Tuesday, July 26, 2011

YG to Debut a Xerox Copy of SNSD?


I just love YG.


If you haven't heard yet, YG is planning to debut a group in 2012. The difference? It's said to be an "SNSD-like" group. His words, not mine. YG goes on to say the group will have that "YG flare~" (a.k.a. Teddy) but that the group won't be so much like 2NE1/Big Bang.

First off, LO-FUCKING-L. Can you imagine this shit? And YG also says he's basing the member choice off their talent, not looks. Well then...you don't have an SNSD group! You'll have a bunch of fugly 2NE1-lookin' girls!

But of course, the best has to be comments. Though there are some rational ones, the majority are sad, sad comments:

  • OIL and WATER ...Don't MIX
  • i just hope they are better than snsd. i can't stand them
  • It's fine to do a group similar to SNSD, there are already some out there, but don't go right out and set this up to be a 'YG SNSD', because you put your group up for failure before they even debut, drawing instant comparisons that could hurt them. Plus, there will never be another SNSD. You're just asking for hate/fan backlash.
  • I'm not looking forward to this... This just isn't right.
  • another snsd? noooooooo....... The reason  love YG is because you created groups like 2ne1 and big bang, and now you gonna create those cute groups? nooo :(

I don't know if you can tell by the comments, but those are from both Sones and YG stans. BJs/VIPS are crying "NO! No cute stuff! YG is so amazingly original and epic!" and Sones are screaming "There is only ONE SNSD! No one will ever come CLOSE!"

As for me? I'm just laughing at all of them.


  1. i just loled at all the comments, i pity them, those bjsones, seriously

  2. This is the best news I have heard today. I am so excited to see what unfolds from this situation. Oh the drama indeed.

    Also, I heart your "My Little Pony" pictures. Adorable.

  3. even i don't listen to YG's groups but sometimes i really like YHS, he's called a KING of TROLLING for a reason.

  4. You beat me to it but i didnt want to write another YG post but fuck me this is the best news i read on akp today,well second best,y'all see siwon's abs yes please...anywho
    this is my favourite comment from YG stan
    " I'm also slightly sad because YG is known for being hip-hop and real talent, I don't know what's gonna happen now"

    "hiphop" hahahahaha "real talent" hahahahahahhahahaha i want to troll so hard on that fucking article hahahaha best news ever motherfuckerssss.

    "You'll have a bunch of fugly 2NE1-lookin' girls!"

    friglet you are precious, and i love you.

  5. 2012: anticipate the next chi chi wannabes

    what? they're coming out by riding on yg's dick?

    dammit....move over chi chi, you have another girl group to climb over

  6. I think he just needs a group that will succeed in Japan, because his others groups fail...

  7. on a more serious note, who is that picture of as your avatar....she is freaken hot

  8. that last comment was for friglet, but others can jump in

  9. I imagine that a BJsone is having their minds split on how to compute this copy clone thingy.

  10. It's Yoobin from WG

  11. i don't doubt YGs words. he has proved in the past and he will prove in 2012 again that he is the troll master and he will have calculated SNSD 2.0 three moves ahead like a chess grandmaster.

    my guess? SNSD except edgier (less clothes). I think he's going to go there. But the troll master never ceases to surprise me..

  12. @Shin-B: lol besides kpop, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has to be my second love <3.

    @unfaithful kpop fan: it's yubin from the wonder girls. and yes she's fucking hot.

  13. oh and liley you friggin' rock me so..<3.

    @Lamphead: I don't think less clothes, just more shitty fashion and weird shit that you wouldn't normally associate with SNSD in general (not saying "vegeta" dara but i think you get it ^^).
    and yes. YG is a troll master and so is everyone else who works at YGE that approves of such fuckery: http://i51.tinypic.com/r0rpck.jpg

  14. @friglet: My goodness, I can see we will get along very well as it is also a love of my life <3. Fluttershy is my favourite, so I adore that picture above. But shh >__>" *closet brony*

  15. I think YG is getting ahead of himself, as always. Says another thing but does something else. Well, since its YG, I wouldn't expect the new group to debut anytime soon. Why not make it 2013, eh? We need more promotions from your current artists! At least, focus more on Se7en and Gummy!!

  16. @Shin-B: yes. i see us getting along veryyy well ^^. applejack's my fav. it's okay if your a closet brony *super secret brohoof*

  17. I can see it now:
    6 ugly girls, 1 fugly girl who can dance, 1 girl whose aegyoo makes me want to vomit kittens, and an average one who gets called the most beautiful girl in kpop.
    They start of very strong with a track that shows their talents, but then they slowly start to release generic, bought songs from Sony.
    In the end we will have 9 plastic, lazy girls who havent performed spectacularly in a while because they lose all passion for the industry, and then become animated singers.

  18. Moar fap material, PAPA YG is the best. As long as there's no HYOYEON aka horseface of YGSNSD, 'sall good.


  20. I was going to post something... but then I squee-ed at Rarity. You a brony?


  21. YG's gonna do WHAT!? It only proves that K-pop is only good at imitation. So much for what Bom said a few weeks ago.

  22. wow to think....g.na, hyosung, and subin were gonna debut together...holy mother of

    but i have new fapping material: http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/216670_206256579421579_176946439019260_521848_8169433_n.jpg

  23. @unfaithful
    brave brothers are not doing right by these girls.I was so excited when i read about them debuting,but then they came at me with "break yo ankles" and i was like the fuck o.O does that even mean?

  24. @unfaithful kpop fan
    many internets to you sir

    I did like Do you know though.

  25. @Anon was that the slow song,cos I liked the ballad.But that break yo ankles mess was just that a mess.

  26. Tsk poor souls :(

  27. someone posted this & I just had to bring it here toooo fun-ny


  28. ^ why did they leave hyoyeon's face in the picture though?

    oh no... wait...

  29. Another pony? You're officially my favorite author. Can I request Rainbow Dash next? ^__^

    But yeah, the moment I looked at that article, I was like... "Papa YG, are you /trying/ to start fanwars?"

  30. @unfaithful you wanna give us a name on that girl lol

  31. she's yejin from brave girls....the hottest kpop idol ever

  32. to the person who asked, yes, i'm a proud brony.
    and sure, rainbow dash next time :P.

    I don't know what's better, Anon 9:28's picture or Gilt's comment.

  33. Proof that if they can't beat SNSD, then they must imitate SNSD. How disgusting for YG to imitate the fail of SMEnt.

  34. Kweh speaks the absolute truth. Why lower your standards to create a generic ass group like SNSD?

  35. @Anonymous (July 31, 2011 10:21)

    Hi big mouth,
    why don't YOU try being a idol singer then if you are so good at criticizing others? (IF any entertainment company is so blind to sign you.) FAIL.

    This simply proves SNSD is worth copying.

    You make me wonder if i should be angry or laughing.

  36. i hate snsd.. what a bunch of fucking bitches!


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