Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Hara sings a song, and /it's actually OK/

I'm definitely not the only one who saw the headlines and went "well shit, this won't end well." The poor girl was the laughing stock of kpop the last time she tried to sing alone and live, and has pretty much been shitted on in every one of those "Top 10 [INSERT NEGATIVE TITLE]" lists. I clicked the play button apprehensively (and I'm really glad it wasn't some hotassmess autotuned dance track), and you know what, the song was fine.

So, good for Hara.

Aaaaaand the sanity stops.

Fan comments can essentially be divided into the following categories:

1. Oh it sounds ok! (<-me)
2. Holy Dante this is the 9th circle of Hell (usually posted with a troll username related to 2NE1)
3. Do you think singing, dancing, and shaking your ass at the same time is easy?!?! DO YOU!??! Can you sing better than her because I bet you SUCK! (classic DIC move: Dodge, Insult, Compare)
3. The best song ever, voice of a fucking GODDESS (<-you need new music)

Favorite comment hands down was "I wonder how much autotune has been used in the recording of this song..."

BWAHAHAHAHA if technology could fix Hara's voice, DSP would've done it decades ago if they could afford it. Plus this is an acoustic version dumbtwit.


  1. Lawl Hara autotuned will probably still sound like shit

  2. Wow it does sound okay. Better than UEE's solo song.
    And all i gotta say is that hara is prettier than that other girl in the drama. hehe.

  3. I guess it helps that there isn't much of a variation in the notes she's singing. But the song is boring and her voice is even more boring to listen to.

    @9:49 Autotune is used in ALL songs. It is not always used to distort voices. Google "autotune" and educate yourself.

    @10:11 It's about on par with UEE's solo. Hara gets extra points for being hotter, though.

  4. For some reason, I thought of this crap


  5. It sounds good, for Hara. I mean, I'm sure most of her fans are very aware of the fact that the girl is no singer. She is pretty and has a nice body and guys like looking at her. Thats her main contribution to Kara and the kpop world on the whole. Sure she isn't the best singer in the world but honestly I don't expect her to be. I hope she continues to improve as she obviously has, but I don't expect her to match up with any legit singers. I think people should get over the whole you should have talent in kpop thing because it is seen time and time again that talent come third to a good body and attractive face. Atleast she has gotten more confident with her voice. Maybe she won't be whispering into the mic come time for Kara to perform live for thier comback. Taking this as a opportunity to bash her is what's going to happen, atleast amongst international kpop fans which is pointless cause she is becoming the next big thing, talentless and all in kpop.

  6. @sulli_fag where gain was A FUCKING FLAWLESS QUEEN lawdy Jo Kwon was lucky

    @10:37 surprisingly, most of the comments have been positive

  7. @sulli_fag
    i thought they were singing in korean until i saw the subtitles in the corner.

    and 10:37: i 100% agree...this song is meh but i don't know why people have such high expectations for hara. this song does however seem 100000x times better if you listen to her Because i'm a girl singing first.

  8. Sue me, I liked it

  9. @mondegreen

    Gain is gorgeous--superior to yoona and Uee. Yoona is overrated, but really cute(who wouldn't tie her up and fap over her face).

    Uee is hot but lacks any emotion.

    @11:37 yeah me too. I think I'm hearing some Korean in there and surely I am hearing, "Like a BERgIN!"

  10. @mondegreen
    comments are positive cuz everyone knows Hara sucks at singing and this is actually an OK song. you can listen to this song without smashing your keyboard. i personally think the acoustic compo helps.
    agree with u Uee is HOT i'd bone her 24/7.

  11. ^
    yup, I'd bang her in every single hole she had. She wouldn't be able to walk for a week after I was done with her. Yeah, Uee, I'm talking bout you, baby gurl!


  12. ^ yeah ppl are so preoccupied with Nana.. but fuck Uee & Jungah those girls have eerrthing.. ass, tities & a face to put ur milk on.

