeous. She looks so exotic and her languages fluency is really impressive

  17. I agree Kiko is definitely gorgeous! so if it's true that she's dating GD! great!!! so the daragon/GD/bom shippers will cry their eyes out. But as expected the fangirls judge SHIORI just because she's an AV idol. it's really pathetic as if they're perfect!

  18. I kekekeke all the time kekekkekeke.
    GD fucking ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!TOP fucking YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  19. If gd saw that, he hope he thought "Damn! I've got to give her directly a fan service hahaha".
    If he didn't, fangirls can start question their idol sexuality =P
    Btw, I love him too ^^

    She can be an av actress if she wants, I think it's totally different from a prostitute so it doesn't deserve that hate, especially when you don't know her. (not saying prostitutes should be hated and burnt)

    What can I do? I am underrage but if top don't mind he can give me a special fanservice too =D

  20. i thought top was banging kiko. guess i was wrong. =\

  21. lol Weren't fangirls happy when Dalmatian ran up on that AV actress for publicity during their debut? + with most fangirls using the "My body is ready" gif's they shouldn't really cur. Kiki probably banging Ri just so he can troll everyone else

  22. Japanese men usually have small penises, so her pussy isn't probably that wrecked and she looks clean and natural.

  23. where did the "kekekeke" thing even come from? I've never heard someone laugh like that. If its something lingual like the "jajaja" of spanish people(even though its still pronounced hahaha)then idgaf. But English speakers doing "kekeke" makes me think of weaboos who always shout "kawaii!" or "baka!" at everything.

    Anyway, get off your frickin' high horses, girls. In your dirty little minds you are thinking the exact same thing this woman does and the only reason you girls aren't doing it is because you are all probably butt ugly or have very low social skills to even get some roosters.

    I hate it when fangirls are like this. They are so aggravating and hypocritical.

  24. im so SORRY fangirls but me and GD think that AV girls are fucking HOT!! so GTFO and live your lives, bitches.

  25. I just hope there is a "LIKE" button for every comment in this blogspot SHIZZNIT.


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