Monday, August 1, 2011

Wonder Girls Cover B.O.B's "Nothing on You". I'm...err..impressed?

If you haven't heard, follow the Wonder Girls, or been on Allkpop lately, WG just covered B.O.B's "Nothing on You" for's "Mashup Mondays".

First off, I was super excited for this. Fans of the Wonder Girls have to be devoted because we BARELY SEE THEM (only fan pictures and twitter pictures here and there) PLUS, we've been listening to "Nobody" for the past 3 YEARS. Yeah, no wonder fans have become, in the words of Sunmi, "migrating birds". People can only take so much...NON-updating. Also, not to mention we've been promised a U.S. album for what? 2 years now? Sometimes I wonder why I keep up...

ANYWAYS. Here is the video of their performance.

If you look at the comments on Allkpop, Wonderfuls are blowin' that shit up with how epic this cover was (even suju fans because...for some reason they like WG too :\). But...sorry to burst their bubble. I was only SLIGHTLY impressed.

First off, why does it seem like their accent NEVER gets better??? I mean, Lim doesn't really have an accent but she's been speaking English for a LONG time.  Sunye's singing is great but it sucks that I can't get over "all over the WORD". Yubin...scared me for a second. I know her accent is probably the worst in the group so I didn't know how her rapping would go. Not TOO bad. Yeeun...she's a really good singer and the accent was minimal. accent really.

To tell you the truth, I was most afraid for Sohee's part. As a Wonder Girls fan...I KNOW HER SINGING SUCKS. I KNOW. But I was slightly surprised that it wasn't TOTALLY noticeable in the cover. So, good job?

Overall, I'll give it a rating of:
 Work on their English and who the fuck said Lim should rap?!


  1. i have always thought WG was more fappable then SNSD. They have more talent and better looks. Also, I'm pervy for Sohee but who isn't.

    Also would love to see Yoobin bouncing dat ass on my nutsack.

  2. LOL Sohee can't sing as always

  3. ^
    ^ you sure love Snsd so much, do you.You mentioned them every fucking them, i'm tired of them for ages.
    Fap what, someone has face and ass is fapworthy , neither from these two groups have it.

  4. ^ "mention them every fucking them"

    what, bro? Come get some!!!!

  5. And people say that the music industry is only about looks..
    Wonder Girls Are PROOF THAT THAT'S NOT TRUE!
    I mean LOOK AT THEM! THEIR FUCKING UGLY AS SHIT! Yet they're still popular.

  6. was skeptical but err.. they did good tbh. Have to work on their accents though.

  7. I'm an SJ fan and WG is NOT one of my favorite groups.

    Sohee cannot sing. I hate when people defend her. She really just cannot sing.

    The only part I liked was Sunye's singing.

  8. imo only yeeun managed to hit the right spots with this cover

  9. Lim sounds like a 10 years old. her English is allright but her rapping IS NOT. Yoobin is my personal favourite out of all female idol rappers, but she should stay away from English.

  10. ^ implying she wasn't good before.

    Also, LOL at SOHEE haters!

    Darahaters suck too fyi

  11. I was a bit disappointed with sunye, she can & did better.
    No disappointment for sohee, she's still herself, a weak voice but her singing was okay.
    Yoobin. I could write essays on her but i'll make it short. As always, she is the rapper. I'll be forever glad she replaced hyuna. Her voice is still eargasmic, even as a girl. And she's still one of the prettiest <3
    Yeeun didn't screw her part. And that doesn't impress me at all since I know she's a talented singer. But she seriously need to get she of that blond dye. She was the highlight of this cover.
    And omg. Hyerim. I will NEVER understand why they added her in ve group. I'm glad she isn't in miss a but still, wtf is she doing in wg? She isn't a good as sunye (yeeun is above even if I like her voice more, but let's not ask too much) in singing, she's by far the ugliest now, and she doesnt bring anything. She's even more useless than sohee, that latter at least brings many stans that buy a lot. She fucked her first part and her rap was average. I know the parts should be divided equally but, rap can be turned into singing (and the contrary, i've seen great things out of that).
    Please, stop making anyone rap. Yoobin is more than enough x)
    And btw, I didn't notice accents. I don't notice accents in general anyway. Only when it really hurts my ears (sorry sorry was an exception and it's actual).
    3/5 is okay, not great but not bad.
    And i'm really wondering what they've been doing all those years in the usa.

