Friday, July 22, 2011

Sexuality in kpop: Won't anyone think of the children?

As the 아저씨 of this blog I understand that I may be a bit more conservative than the rest, so normally I try to understand that times are changing and the new generation is more free in expressing their sexuality. However, this new song from After School Red has completely crossed the line.

Listen to this filth and then read my censure after the break.

This is downright obscene. Brave Brothers has recorded himself fapping to them through the entire song.

He starts out with titillated excitement:
"oh oh oh oh oh okay.."
"ahhh... yeah!... yeah!..."

Then he starts to really get into it:
"wooo!... yeah!... ah, ah... uh huh... yeeeeaaahhh... wooo!"
"hooooahhh" *heavy breathing* "hhhheehhhh... hhehhh..."
"...yeah!....yeah! ah, ah... uh huh... yyeeeeaaahhhh! ...woooo!"

Seems to start to run out of energy, with vocal notice:
*exhales like a horse* *sounding exhausted* "I'm slowing down..."
"...tchsss... damn girl..."

But then finds his reserve and clearly reaches his climax:

Then, satisfied with himself, feels the need to explain that he's finished in graphic detail:
"yeah!'s going down..."
*relieved* "...I'm done."

What he does in private is his own business, and I'm sure plenty of guys will be fapping to them, but they aren't going to have their spankfest broadcast to millions with every play of the song. I don't know if this is what he actually gets off on, like some kind exhibition fetish or what have you, but it is completely inappropriate.

This is also further evidence of the struggle for equality that women in Korea face. E.via was subjected to harsh criticism and slapped with a 19+ rating for doing something similar with "오빠! 나 해도돼?" but that was clearly just a sample used for the track, not a real sex session. This man can openly fap for the whole country and it is overlooked but After School Blue and Suzy can't even have little straps on their legs without public backlash. Shameful.


  1. sex and drugs have always dominated the music world. maybe, you're just growing older, lol

  2. ... you're trying too hard, sorry. Brave Brothers has been doing that for a while. (yes, has, he's a he, not them, if you haven't noticed.)

  3. So he's the Rick Ross of Korea now?

  4. ...I wonder if anyone noticed him gripping his dick when he was being recorded

  5. @anon 12:07 at least Rick Ross doesn't copy himself 833469 times...

  6. Somehow the beat to the song relates to 2NE1's 'I Don't Care'. Around @ the 1 minute mark I found myself singing to 'IDC'. o-o

  7. not liking this new author. a bit of a tryhard, no?

  8. @11:43 I know he has, and it's been irritating the fuck out of me for a long time. Try not to take the "news" element of article too literally. That's obviously not the point.

    @12:30 Yeah, he's been rehashing IDC since Shady Girl.

    @12:33 Oh, sorry I made you read. You probably have difficulty realizing that people outside of the big 3 agencies can be douchebags as well, so next time I'll just make some macros of Suju or something. Hopefully that will meet the low standard of effort you're accustomed to.

  9. Good effort. I brought this up to my brother today about how I hate the producer ad-libbing on the tracks like Puff Daddy. Hopefully he doesn't dance in the MV either.

    I like the song though, I think its similarity to I Don't Care is why.

  10. like all the authors on here. Also, love the name suckmydee--makes me laugh everytime I see it.

    This is a good site and just fun. Anyone who takes it seriously is missing the point. It's a place to have your opinion, but at the same time not being too serious about it.

    Also, this song does song like I Don't CARE

  11. Even without his nasty fapping, the song is still trash.

    I'm convinced Brave Brothers is overrated. At one point he made good music, Son Dam Bi's Crazy, for example... but now he seems to have lost any creativity he had.

  12. oh yeah, I remember e.via. that song was hilarious

    I used to think brave brothers was alright... aj/kikwang's 'dancing shoes' still one of my favourite kpop songs... but he hasn't really done anything noteeworthy of late

  13. Proof that K-pop is becoming more and more like its American counterpart. A disgusting trend, really.

  14. i feel so bad for kahi and jungah...

    they've been ridiculously degraded with a song like this. and how does this even qualify as a dance song ? how exactly is one expected to dance to this when they're curled into fetal position

  15. @Kweh
    you must live in a small delusional world to think only america can you have trashy sexed out songs.
    Sex sells everywhere to think it doesn't you be dumb.

    call me crazy but I kinda like this song

  16. Omfg this article made me laugh so hard.
    I didn't notice the sounds when I first heard the song, but now it's clear as day.

  17. LMAO. Round of applause.

    And yes, this song sounds a little too much like "I Don't Care".

  18. Well Tcauz, I'm just telling the truth. U mad?
    To say that sex sells everywhere is a fallacy brought about by the sexual revolution of the 1960's and 1970's. Your argument fails.

  19. Ma gawd, dude you've got some super hearing.Listening to this song for the first time and im grossed out.

    @kweh hitting em wiz zi intellectual.LOL

  20. ^Huh?
    Can you please rephrase that?

  21. 아저씨, your hearing is amazing.

    By far one of my favourite articles on this site. <3

  22. brave brothers songs are starting to sound the same and uncreative. sadly, this song is also very boring. i would rather listen to as blue.

  23. ^eww. Blue sucks compared to Red.........I seriously LMAO when I read the article, I never thought of it that way but I will never think of this song the same way now. -_-

  24. I thought the title name of the video said "In the Nig"


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