Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another anti BJ post:Sue me

I know what you're thinking "this bish sure is obsessed with BJs",the answer to that is FUCK NO!!

I was on allkpop,like I do every morning,to catch up on today's kpop news. I was innocently reading this here article about how impressive 2NE1's vocals sounded during their inki performance. I, naturally wasn't as impressed by all the members I thought CL sang well, Minzy did cool too but grandma Bom and aegyo skank Dara sucked big hairy cow balls. And I was fine with that, but then I scroll down to read the comments and God help us,I found this "gem" of a comment.

Try not to throw up because I did. Blasphemous Abomination!!!!!

Unlike the other authors, I wont remove this idiot's name because I believe in naming and shaming. How on earth do you compare Lauryn Hill,lyrical genius,the best female MC to ever live to CL?

Even though I bash 2NE1, I actually like CL, I like her rapping 'ability' but so say she is the the Korean L Boogie offends me so much,that would be like comparing GD to I dont know...Mos Def?
Who the fuck does that, why in the fuck would you say that,how are you still breathing? Please do us a favour and go jump into the Han river.

And people wonder why I hate BJs so much,well here you fucking go. Delusions of fucking grandeur!


Haha this is ridonk.
Some of YOU complained in my other article about how I/we are focusing /bashing the idols and that we should stick to what this site is about;stupid fangirls/boys.And now I've done just that with an article about a clearly fucked up in the head fangirl/boy and bitches is still bitchin'.WHAT IN FUCK'S NAME DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? Or is it that you get butthurt because I write about BJs,so the fuck what?

And if you think this is an isolated incident with BJs, you clearly haven't read any of my other articles and you haven't read any BJ comments,they are a dime a dozen,I dont shit it out,they do!

No anon I don't spend my time searching for that elusive crey or is it cray BJ comment,I dont need to, like I said before DIME A FUCKING DOZEN.All I had to do was scroll down and voila there it was.

Look if you don't like what I write,please do yourself a favour DONT READ IT.


  1. someone got on the bad side of liley LOL...

    I don't like CL's stage persona....she acts like she's from the hood...yet she probably never experienced what it's like to be in in. Same goes with mince meat soup, plasticbomb, and daratheexplorer.

    but then i think about it...none of these idols are really showing their true selves

  2. This is like another BlackJack comment I read the other day that said Dara was a better singer and dancer than Beyonce. I couldnt stop the tears while i laughed :/

  3. @unfaithful
    you laugh but this really pisses me off.Who would ever compare the two,they arent on the same level and NEVER WILL!!!

    "Dara was a better singer and dancer than Beyonce."

    THE FUCK!!! Bey one of the hardest working women in entertainment being compared to that talentless thing...i cant even....????

  4. ummm there are delusional fans in EVERY fuckin fandom. I am a blackjack (YES SO WHAT??) but im not delusional, its obvious u hate 2ne1 and i dont give a shit, but im tired how you only write about blackjacks when elfs and sones are worse, hell even shawols. AND LOOOOOL granny Bom???? You wish you could meet her. Im outta here. I hope u find peace and no im not butthurt or mad.

  5. It's funny how you freaking praise soyeon, when there are fans that actually say she is the best singer in kpop and can match celine dion, but you dont write about that do you? And just admit dara rocked her part, watch mr removed plz. Kthxbye

  6. not surprised at all with the BJ's comments I like 2ne1 but damn...BJ's praises them like their GODDESSES, the best,the coolest and the most talented. It disgust me everytime I see a 2NE1 article on allkpop they turn it to a spazz/troll fest and comment gazillion times to make it on top then bash SM/JYP or whoever artists. But to compare them to one of the music legends is just too much to handle that person is DELUSIONAL/just completely MINDFUCK!! it's just sad really but argh! it annoys me! to whoever said Dara can sing and dance better than Beyonce WTF?!?!?!?!?!? like seriously!!! and WTF Lauryn Hill and CL??? o_____O"

  7. I comment regularly on 2NE1 articles and I have never seen that person's username, ever. :|

    @11:55 I'm pretty sure that the author who is a Soyeon stan is a different author.

  8. I bet if 2NE1 had "BALLS" the BJ's would literally suck on it! enough said! they are called "BJ" afterall HAHAHAHA!

  9. I was hired to write exclusively about BJs,ask AKF he'll tell you hahaha.I haven't written post in a bit and I wasn't going to write one until I came across this.

    I really wasnt looking for trouble I was just going to listen to 2ne1 and their "fresh vocals" and read some comments like every person does till I read that stupid ass comment.
    I may sound pressed but you my dear @ anon 11:51 sound butthurt.If you read this and you dont understand why comparing CL to Lauryn Hill is offensive than you clearly haven't listened to her music to understand that she is in a league of her own.