  12. not a bad cover; but it's not breathtaking....

    they should stop promoting in usa if the purpose of it is to rake in money. but if they're just doing it to see how far they can go, then go wonder girls!

    yoobin is hot...i finally get to see her in action...thanks to friglet, i know the hot one

  13. Yoobin sucked, to me her rap was horrible, didnt sound good at all Lim...yeah no comment.
    Sohee did ok for her really limited ability to sing and Yeeun & Sunye were alright.
    WG was more fappable then SNSD? No lol never Lim looks as bad or even more worse than Hyoyeon, with her gnome like face (rly glad that she didnt destroyed Miss A ♥), Sohee's face is fat with little eyes, Yoobin should fix her complexion, dark skin doesnt fit asians, Yeeun's blond dont fit her at all, wont any of her stylists see that? >.< Glad Sunye is still pretty ♥ While WG could have 3 pretty members out of when 2 of them fix themself SNSD has at least 7 pretty members so they win, for me at least. But I would really appreciate if they would finally release a new album even if they dont really matter anymore...

  14. i'll let the others pass but not Lim, she's supposed to be the most comfortable with speaking english damn if the girl can't sing or might as well rap the girl CAN'T! she sounds like a whiny brat singing/rapping fuck it ain't wonderful to listen at, the obvious engrish of the others are forgivable since they sounded nice but not Lim she's ugly and can't sing she's worst than Sohee!

  15. Drop the "er" from this article's title, the previous article already has the word "er" you don't want all your titles to sound the same.

  16. I wasn't impressed. lol

    Hyelim sounds so weird singing/speaking in English, even though her accent is fine.

    Song isn't vocally challenging so I'm turning a blind eye. lol

  17. I think ye eun has a gorgeous voice tbh but that's about it. I think girl would be a hot mama if she got rid of the blonde due because it makes her look like a 40 yr old hot stripper imo but whatever. Lim is a sweetheart but imo even sohee did better than her this time around :/

  18. Ummm it was better than I thought it'd be but the entire time I was thinking "why....?" until their little explanation at the end. Which was kinda cute i guess. But I still don't really get the point.

    Are they still trying to make it in the U.S.? If so they're not gonna get anywhere doing foblish covers of hit songs, even if they are passably decent.

  19. Hyelim sounded alright to me.

    I mean seriously, it takes YEARS for you to lose an accent. The girls did alright. I normally dont see covers as judging ones vocal talent. I see covers as, how does the cover make me feel when I listen to it. As far as how I feel, I smiled throughout the entire song and enjoyed it. They could be singing in engrish, but if I feel enjoyment from listening to it, song did its job as far as I am concerned.

  20. The girl with the dark hair the main vocalist I suppose,sounded effing awesome and blondy too but the rest,uhm rappers kinda ruined this for me.

  21. ye-eun is the only thing that kept me from ditching wg, this is why.

    sunye's voice is good, but her accent, gosh, 2years in america, wth?(but atleast she's pretty)

    crossing my fingers every time sohhe sings, but at least her english is okay...(the only thing i like about her is her body and hair)

    yoobin, WTH??? go get some english class, will you?(and you look so old -_-")

    lim... no commento (imma go puke, hate her face)

    i miss sunmi so much
    hottest girl in wg, beautiful vocals, no accent
    the real 4d alien

  22. "I dont wanna sound redounduh" ahh if only this vid had more fails (n lols), a not bad cover. Lacking, but i didnt expect anything better.

  23. The cover song they did was really funny..sure they did improve on their English but I wasn't impressed by them.
    The one that sucked the hardest was Hyelim, Yeeun gets a free pass for this and she did the best and is a better singer than Sunye which I don't get why some people think Sunye is the best singer in WG. This proves that Yeeun is the better singer.

  24. Isn't Yoobin the one from USA? o.o What's with her accent?

  25. @3:03am

    Yoobin is not American.

  26. I'm an Elf but I don't like WG. And about the comments with perving on Sohee I don't perv on her. I don't think she's that good looking.
    Sohee didn't sound bad in this performance imo. The first girl can sing. The rest of them sounded horrible.

  27. truthfully, i think their accent is kinda cute, but i guess thats just me...

  28. at least the 5 have voice event though when i heard it i though they sung in korean rather than english
    but they try


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