Monday, August 22, 2011


Yeah we get it that you're watching this to fap to Eric oppar and his stache but these Youtube thumbs up whores need to come up with something new, shit gets old real quick.

Now that's sorted let's get to reviewing the song & the MV.

  1. Now I'm not a bandwagon autotune/synthesizer hater since I do love me some delicious electro-pop (Capsule f'yeah) but this is so beyond fail it isn't even funny. It sounds like some shitty Euro-pop that SM likes to remake and give to Fail(x) for the lulz of it. If the beat was decent the distorted vocals wouldn't have been much of a problem since I'm pretty used to Jpop songs that incorporate distorted voices to make them sound super kawaii.
  2. That thing at 0:57 scares me, it's bad enough that she looks like the trannylicious version of SNSD's Sunny...furthermore it really doesn't help that her voice makes me want to kill a kitten or castrate Kwanghee. 
  3. There is an ahjumma in the group at 1:13. Now what I don't get is why the fuck is she wearing that ensemble when she looks about my mother's age? I do not want to see my mother wearing something as horrid as that nor do I want to see someone who could possibly pass as my mother wear something as ridiculous as that. Like come on, haven't we all been trolled by JYP's plastic pants enough? Stylists who work with these oldies...please just stop. Our eyes do not wished to be constantly gauged in concentrated hydrochloric acid. Lord have mercy on our souls.
  4. As expected, Eric was arguably the best thing about the MV. However his monotonous part reminded me of LMFAO...not sure if that's something good or bad, it's just umm...there?
Now I do realize that it's their debut song and I should give them another chance since most rookies have some atrocious tracks when they debut e.g. Chi Chi, which eventually gets refined (hopefully) over a span of a few months, therefore keeping that in mind I will choose to be indifferent towards them until they come up with some better material.

If it's true that Eric produced this then....lololololol fail. Please do stick to making fangirls jizz, save us the ear rape bro.


  1. Song was awful.
    MV was amazingly stupid.
    The girls aren't pretty,
    and their group name is gay.
    *sigh* Try Again.

  2. Stellar as in "awesome" or Stellar as in stars or Stellar as in a girl's name?

  3. The mv was amazingly retarded. And that was worse for me since I don't even think eric is handsome.
    That red haired girl seriously creeped the hell out of me.
    The song sucks.
    And eric part was just so like lmfao, it's not even that the bit is similar, it IS similar.
    The lyrics sucks too.

    I thought this would be good considering it's eric group.

  4. ................errr

    i'm here for the eric <3

  5. I laughed throughout the whole video.


    And I'm still laughing.

  6. I did like that they were shooting people with LAYZAH BEEmS!

    Also, Eric kind of looks like Andy Lau.

    But the song sucks so bad...a bad version of BREAK MY ANKLE

  7. chi chis debut song was horrible but their comeback song was awesime

  8. Amazing shoot out scenes. I especially liked 3.10 where the redhead executed a prisoner.

  9. This pretty much takes the cake for the Worst Autotuned Song Ever award. And this is their debut song, too, right?

    Even better. :|

  10. I wanted to quit the second that girl with a ponytail opened her mouth, but the thought of hearing Eric's sexy voice kept me going up to the 4:16 mark. and holy fuck, that was such a lazy verse from him...

  11. @6:59
    I think the name "Stellar" is much better than naming a group "Chocolat". Gosh it's dumb.

  12. The MV seemed like it has potential when it just started, but everything went downhill after that group appeared. THEY LOOK FUCKING DISGUSTING. Well at least 3/4 of them. Girl with pigtail is the only good looking girl here and she's not even that impressive.

    Thank god that someone has the same opinion as me about that red head grandma. She looks so freaking old and it's yuck to see someone that old trying to do aeygo. SHe's so ugly and disgusting that my eyes hurt

    Ponytail girl has man face and her trying to act all baddass ended up looking like a fugly man.

    I couldn't watch the MV long enough to notice the last girl. But i can see that she's also ugly but at least she doesnt make me wanna punch the screen.

    Music is SHIT. I've heard a lot of autotune song but this has to be one of the worst. Eric is indeed the only good thing

    I'll give them another chance if they comeback with a MUCH better song AND most important of all, please have those 3 girls [or at least just the red head and ponytail] get some plastic surgeries if they still plan to do cutesy although I doubt they can even pull off sexy with those faces

  13. Sad thing is, Eric worked on Son Dambi - Crazy. Which is like such a freaking epic song in kpop. Too bad he couldn't pick up any good ideas since he's been in kpop for almost my entire life.

    Waste of my 5 fucking minutes

  14. Another bad girl group to ever debut... and it is disappointing considering that it is Eric who worked on this...

  15. I've had high hopes for this since I'm a big fan of Eric but this is just...

    Complete utter shit.

  16. I...I like it....


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