    "It's funny how you freaking praise soyeon"
    Ive never praised Soyoen that is AKF he is the T-ara fanboy not me.And i watched that MR removed vid and she still sucked,i cant help hearing her suckage.

  10. I only like Minzy in 2NE1 but yea they got some crazy fans, I'm korean and when I read some people who bash the korean netizens for being psychotic and just bazaar what about the foreign fans they're all the same!

  11. @11:55

    Oh anon, Dara and her MR removed was shitty. Better than what she used to be, but still sounded like shit.
    And if you didn't know, there are different Authors, Antikpopfangirl is the one who likes T-ara.

    But anyway, besides the BJ snorting its own concentrated shit, i think the MR removed was mediocre, i actually liked the Lonely MR removed, because CL and Minzy and BOM came out singing very well, but this turns them back around and directs them towards there crappy roots.

    Also, some people were saying on allkpop, LETS SEE YOUR BIAS DO BETTER!
    After school, Sunny Hill and Kara all beat 2NE1's live stage.
    I can't really say for KARA, because my super BIAS makes my hearing confuzzled, making KARA sound AWESOME.

  12. Didn't even bother reading your shit post. I'm a Blackjack 4 life. I'm sure all you do is BAWWWW over the fact that 2ne1 is more popular than your favorite jerk off boy kpop group.

    I could give a crap about your bias, you douche!

    Haters gonna hate!

    If you don't like 2ne1 than stop posting about it every damn second of the day, you loser.


  13. @sulli_fag im more anti BJ than anti 2ne1and this is an anti BJ post.Id be offended if i took your comments seriously LOL.

  14. i know this site is antikpopfangirl, i've been a fan for months now, but sometimes you guys have to stop somewhere.

    this much hate for the BJs because of 1 comment?

    where are the authors who make better sense.

  15. @liley

    You anti-BJs are ridiCKulous.

  16. "this much hate for the BJs because of 1 comment?"
    I love how you make it seem like this is some isolated incident.I could write one long-ass post using BJ comments,but im afraid the site might crash it wont be able to handle that much BS.

  17. @sulli_fag I honestly dont see anything wrong with people bashing fans. If you actually read the article you'd see that she actually praised 2NE1

  18. LOL! love how you'll post more 2NE1 and BJ hate, yet your last article, your ass got fucking handed to you by an anon so you stopped posting. LOL! what was your excuse again? The site had an error? HAHAHAA nice one. If every single post you've had in this site has had to do with 2NE1, we OBVIOUSLY see who's obsessed with the group. Man, I still think it's rather hilarious how you fail to mention that ELFs, Sones, and wtf SM stanners are called, compare their biases to great musicians of the past as well.

    SHINee compared to The Beatles? YEAHH thats fucking right. Why don't you talk about those delusional dumbasses? Get a grip and stop obsessing with 2NE1. LOL. just admit you're a fucking fan.
    Someone kick this author off your team PLEASE. Seriously, she keeps bashing on them, but it seems that she's actually obsessed with them. LMFAOO Keep hating, you're only making them more famous.

    P.S.: This is coming from a frequent reader of this blog, NOT a butthurt BJ. I barely listened/followed to the girls til you all started posting so much about them.

  19. If those Bjs are so sure about the awesome vocal skills of 2NE1, they die if they'd ever listen to Brown Eyed Girls, lol.

  20. "If every single post you've had in this site has had to do with 2NE1, we OBVIOUSLY see who's obsessed with the group"

    ha in your face anon all but one "lets get serious" was not about 2ne1.so nenenenene

    Damn you anons making me comment so much on my own posts.fffuuuuuu

  21. stop embarrassing yourselves blowjobs

  22. Why all the hate on the new authors?
    Every fandom has its lot of crazy fans. Don't post something every time you meet one, that would be endless =D

  23. "And from that I’ve derived that most YG stans, mind you I said MOST not ALL, are conceited, pompous, ill informed (in terms of music) little kids who don't know much about anything but have the biggest opinions"

    trololol. sucks. 2ne1= part of yg. and all I said was your posts having to do with 2NE1, not about them. nice try though. can't support your stupid post so you had to go to ANOTHER excuse? LOL! oh please, if checking allkpop is a daily routine, then posting/replying here must be too.

    For future posters/ anti-BJs, Im not a mega fan of 2NE1, but I don't think they deserve all the hate they're getting from this site. As previously stated, all "fandoms" have delusional fans, such as that guy, and shouldn't be taken seriously (just like this author..LOLL).

  24. I appreciate the effort you put into this article, but you know what they all say...

    Potatoes gonna potate, tomatoes gonna tomate,
    BlowJobs gonna SUCK.

    That's all there is to it. :)

  25. Why the fuck are people bringing up the Shinee thing when someone on this website ALREADY covered that. Of course she wouldn't mention it again in the article. What in the world would be the point of having a duplicate article? Fucking idiots.