  13. lol look at this semi-modest hara fan thinking the song is good. you could pick up a hobo on the street to sing this song and it'll sound just as good. there is absolutely nothing strong about this song and don't even try to say OH BUT ITS ACOUSTIC SO A STRONG VOICE ISNT NEEDED.

    oh please. and denying that they used technology to make her voice better. can't be possible cause it's acoustic? uh....sure man...whatever you think your highly intellectual mind tells you. everything in this world is processed.

    and dsp would've fixed hara's voice if they could have? at a certain point, you just can't FIX a voice. you can make it sound better, but the fact that she already sucks so hard in the first place makes it almost impossible to "fix" someone's voice.

    man did ya'll recruit just ANYBODY to write articles now damn. add some fucking credibility to the writing at least. love the bashing and the real talk both at times, but this article at the end just kills it. and i'm not even a kara or hara hater.

  14. ^ who the fuck said that this song is strong? LOL

    "you could pick up a hobo on the street to sing this song and it'll sound just as good. "

    i'd like you to do a cover of this song if u sound as good as HARA or even better then i'll give u a benifit of a doubt which i'm pretty sure you're as bad as Hara ^_^ or even worst you suck.

  15. @2:35 If I change my name to semi-modest-hara-fan will you change it to pull-the-cactus-from-your-ass? That'd be cute, we can be a matching couple :3
    LOL I still can't get over the semi-modest part

  16. ^^^ Lol I sense a pressed cunt up there~

  17. Even though Kara is my bias, i have always thought hara was like the dara of kara, not just because of the name, but because both aren't the best at singing, and they both are more like the personality of the group.
    But now i know that Hara isn't totally useless with her vocals.

  18. glad this song's range kinda varies, we all know hara's mid notes sucks. overall the song is ok. *forever praying for kara's comeback*

  19. i coulda swore these were part of the lyrics to girl's day's latest song.....but rearranged

  20. Hara can't sing, I believe a majority of her fans know this and will admit to it.
    Only delusional fans will say that she can sing.

  21. I don't know much about autotune, but the vocals were definitely brushed up in one way or another (like most Kpop songs). Hara's great, but not for anything related to the word 'talent'. She has adorable lips, an entertaining personality, and she's petite (a plus, imo).

  22. i'm the pressed up cunt anonymous that posted above.

    all i'm saying is that it's laughable that the writer of this article thinks that autotune and technology can't change the vocals to this song.

    even one of your own writers right above me knows that every song is changed to imitate perfection. at least perfection to the limits of the original singer, in this case, hara having the scope of a fucking fish bowl in terms of singing ability.

    but hey at the end of the day, whether its your poor article or my poor comments, we're both stupid. you flame the comments on that youtube page and i flame your poor excuse of an article that has no credibility either. its a roundabout that i don't mind taking. and yeah, i do have a cactus up my butt.

  23. Oh and for FuhYou's response to my butthurt comment.

    Thanks for the typical response of "Why don't you just sing it if you think you're so better than Hara"

    Uh...did I ever SAY I, as in me, am a better singer? Last time I checked I'm just another person on this Earth that's not an entertainer or a singer. So why would I be implying I can sing better.

    If you could read more precisely, maybe with your eyes open and your brain turned on, I meant that technology can help a shitty singer's voice to sound better than it is. Hara's voice is no different than one of our mediocre singing voices. But they gave her a weak song that doesn't need strong vocals in the first place and with a little touch here and there, you got a song.

    Oh, and FUH YOU. Great name. love it.

  24. ^ i'm replying to your typical "you could pick up a hobo on the street to sing this song and it'll sound just as good. "

    cuz i consider you as a homo cunt i mean hobo on the street. why not try it?

  25. I'm sorry but your reply made absolutely no sense. Please re-edit your attempt at insulting me and I will gladly read it again and chuckle.


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