Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Davichi fans waited all this time for....this?

Okay, nothing really happens in the first minute. This guy finds a girl (played by Minkyung) in a garbage bag. Instead of calling the cops or some shit, he ends up taking her inside. Then they do random shit in the second minute. What I don't get is why someone would have their telescope out in the middle of the day. Seems pretty pointless to me. More boring shit happens. The guy wants to bang Minkyung, but then he keeps seeing a different girl. Then some random guy calls the main dude and wants to exchange girls. Then they finally exchange girls.

So, if you're like me, you're like "So....what the fuck just happened...and why?" If I'm gonna watch an MV that's almost seven minutes long, I'd like it to make sense or some shit.

While I'm happy that Haeri sang almost all of the song (yes, I'm one of the few people who like Haeri more than Minkyung. I know, I'm supposed to like the pretty one instead of the one that can sing. Oh wait, this isn't an idol group.) Too bad this is probably the worst Davichi song I've listened to (I haven't listened to all of their songs.) I've seen many people on my Twitter timeline say the other songs are better...so is Kim Kwang Soo doing the "let's promote the worst song" tactic on Davichi now?

Back to the MV, they really should have gotten someone else to play the main girl. Minkyung cannot act at all. I've read so many articles about her shitty her acting is, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt since I never watched the drama she was in (it was too fucking long for me.) Then I watched this MV and it's apparent that she can't act at all.

So, while it saddens me, skip this song. Worst Davichi title track I've listened to + Minkyung's bad acting + a story that makes no sense makes this a huge disappointment.


  1. i dont get the MV at all. what's with the changing girls part? And the ending, Seeing her smiling ronmantically after crying/screaming like crazy just before is awkward

  2. What...? This song was quite good... not fixated on a catchy chorus but it was a song where you could feel the emotion. And also on Min Kyung's acting... again... what? I actually thought she did a fantastic job of looking distressed when being taken away near the end. This is one time where I just flat out disagree with you

  3. she looked most awkward crying.

    I thought the song was great, though. but if you've only listened to 8282 and Time, Please Stop then yeah this will probably lose out in comparison. still, being 3rd best in 3 good songs isn't such a bad thing in my book

  4. Aw, no more happy summery songs like "Love and War" and "My Man". I don't think MinKyung is THAT bad at singing, she can't. She's in a duo. Haeri is just so much better though. Will this song win them awards though because it's been a while since their last promotion.

    I want more collabs w/in CCM!
    Davichi + Black Pearl + (Good singers of T-ara)
    SeeYa is gone but get YeonJi?

  5. It wasn't great, but I prefer it over a few of their other songs.

    Namely the ones that can't decide if they want to be slow or fast.

  6. Whoa, go easy on the word "random", mate. There are other, much more appropriate (and grammatically correct) words to choose from.

    Try nonsense, arbitrary, capricious, unplanned, strange, quirky, offbeat et cetera.

    Or if you're referring to its second bastardised definition, why don't you use the word "stranger" instead? E.g. I got complimented by a stranger (in place of a random person).

    It makes your writing seem much less juvenile.

  7. well the guy had better thought of proper timing. maybe he was just wondering if he could buy more condoms to anally fuck minkyung or just do it all-bare.. when he thought of the plastic bag, then he thought, "oh, wait, with these plastic bags, who needs condoms?"..so that concludes the dilemma of the guy, but suddenly when they were in the fields or something, the kidnapper just bought minkyung for like 10 dollars, 1 night, 10 pops (wow that's cheap). And so the story finally comes to a close as the guy failed to bang minkyung because of his stupid premonition about the condoms and anal fuck. Well, minkyung is probably very irritated of not having been fucked anally. She is disappointed that the guy didn't fuck her straight into the ass. Hmm, in all fairness and disparity, minkyung is hot and can handle anal sex well. Oh dear. Maybe Haeri will emerge victorious in having anal sex with the guy in part 2. Oh goody. *sigh*

  8. The guy finds a girl in a plastic girl they fell in love. But he still has his long (5years) time missing girlfriend in his mind.
    One day a man call him to say he's got his missing girlfriend and that he needs the plastic bag girl so let's exchange.
    The man tricks the plastic bag girl and brings her to the man (that she may have tried to escape or some shit. Well, a guy who did some bad things to her), he gets his old girlfriend and gives him the pb girl.

    This mv is sad, heartbreaking or whatever but not shitty, random or crappy.

    And the song is not bad, but true it seems little for a title song.

    And minkyung wasn't as bad as you make her.

  9. I like this song alright, but I like Don't Find Me Again and Love, My Love the most. Overall, this mini is alright.
    Do agree that Minkyung can't act, her face was so stiff in the MV and I didn't really finish watching the MV.

  10. Wow. I enjoyed the music video and Kang Min Kyung's acting... I never knew people were so critical.

    The telescopes are just there, it's not like you HAVE to put them away just because it's daylight and it didn't show him looking through one at daylight...

    I guess in general most MV don't make sense because it is not written to be a video, it is just to add to the song. They had to interpret the lyrics and incorporate it into a story which is hard. Also, very hard to satisfy the viewers it seems.

    Also, Kang Min Kyung can sing well keep in mind Lee Hae Ri is 5 years older with more experience so it's no doubt she's may be better. They complement each other well and they sound great, that's all that matters.

    TL;DR? Yeah, I just realized that this blogspot is meant to critize and hate, wasted five minutes.

  11. I agree, it's one of the worst songs I've ever heard - they sound like two Lea Salonga wannabes! they're high notes are just off-key! and I hate Davichi, they are so overrated and in my opinion IU is so much better than these two btiches! >:| If there was an anti-Davichi group, then I will join, but I can't see any anti-Davichis out there when I google'd or searched everywhere! >:|


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