    And no matter what anyone says 2NE1 and BJs deserve the hate for being so goddamn arrogant. No matter how delusional Sones or ELF etc might be, I have never seen them go around proclaiming that the music they have written for them is original, innovative, etc. But here comes 2NE1 who not only toots their own fucking horns, but their fans have the audacity to call them "artists" as if they are in any way significantly involved in the process of producing any of their music. News flash, they have shit written for them just like all other groups. They get told what to wear, etc. Stop acting as if they're something new, because they are just a shameless rip off of American music.

  26. They would compare 2ne1 to the second coming of Jesus if they could. Fucking sad.

  27. ^ Who knows if they haven't tried already. =/

  28. I used to be one of those delusional YG Elitists/VIPs until I stopped jerking off to Big Bang's pictures and actually listened to their music. Those bias rose colored glasses disappeared quick.

    I have always thought 2NE1 was overrated. CL doesn't rap, she yells and her "swagga" is phony. Bom's voice was once really good but all she does is croak now. Dara needs to be locked in a closet somewhere. The key to open that closet should be tied to a rock and flung into the Mariana Trench. I can't bring myself to say anything bad about Minzy but her rapping and singing could use some improvement. This MR was a hot ass mess. They all sounded terrible.

  29. "
    SHINee compared to The Beatles? YEAHH thats fucking right. Why don't you talk about those delusional dumbasses?"

    Fuck you. Theres a post about it already go search it yourself
    And it werent the fans who compared it was the news. They werent comparing the music tho, that was another way of saying they have a lot of fans so they were comparing the popularity

  30. The fact you're so affected by a single person's opinion really shows you need to get off the Internet a while.

    The harsh truth of it all is that while you guys sit here on your asses complaining about every little thing and making unfounded posts complaining about YG and 2ne1 and blackjacks they're still making money, gaining more fans, and becoming more well known, especially world wide. Your efforts are futile. You might as well have written them in your diary.

    Also to one anon up there, how do you know 2ne1 is arrogant? I'm sorry, are you a close personal friend of theirs? Did they make a post on me2day saying, "every other idol can go die because you don't a chance'?

  31. "making unfounded posts complaining about YG and 2ne1 and blackjacks"

    Unfounded!This shows that you've been off the internet too damn long.Unfounded,ha that's laughable.

  32. not surprise by over praising by bjs i mean every fandom has that i've seen many enough in all forms, i don't take it seriously and just brush it off co'z every fandom has this a little amount of crazy mad ppl around it :)

    but i'm more amazed by how this author give so much attention, time and effort to even monitors all those stupid comments from bj in allkpop site, what a lame hobby you have there kiddo lol~

  33. You can find shit like this everywhere where peope think their bias is the best thing since sliced bread. Heck i'd say most sm groups are just as if not more delusional than blackjacks. Go to any taeyeon or jonghyun video and you will see it. Not even a friggin blackjack but no point calling them out when a lot of stans of any given group are like this. No need to make a post about it tbh.

  34. It's funny how you freaking praise soyeon, when there are fans that actually say she is the best singer in kpop and can match celine dion

    ^ no.. just no... please do not bring CD in this. She gets on my nerves sooooo much. This is an insult to Soyeon.

  35. The reason I hate 2ne1 is because of Blowjobs.Their arrogance are beyond the top.

  36. liley stop reading comments on your entries. you're way too emo, and i hate reading your response posts to random commenters, really annoying. just do your job.

  37. Kinda glad I'm not a Blackjack in situations like these.

  38. an over-reaction to an over-reaction...

  39. I think we're going to continually see these Anons bashing writers about overanalyzing one comment and bashing a fan group. Ultimately, look at the name of this website. This is its purpose. The site is here to bash and laugh at delusional kpop fans.

    I am a fan of many kpop groups and an anti-fan of so many more. However, why not spread the love (or hate actually) when bashing groups. I gotta admit, this site should soon be turned into antiblackjack dot com. Spread the hate guys.

    You guys brought up that you can't bash SHinee about the Beatles reference, but you've spent countless articles on the same type of dumbass BJ comments. I'm just saying, spruce in some variety, and you'll see less of these "O M G YOU ARE SO OBSESSED WITH 2NE1!"

    No one is really going to care if it's your sole job to bash on one fan group. All they'l see is your name and your posts. And this isn't just aimed at liley.

    And before you say for the 100th time "IF YOU DONT LIKE IT JUST LEAVE", well...your readers are what makes this blog keep going. Without us it'd be an empty diary of an angry anti-fan. Let's all give and take some constructive criticism and stop being so defensive. Look at the big picture. I'm sure you guys do this for free because you enjoy kpop in some sort of odd way, so why not let this site grow through some of the more rational readers.

