Friday, August 12, 2011

Good times at SSF

 You'll have to read from bottom up. You can see the chat after the page break.

Logginurkeyz  :     (02:21:57 PM) I didn't feel my post about one of the girls have a beautiful voice was bias
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:19:05 PM) I don't even know Davichi. I only know the Lee Haeri girl.
s h r o o m i e ♥   :     (02:19:01 PM) unbiased opinions. hyoyeon this hyoyeon that. really?
jjayp  :     (02:18:48 PM) Agreed. If you are trying to troll, you're just making yourself look like an uneducated sod.
julian52  :     (02:18:46 PM) u can talk about your opinions somewhere else like skype or ym, not here.
The Real CZ  :     (02:18:34 PM) Yeah, just posting our honest, unbiased opinions
jjayp  :     (02:18:29 PM) If you were judging them based on their talent then you'd be like "Wow, Davichi is an amazing singing group" but you're not.
Logginurkeyz  :     (02:18:27 PM) oh, if we are talking ballads, I'd think Hyoyeon would murder everyone in that area.... given her depth
julian52  :     (02:18:16 PM) you're a horrible troll if thats what you are trying to do
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:18:10 PM) I'm not biased, jjayp. Just judging them based on their talent.
jjayp  :     (02:18:10 PM) Your opinions are not needed.
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:17:50 PM) Lingoo we're not trolling. WTF just posting our opinions. :((
jjayp  :     (02:17:31 PM) Clearly you are either too ignorant or biased.
Lingoo  :     (02:17:30 PM) i give up, this is obviously a triple troll group of people
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:17:30 PM) Yeah but we won't know maybe they wanna try something new.
Logginurkeyz  :     (02:17:28 PM) i think hyo is very near to being as good as taeng or seobaby =0)
tk198  :     (02:16:57 PM) davichi is a straight up ballad group, kinda like 2am. you dont see either of them dance much cause its not the focus of their music
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:16:55 PM) @logginurkeyz atleast she sings and dances. Epic.
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:16:38 PM) I'm not that impressed. 5dolls or SNSD is still best in vocals.
Logginurkeyz  :     (02:16:21 PM) ya, i agree, hyoyeon def one of the top vocal talents
jjayp  :     (02:16:00 PM) That's not the point. Davichi is a duo that puts emphasis on their vocal abilities which are far better than half of the current kpop scene.
jjayp  :     (02:15:29 PM) Are you really that ignorant?
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:15:26 PM) I just said that maybe they might incorporate dancing with the help of 5dolls. Okay?
jjayp  :     (02:15:01 PM) Davichi is not a dancing duo. -.-
jjayp  :     (02:14:53 PM) You're not seeing the point here.
jjayp  :     (02:14:43 PM) I don't doubt Hyoyeon's vocal talent. Just your views of other's vocal talent.
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:14:29 PM) That's why I said 5dolls might teach them how to dance.
jjayp  :     (02:14:25 PM) By having them dance, you're just making them like other groups.
The Real CZ  :     (02:14:21 PM) SNSD girls are much better though. Taeyeon noona is so awesome
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:14:19 PM) @jjayp Hyoyeon = vocal talent. Seriously IMO
jjayp  :     (02:14:14 PM) But Davichi is a vocal group, not the type to dance.
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:13:59 PM) 5Dolls are good vocal teachers...good for any vocal group. And maybe Davichi can learn to dance now, too. :)
s h r o o m i e ♥   :     (02:13:54 PM) They're amazing singers. They need no one to teach them how to sing.... .-.
Lingoo  :     (02:13:36 PM) and still are
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:13:26 PM) Yeah. Maybe they've improved. That'll be better for them.
Lingoo  :     (02:13:19 PM) davichi was a pretty top tier vocal group before their one year hiatus
jjayp  :     (02:13:18 PM) And if you're talking about vocal talent and dissing Davichi at the same time, then you clearly do not know vocal talent.
The Real CZ  :     (02:13:04 PM) Maybe they had 5dolls teach them how to sing
jjayp  :     (02:13:01 PM) see.
The Real CZ  :     (02:12:53 PM) Maybe they've improved since their 1 year hiatus
revaLazN  :     (02:12:50 PM) ohai jay
jjayp  :     (02:12:22 PM) Davichi's coming back later this month. -.-
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:12:10 PM) Sorry Lingoo, I'm just a bit narrow minded on that topic.
julian52  :     (02:11:53 PM) grow up and either drop the topic or take your convo somewhere else
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:11:45 PM) It's just my opinion that we think Hyoyeon and Sooyoung are good singers in SNSD and that they're better than most female singers. We're just citing examples.
julian52  :     (02:11:20 PM) rule#7. Do not be rude (this includes dissing other artists).
revaLazN  :     (02:11:01 PM) and what lingy said
revaLazN  :     (02:10:52 PM) what julian said
Lingoo  :     (02:10:50 PM) look, i don't know if you're trolling on purpose, or if you're extremely narrow minded about singers, change the topic
s h r o o m i e ♥   :     (02:10:43 PM) Why are you comparing them anyways, they're two different groups.
julian52  :     (02:10:37 PM) take your hatred somewhere else
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:10:33 PM) Yea. More Hyoyeon!!!
Logginurkeyz  :     (02:10:04 PM) I would love to see more Hyoyeon, even though I am a Sunshiner... ♥ all 9 Angels =0)
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:10:03 PM) Hyo and Sooyoung own them TBH. Seriously
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:09:52 PM) Yeah. All T-ara. Gawd. That duo needs some promotion fast.
s h r o o m i e ♥   :     (02:09:40 PM) You really do..
Lingoo  :     (02:09:15 PM) lmao, you need to get your head screwed on right
s h r o o m i e ♥   :     (02:08:58 PM) Low-level group? Are you serious?
The Real CZ  :     (02:08:58 PM) Yeah, they suck so much that CCM doesn't even promote them anymore. They only have time for T-ara
The Real CZ  :     (02:08:38 PM) Davichi
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:08:21 PM) What was that group, Chuck? That duo with Lee Haeri? I don't know those low-level groups.
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:07:58 PM) @Logginurkeyz yea. Hyo and Sooyoung are great singers. They're on par with that group.
Logginurkeyz  :     (02:07:35 PM) I feel like Hyoyeon would be able to carry a song if SME let her... Her voice is still spectacular, even compared to Taeng / SeoBaby
The Real CZ  :     (02:07:15 PM) Hyoyeon > Lee Haeri
Logginurkeyz  :     (02:07:02 PM) her voice is stellar, and her stage presence is amazing- she just doesn't have the personal charisma that some of the other girls have =0\
DeathByTiffany  :     (02:06:12 PM) @Logginurkeyz Hyoyeon would do as a good main singer. Her voice is kinda soothing.
Logginurkeyz  :     (02:05:38 PM) I just wrote a post about hyoyeon as the main singer, and decided not to pos it cuz topic moved too fast =0X

