Sunday, July 17, 2011

G Cup "Bagel Girl" Yoon Ji Oh "I'm the most searched? Puzzled"

I'm not gonna translate the article word for word.

1st paragraph: There's interest after "famous rookie actress" Yoon Ji Oh is the most searched name.

2nd paragraph: She goes in Twitter and is surprised herself and she uploads a screen capture of her being #1.

3rd paragraph: Talks about how she got attention after being in Mighty Mouth's MV.

Why did I even do this? Very unlikely allkpop, Koreaboo, Soompi, etc. will cover this. The girl is hot and has massive titties so I thought it would be nice of me to share this article with everyone.

God, now I wanna go watch Mighty Mouth's MV again.

Sports Chosun.


  1. I wonder if you could recognize women by their tits and ass Charles.


  3. i need to see her titties in person.
    everytime i see her in the picture above and in the mv i'm like "...those are G cups?!" because they just don't look like it. if those are G's than I must have J cups and G.NA has saggy M cups.

    But, they're still a very~ nice pair. i just want to do...things *ahem* them soooo bad ;D.

  4. that girl on the boat between Shorry and Sanchu, those are some big ones.

    most of the girls in the MV has bigger then avg size for koreans :P

  5. They don't look like G's.

    Tbh they don't even look massive. Somewhat large, but not massive.

  6. Big tits are nasty.
    C is about perfect.

  7. I'm starting to think Asian countries have different bra sizes because most of the girls that are reported to have F and G cups "only" look like D Cups.

    B and C are fine with me.

  8. Too big.

    I'm stanning Jisook. What does that tell you? It should tell you I don't give a shit.

  9. as Stephen King wrote, "more than a handful's wasted" (the tommyknockers)

  10. hype song, boobs everywhere. life is good.

    @4:19 luckily for me, my hands are bigger than the average hand :p

    stay free small handed people.

  11. I believe there's some kind of confusion going on here. Asians use metric bra sizes. As in, 1' = 2.5 cm. So, in american bra sizes she's probably a D or something.

  12. I like the girls in the vid, but I just remembered about this vid of YDG (I think AKF hates him with passion as with DOK2 lol)

    the girls in that vid has ass and is damn fine, now, just need to combine the girls in these two vids :P

  13. haha i shall go against!
    i like big titties when they LOOK RIGHT.
    if they're floppin' around, i don't want.
    sorry, but big, nice titties are the best and after you fuck the girl you have an amazing pillow to use.

  14. friglet i thought you were a girl.

  15. ^and you would be correct ;). i am a girl. but i love big titties. i'm not even gay, i can just appreciate a really nice rack (and as far as this site goes, hot girls in general).

  16. shit i just broke my pelvis


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