    Enjoy your day and have a slice of blueberry pie.

  40. ^ I like blueberry pie. :)

  41. i kinda like cl but wth's wrong with that comment omg the bitch must be deaf or smthng.

    uuuggh getting sick of dara stans, seriously.

    awww why bring shinee, i loled at their beatles article but that's from a news site, not from their fans, even shawols loled at the whole comparison.

  42. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO Blackjacks = most DELUSIONAL fan club ever!!!!!!! XD

    I agree with everyone but shit, Blackjacks are too easy anything and everything that comes out of their mouths is destined to be a total FAIL of a comment XD

  43. Honestly there are comments there everywhere. What fandom doesn't think their bias is the best?

    An example from a Kara video: "This time KARA are back from hell much stronger, much bolder than before, raising their heads up high and being the bad a*s girl group in da world. KARA gonna take back da spotlights from other b**ches (u know who) dat got in their way, rocking da stage like a REAL GODDESS and most of all KARA GONNA KICK SUM A*S real hard!!! KARA<3KARA<3KARA<3KARA FOREVER!!!!!!!!"

    Do i think Kara is the best? No, they aren't my bias group but to that person who posted it, they are the best. The more popular a group is, the more fans are going to go around saying that they're "the best". You just happen to get annoyed at blackjacks because they do it more often but all fandoms do it as well.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Why can't people prefer CL and GD over Lauryn Hill and Mos Def? Some people don't like people making lyrics sound like f'ing poems all the time. In my opinion CL and GD are better, it's a preference, and arguments like these are never objective.

  46. @3:59

    Definitely agree. Just because 2NE1's songs don't sound like an epic straight from Homer's mouth doesn't mean it's not good. Personal preference is all. A lot of people have been saying that they hate "I Am The Best", but they can't stop listening to it or it's stuck to them because the beat is catchy.

    IMHO, if a group can do at least that, job well done. I mean, geez, look at Rebecca Black's "Friday." o_o Yes, it wasn't the most...lyrical song, and it got so much hate, but it still got over 200 million views, which, I believe, no K-Pop artists have achieved in a single video. Which also goes to show that haters only make them more famous. ;P

    And no, I'm not comparing 2NE1 to Black at all. Just using her as an example. Just sayin, if you're already used to fandoms going apeshit on their bias' newest video, what's the use of posting it? All fans are entitled to their own opinions and comparisons o_o I see no need to go apeshit about something that's common about all fandoms.

  47. hey author, keep doing what chu gotta do, don't listen to the butthurt blowjobs. this article was perfect, everyone else is just mad that you stated the truth

  48. all the butthurt comments on this post are probably from the same butthurt blowjob anyway

  49. 8:57 stated exactly what I was thinking. By the way, if "handing someone their ass" on the interwebs is so important to these blowjobs, they should really go outside more often.

  50. Liley, people can bitch all they want at you but they are just butthurt over your comments, DONT STOP!!!

    And FUCK, who the fuck compares Lauryn Hill to CL...FUCK THAT BITCH.

    YG stans keep comparing their shitty artist to good artist
    @anon 3:59.....HAHAHA

  51. wow you love them that much.. and sound defensive too. xD It's like you just found out about this, this topic is so old already and yes I think you are obsessed with BJS and 2ne1 and hating them will give you nothing but.... nothing. They will still be successful and you will just be another stupid blogger who look pathetic targeting BJs like they are the only crappy fanclub in the world. ^^ come on bring something new! Im getting bored with your same old same old crappy blog about Blowjobs

  52. LOL I think dara's MR parts is not bad. you exaggerate your post too, your no different to those blackjacks you diss.

  53. 2ne1 lives suck.
    I approve your article!!!

  54. idk, liley 열폭 a lot. other than that, same ol' shits.

  55. LOL! If you are an anti k-pop why would you care about k-pop news. And log onto allkpop to read up on it and worst of all since you dislike 2NE1 why in the world did u read up on them. BHB! -.- All I know is this website is up to embarrassed yourself. :) Thanks for letting everyone know you are an "Anti-Kpop" that visits allkpop everyday. :) I bet you don't know what the hell you are typing in this website. Its all contradicting on another :) Trying to gain fame right thru this? Nah. In your dream. ^.^ And you said if we didn't like your post we could just fcuking not read it. Since you could say that why not u fcking practise it and not read it the person comments so you won't have this fcuking post up. Srsly. -.-

  56. Can't help but think BJ means blowjob lol

  57. @Anon 2:12

    apparently u cant read or you have some language issues.its antikpopfangirl,not anti-kpop.
    I bet you don't know what the hell you are typing in this website.

  58. you should be anti vip too theyre the worst fanclub

  59. @unfaithful kpop fan
    lol! so true..

    none of them can sing in live -.-'


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