I cut out some comments that had nothing to do with the convo. DeathByTiffany and I (The Real CZ) were fucking around but Logginurkeyz was being serious so go ahead and laugh.


  1. lol @ everyone protecting hyo

  2. Cheezburger+AKF trolling victory needs a dougie.

  3. I'm Loggin! I stand behind everything I said, even if you think it's silly!

  4. "I just said that maybe they might incorporate dancing with the help of 5dolls. Okay?"

  5. Wow and this is why I don't chat at SSF. I still love SNSD, but some of the fans don't respect any groups at all. Being a "sone" is almost a mark of shame. Well there's fandumb for pretty much all of the groups though.

    Wow, I would never elevate Hyoyeon or any of the SNSD girls to the level of Davichi, especially Lee Haeri. If anything, all the fans should encourage the girls to improve and not just say they're the best. I want the girls to do more radio shows or just vocal shows, the Bad Girl MV was complete crap.

  6. sweet jesus this is horrible trolling and it looks more like DeathByTiffany was the only one actually trying The Real CZ was just sitting on the sidelines watching i mean if you're going to troll as a group go all the way you guys have a long way to go until you're successful trolls
    0/10 sorry it's the best i can do

  7. I'd like to see you troll us.

  8. My intention was to see if someone actually agreed with what we were saying and it worked (Loggin.)

    I've never been a troll aside from a few articles on here so I've never boasted about being a troll.

  9. Yeah we just do trolling out of boredom.


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Long live the Sonetology cult and the 'power of 9'.

    ...fuck that sounds like a name of a Harry Potter book.

  12. Sone Potter and the power of 9.

  13. @anon 12:09

    You seem to have misread the conversation. While I have no doubt that some sones do disrespect other groups, in this case, nobody did. The person who brought up Davichi and others and started saying they were crap was DeathByTiffany who AKPFG already explained was trolling. The rest of the users defended Davichi.

    As for this whole thing in general.. gotta say you guys failed pretty hard.

    1. Start singing praises of a group member on a site dedicated to that group. It's soshified. If you say you think Hyoyeon is good at singing, there will definitely be people who genuinely agree. You didn't even get them to say anything delusional, merely to say they liked Hyoyeon's voice, thus proving absolutely nothing -__-.

