Friday, July 29, 2011

How to be a Man

Crispi Crunch - "Thumbs Up" MV teaser

Holy balls.

I have no idea who this "hip hop" duo are, but I am so very interested now.

Apparently, Crispi Crunch have been around for a little while (initially as a trio), releasing digital singles here and there throughout this 2011 year.

Be careful. Crispi Crunch:

... are not to be confused with:

Crispy Crunch


  1. one of the most badass ways to light a cigarette.

  2. Netizen hounds shall degrade this man for both smoking and lighting his cigarette with an aerosol can...
    I was just thinking he should have lit the lighter first then the can >:D

  3. Lol, I like them, I can already hear netizens bitching : "smoking gives a bad example to the youth", "doing this kind of dangerous thing is irresponsible, what if children see this and try to do it too ?", "they are harmful to the youth", etc. And then, the korean government will ban this MV.

  4. ^

    Agreed, all interest lost now because he did it the opposite way around.

    What a noob. GOD!

  5. Crispi Crunch makes me hate CSP =_____=

    idk if they'll see it but david and cz if you guys are reading this (and I guess this goes out to all the authors on this site) I LOVE this blog hahahahaha gonna start checking it regularly!


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