Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2NE1: An emotional rollercoaster

Yes another goddamn 2ne1 article, but I couldn't help myself...I had to do it.

More angst then Twilight!


It's like a highschool story...

(click on the picture)


  1. hahahahahahahahah.
    Same shit different song.Can someone tell me how they're 'different'? They keep recycling the same themes and not even executing them well.

    It seems we are becoming BJs,we just cant get enough of 2NE1.

    2NE1 shock me with a love song,where you sing about loving a boy,him loving you back and how blissfully happy you two are.

  2. lololololol the last pict

  3. you forgot this:

    "Lolli Lolli Lollipop Boy you’re my lollipop"

  4. how can UGLY be about girl empowerment when the lyrics to this song is just emo makes abit of sense tho. but even then its no reason for vandalism :)

  5. Sauce?

    Who is the mastermind behind this art?!

  6. scary how the songs can make a story line like that. Takes talent.... >_>

  7. Hey just reminding you guys, "2NE1 Writes K-Pop History with Five Straight “All-Kills”

    lol, u mad?

  8. @sulli_fag
    "I really hate to break it to blackjacks but, if any other popular artist like SNSD,TVXQ,Kara ect released
    5 digital singles repeativlly they would also get all kills on online charts.
    If the only way you can buy it is online, of course they are going to have high
    digital sales.
    Most groups would rather sell albums though, not release a crap load of singles
    then put it on an album later.
    Also they are almost the only korean group to only release 5digital singles in a row. Also don't cry is a solo single, Its funny how people consider that as
    a 2NE1 single.
    Ethier way congrats I guess." some commenter on 6theory

    Yup sums it up pretty nicely.

  9. Aww... Im kinda sad they beat miss A :,C

  10. And I don't think they got an allkill for hate you, maybe they would have got it this week w/o ugly but they still didn't get it.
    And don't cry is in the 2ne1's mini album, it's a 2ne1's song sung by bom ^^

  11. Abusive boyfriend and girls who cant stay away.

  12. gosh you guys really love 2ne1 2ne1 that much.. hard to ignore, eh? xD

  13. lmfao whoever made that fucking wins the internet

  14. lol killer ending.

    reminds me a little of this:
    except the girls are hotter and the ending is lamer

  15. That's mainly the reason why I don't like 2ne1. Their songs are so redundant that it's disgusting! Yes you Filipino BlackJacks, you can all kill me now since I'm a Filipino and not a BlackJack!

  16. all of their songs sound the same

  17. that image is epic *rightclicksave*

    yes, look at the female empowerment they give us girls! man hits you? go back to him! cheats on you? go back to him.
    or is it to keep dating shitty guys that cheat and hit you like a bad addiction? i always forget.

  18. The reason I hate 2ne1 is because of Bl*wJ*b.They are so annoying..Although Im not a fan of Miss A but I hope Miss A kill 2ne1 this time.

  19. @Kweh - You an ELF then? Maybe a SONE.

  20. This is beautiful. Frame it and send it to the Louvre

  21. Dude you wanna see delusion fandom look at this and read the comments

    YOUTUBE /watch?v=ubMlzeexwbo&feature=related

  22. I think you should change your website name to just Anti because I don't see what more than half your articles have to do with the fan girl part.

    Also randomly pick any girl group and you'll see it is exactly the same.

  23. ^
    obviously, you haven't explored this site yet. butthurt BJ?

  24. FAIL someone doesn't know what Fire is about... re-read the lyrics its not about being hot its about freedom and ambition.

