Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kissing Double Standards

Earlier (way back in the day), I wrote an article about Crispi Crunch's comeback teaser involving a guy essentially lighting his cigarette with a lighter and an aerosol can. Which was pretty badass, but essentially meant instant: "BANNED".

So, these classy gentlemen decided to do something a little more child friendly:


But then, of course, there is an uproar amongst the brilliant, concerned, and open-minded netizens claiming:
"This will teach our youth all the wrong things!"
"How can they show this? This is against the Bible!"
"God doesn't love you."
"How can they allow gay people to become idols!? Will their music make me gay?!?!"

Come on, people! They did not even kiss. Besides. It is not like they even liked it.

But getting back to the point. I cannot believe that double standards are making their way into the Korean music scene! This is atrocious! Never have I ever seen people on the internet use double standards or even criticize homosexuality. I am appalled at you netizens. I used to think so highly of you because of the intellectual conversations I have seen you hold between each other over comment sections. And much of my improvements in regards to grammar, spelling, and syntax have come from reading your scholar-like input. I am ashamed. (incase some of you need me to spell it out: Yes, I am being sarcastic. Crazy isn't it. Now that you know, the slower people will not have to comment about my "close-mindedness" or "inability to see that netizens criticize all the time". Yes, idiots. All of us are aware of that. We authors sometimes use this new thing called "sarcasm". Just so you know. )

Seriously, though. ELFs go craaaazy when members kiss each other and feel each other up on stage. But when two, shirtless, (fake) sweaty men touch each others' naked chests and lean in for a kiss, with one licking his lips in anticipation, it is instantly "WRONG" and "INAPPROPRIATE". 12 year old girls, please learn what "double standards" means. And then learn to avoid it. Your delusional existence is what hurts us normal people's brain cells and cognitive functions. Stupidity is like a virus amongst you silly fangirls.

I'm getting off track again. I suppose what I mean is: why can girls go around kissing each other for fanservice without repercussions? Why can Heechul go around molesting every boy idol in sight and be considered "cute"? It is just not fair. Female idols (including Sheechul) can do whatever they want to each other in public, but these specific men cannot make out and touch each others' bodies on teasers.

Sometimes life is just not fair.

(Note: I know there is a lot of male idol fanservice. I am fully aware that it exists. I just wrote this to sound like there is a double standard between genders considering there is a sudden uproar over this teaser, most likely because these men are older than the younger boys who kiss during their performances.)


  1. Wait, where are the girls kissing?

    Fancams. Now.

  2. Yes, their music will make me gay.

  3. SNSD have kissed or attempted to kiss each other tons of times, they're probably the main culprit.

    Other than them, not many other female idols perform the same blatant Girl/Girl fanservice that Soshi does. I remember Kahi kissing UEE once though, if MILF on Robot action is your thing.

  4. When I first saw Heechul French kiss the other SJ boys I was like 'the fuck is this? Dude mus be super gay or something" but then I saw him kiss Siwon and my life was complete LOL.I know you guys will judge me for this but fuck you i dont care,im a SiChul shipper and will forever ship them.They are just to beautiful together.

  5. plz post video of SNSD kissing plz.


  7. When will K-Pop dip it's reluctant feet into lesbianism? I'm already dying in anticipation here.

    I want to see ManJung in action N-O-W, damn it! I can't wait until the next life. =/

  8. ^ I want to see ManJung kissing/molesting Jiyeon and/or Hyomin, preferably at the same time. Hot threesome is hot.

    Better yet, throw everyone from T-ara into that mix... except maybe Hwayoung.

  9. Boys go crazy when two girls kiss, why can't girls too?
    That is a fucking double standard too ^^

    But back to the topic, did someone really say "Will kpop turn me gay/lesbian?" ? I'm forever shocked. I feel really offended. I'm hetero but lots of my friends are bi.

    Seriously, homosexuality is not the Ring Virus. That won't make you homo in seven days. XD.

  10. I wanna see ManJung, Soyeon, Hyunyoung and Jaekyung have a cross-group foursome.

    Yeah Chuck you'd like that.

  11. ^
    Was going to say what you wrote in your first line
    Everyone hates yaoi fanservice here but I guess you all would go wild if two hot female idols kissed each other.

  12. My penis has no problems with this double standard.

  13. Random:

  14. meh, i could care less about who my idols kisses or where he puts his cock. it's none of my business

    anyways, and assuming that everyone who is hating on this vid are ELF, is stupid of you.

    though it's sad that people are so stupid and close minded still =\

  15. That was hot...
    BUT ANYWAY, -Angry rant over how people are still so fucked up on their views on homosexuality, and that Korea as an asian country is so heavily christian, Budhism bitches, fuckin Japan is open to gayness at least alittle because it was rife in their history, fuckin koreans and their shit with gay people-

  16. You should include Maydoni music video's Molla-ing.It about a girl who fall in love with a guy but that guy was confused and he realized actually he fall in love with another guy.And its really a good song.


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