Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Girl Group 'Swing Girls' Debuting This Month With Best Concept Ever

So there's going to be a new girl group and the main thing they are going on is their D-Cup sized boobs.


Their faces look "alright" in that picture, but that's not what I care about.

And before anyone says this is a stupid concept blah blah blah. It's goddamn better than a fat ass concept or an underage yeah!

Dirty thoughts aside... They are going for a sexy concept, but with all the recent banning I have my doubts on just how sexy they can be without getting banned. They better get to show off their utters or else rage.

Speaking of boobs

fucking tease...


  1. +1 for the South Park reference
    +1 for the Choi Byul-I pic

  2. This banning stuff is ridiculous. Dammit! This is the stupidest thing ever.

    Also, I wanna see them with no clothes on please. Can we make some fakes? lol

  3. Why are there two articles about the same topic?

  4. why do anons think they're the mods of this blog?

  5. Why did I just comment for the third time?

  6. @7:50
    holy sh*t, if you're that desperate go look for some porn.

    seriously, just because they have D-cups doesn't mean that their faces are attractive (in this case it's actually hideous). you can find prettier white d-cup girls if you walk outside

  7. But her outfits dotn really flatter their...err....attributes.

  8. how the eff did they manage to be equally ugly?

    The two on the left look old and boring
    the middle one looks like she already has 2 kids
    The second one from the right looks ugly, old and try hard
    the one on the far right looks a tiny bit younger, but still super ugly

  9. I'm surprised they didn't call themselves Saggy Dolls.

  10. ^ what 아저씨 said .

  11. LOL Let's call them the booby group xD

  12. tsk tks such a shame the only good thing about the pic is the shoes
    a fan of the IBTC are we

  13. D cups? I have bigger boobs than them, and I'm an A cup. Either bra sizes are totally fucked up in Korea, or their label is a damn troll.

  14. srslly no more kpop for me,im just gonna stop now. they are getting sucker/weirder/desperate/uglier/disgusting/talentless/lazier/idiot and arrogance.


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