    2. Start trolling by disrespecting Davichi and hoping that people join in. Well that got shot down pretty fast. As far as I can tell, users such as julian52 caught on to your trolling immediately. The rest of the users backed julian up and defended Davichi. Well that went well didn't it..

    So all you succeeded in doing was prove that fans of Hyoyeon's voice enjoy Hyoyeon's voice, and that on the contrary to popular belief, SSF users are actually quite sane and defend outrageous claims like 'Davichi is bad at singing'.

    Oh and not to mention if someone else were to see this convo without knowing you guys were trolling, it would potentially ruin the image of sones that for once weren't being delusional. So instead of trolling on real delusional fans, you make the few sane ones look like the bad ones. Good job. Kind of defeats the purpose of this blog doesn't it.

    All in all this was terrible trolling. Please don't try something like this again. This fails on multiple levels. It was a pain in the ass to read. Gave non-delusional fans a bad name. Not to mention you guys didn't achieve anything.

    Stick to making fun of real delusional fans doing outrageous things.

  14. As you can assume by the username DeathByTiffany, sones are not only unstable, but suicidal.

  15. ^anon 1:42. Are you illiterate? DeathByTiffany is a troll.

    AKPFG, you really need to include the line that DeathByTiffany and The Real CZ are trolls at the top of this article or more morons are going to misread the entire thing...

  16. @ 1:42

    DeathByTiffany is the name of one of the trollers.

  17. @ 1:38

    I found this funny and I knew DeathByTiffany and TheRealCZ were the trolls, but some of what Loggin said was give Hyoyeon more credit than she has shown.
    "oh, if we are talking ballads, I'd think Hyoyeon would murder everyone in that area.... given her depth"

  18. @ 1:56

    I'll admit, that is just ridiculous :P. I can't tell if that person is being serious or not, but I'm guessing they were.

    But thats it. All that trolling, for that one line, and it only suggests giving Hyoyeon too much credit, without really explicitly stating it as such. This post was an absolute mess for us readers to read. Even if the content was worth it, there is no formatting or anything. Was it that hard to just take some screenshots or something?

  19. why would you troll soshified
    it's like disney land there dude :(
    trolling little kids ain't right

  20. troll on YGLadies about 2ne1 being better than Davichi and i bet they will all agree with you, LOL!

    but yeah, the trolling was a little too obvious... still kinda funny though.

  21. LOL! I guess DeathByTiffany and The Real CZ are tone deaf.

  22. You really have no life trolling people like that, are you that bored?

    Get a life.

  23. ^ Getting a life would mean they have to close this unfortunate blog :P

  24. @anon 9.13
    Trolling is an artform, I would call that having a life :P
    you should get a clue

  25. ^ your right trolling is an art form, an art form in which these lazy fucks suck. they should just crawl into a sewer pipe and die quietly.

  26. LOL how often do you guys troll around forums?

  27. Hyoyeon. :D
    I've chatted with julian52 before, he doesn't tolerate any kind of negative things on the SSF sbox, even when all I said was that the green screen in the Bad Girl mv is so obvious and others talked about some of the flaws of the mv. Don't know if that's a good thing or not. So now we know the trolls xD

  28. @ 7:48

    Looks like another person can't read.

  29. Logginurkeyz : (02:18:27 PM) oh, if we are talking ballads, I'd think Hyoyeon would murder everyone in that area.... given her depth

    *cough* also a troll

  30. ^Oh Hyoyeon will murder everyone all right. No survivors within a 5 mile radius

  31. hahahahahha rofl i never want to login in ssf box somehow


  33. Trust me, Sbox is even more retarded now.

  34. Toshiro Mifune's Cookie CutterAugust 14, 2011 at 8:23 PM

    Good sir/ma'am,

    I'm not sure who is more delusional, bigoted and questionably intelligent, you or various soshified members through which I dare not group you into any of those categories as it would be an insult to people who are actually delusional, bigoted and questionably intelligent to have you grouped in the same category as them.

    Yours Truly,
    Toshiro Mifune's Cookie Cutter

    p.s Although certain Soshified members I have encountered are delusional, you seem to be plenty far ahead in terms of bigotry and generally lack of intelligence

    p.p.s Why don't you find something more constructive to do with your time besides writing a teen angst blog, perhaps volunteering at your local community center to help the needy

  35. You sones steal money from young minds on SSF to donate to questionable charitable organizations. You crooks should be thoroughly investigated.

  36. aww someone's mad.


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