Thursday, August 18, 2011

EI's Remember MV

How ironic is it that the song is called "Remember" when the MV isn't worth remembering? It's kind of like watching a Kdrama's first episode. The guy works out. The guy showers. The guy drives an expensive car. Then the MV ends. Good thing this shit was only 2 minutes long.

The song itself wasn't bad but it just blends in with everything else. There's no dancing or anything so no one knows if this guy can do anything but look good. I'd like to wish him luck since we're tired of 80 idol groups debuting each year but with something boring like this no one will "Remember" him.

And couldn't you have picked a hotter chick for the MV? I would have been more interested if you had.


  1. another kpop slut releases an mv

  2. I actually kind of like this song. I think EI has a nice voice. Sadly though, he will probably be wasted by his company on low budgets, bad promoting, and terrible songs.

    It's too bad the song was already slapped with a 19+ rating because he's shirtless. That now means even less people will watch it.

  3. what?! 19+ for shirtlessness, that sucks.
    I actually really like this song and his voice. I got here because I was wondering what happened to him...


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