  25. 2NE1:
    Lollipop: a crush
    Fire: Breaking out, being free and ambitious
    I Don't Care: giving a guy who is treating you badly a taste of his own medicine
    Clap Your Hands: Having fun/being confidant
    Go Away: cooly sending off a guy (kinda like Miss A's baby goodbye)
    Can't Nobody: not being held down or restrained
    It Hurts: Wanting to fix a broken relationship
    Lonely: Being in a relationship but not being happy
    Hate You: Realizing the guy you're with isn't worth it
    I Am The Best: title says it all confidence
    Ugly: insecurities (perhaps a by product of haters galore)

    IANW: Ambitiously trying new things (like Fire)
    Kissing You: first kiss with a guy
    Gee: a crush
    Genie: being a crush's fantasy
    Oh!: another crush/wanting said crush to take you seriously
    RDR: realizing oppa is bad and telling him he better run
    Hoot: same thing as above except without tell him to go away

    Break It: Cooly breaking up with a guy
    Rock U: a crush
    Pretty Girl: about want to be pretty/being pretty
    Honey: a crush
    Wanna/Mister: Trying to attract a guy
    Lupin: Confidence... i think (I'm still confused about this song)
    Jumping: saving a failing relationship

    Just as much as 2NE1 sings about bad relationships and breaking up so do other groups about being in love and in a relationship that's how they are different. And a song like Ugly isn't easy to find from a female idol group so people find it refreshing.

  26. Well, I'm neither an ELF nor a Sone. I just don't like 2ne1, SNSD OR SuJu. The only reason why I called out those Filipino BlackJacks in particular is because a lot of them are idiots.

  27. LOL I'm a hard core Black jack but I MAJORLY LMAO after reading it!!!! Lol I have to say.....Good job subbing and editing and it totally makes sense (other than 2ne1 actually being ugly).

  28. And I thought Filipino Blackjacks are a bunch of toughies. I guess that they are WIMPS!

  29. God, I hate 2NE1 nowadays - it's a huge CL/Dara wankfest, Minzy barely sings, and Bom gets maybe six lines. Ugly reads like a fucking suicidal emo girl's diary entry. Empowering? Fuck no. They haven't done anything empowering since... "I Don't Care".

    I Don't Care - Cheated on me? Fine, screw you, don't come crying to me when you realize what you're missing.

    Fire/Follow Me/Pretty Boy/Go Away - I'm totally over you, you're nothing but an empty-headed pretty boy.

    Clap Your Hands/Can't Nobody/I'm Busy - Looks how gangster I am! I'm over you!

    Please Don't Go/Love Is Ouch/It Hurts - Wait, I didn't mean it! Come back to me!

    Lonely - I'M SO LONELY LONELY LONELY LONELY! LONELY LONELY LONELY LONELY LONELY... Sorry, new guy, I love old guy even though he was a dick and cheated on me.

    Hate You/I Am The Best - Ridiculous and desperate posturing.

    Ugly - Oh god, why did I give him up? I can't take this anymore, I'm going to slit my wrists, I'm a hideous ogre, blah blah fuckin' blah.

    Meanwhile, they're prancing around in designer duds with gobs of makeup, grinning like idiots, vandalizing random cars, swarming people and attacking them with spray paint... really fuckin' good role models.

  30. To those haters who always complains about 2ne1.. SCREW you.. you are INSECURE.. JEALOUS! hahahaha

  31. AntiKpopFangirl, I just can't get enough of you. THIS IS EPIC.

    Liley, i love you.

  32. sulli_fag

    Hey just reminding you guys, "2NE1 Writes K-Pop History with Five Straight “All-Kills”

    lol, u mad?

    lol they are just copycats why any1 must be mad ? =O ur rlly moron

  33. ohh.. lol hahahhaha im gonna bookmark this blog

  34. 2NE1 has their flaws and they certainly aren't as good as delusional Blow Jobs make them out to me but I would take a million of them ( and BEG) over any of these other idol girl groups.

  35. 2ne1 IS not amazing just like how BJs acclaim them to be.

  36. Kweh said...
    "Yes you Filipino BlackJacks, you can all kill me now since I'm a Filipino and not a BlackJack!"

    Wow! your logic is so screwed. you must've been born a retard.

    -coming from a Filipino blackjack..

    P.S. Had a good laugh with this article and am in no way offended at all.



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