Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2ne1 teaches us how to live economically

YG must have saved five plastic surgeries worth on makeup, cars, and autotune alone.

This reminds me of that Britney mv during the time she was really f-ed up and replaced herself with a "sexy animated alterego" for Break the Ice.

YG entertainment has always prided itself on pushing the edge of Korean music video making - constantly experimenting with various mediums, first to include a segway, always having more wheels than you - so it's not unexpected they deliver this masterpiece of a Wild Wild West meets Bratz dolls.

I think the song's ok. I didn't even pay attention to the song the first time through since the cartoonime was so distracting. But the video basically expressed all my feelings.

Example 1:

If CL "EH EH EHHHHH EHAYYYY" one more time:

At least we're spared from another round of ~2ne1 outer vs. inner beauty~ fanwank since we didn't have to see their faces. I'd imagine they'll pay back double by having 2ne1 appear bare faced for UGLY.

Three Cornboms for this, I liked it more than I'm the Best.

My people, why do think this mv will be banned?


  1. Can't say anything bad about the song since I actually liked it. It's absolutely better than IATB. That shit was awful.

  2. Does anyone else get a terrifying image as their video preview.


    Isn't that Minzy getting kicked though?

  4. "At least we're spared from another round of ~2ne1 outer vs. inner beauty~ fanwank since we didn't have to see their faces."

    Instead we're gonna get "They're still the best even without showing their faces!!" fanwank.

    This was just another MV that I didn't care to watch all the way through or even listen to.

  5. CL sings the eheheheh but doesn't get pounded on in the mv, so poor Minzy serves as replacement

  6. Banned reason #1: Minzy can't fucking drive, it's all about the roads in Korea

  7. The most natural I've seen Bom tbh.

  8. For once, I'm digging a 2NE1 song. I can't even hate on this song. It's way better than the auto-tune mindfuck that is IATB. Plus the beat and chorus are catchy.

  9. @10:41 l 0 l ikr? Her face moves for once.

    Idk, I kind of jam to this, it's not too bad!

  10. The MV reminds me of Daft Punk tbqh.
    Which means that i like it because i'm a hardcore DP fan...
    And the song is... catchy.

    OMG i think those girls are useless as fuck and never bother with them but i like the song and the MV, what happened to me ?
    I'm ashamed. But i will download it anyway.

  11. lmao @ 10:36

    at least Break the Ice actually synced with the music, i felt i was watching some fan made music video to a crappy Nickelodeon show

  12. I'd pay a pretty dime to punch Dara like that irl

  13. Oh god I can't be the only one who read cornboms as condoms

  14. Blackjack here! Probably the only one on here.

    First of all, I loved I AM THE BEST. That video was fantastic! LOVED IT! OH YES! I AM IN ALL CAPS RIGHT NOW.

    I have loved every single video and song that 2ne1 has put out to MV. However, I thought this song was boring as hell and that's probably why you all like it.

    Seriously, there was nothing special about it.

    yeah, I mad.

    Blackjack 4 life, but dammit this song blew corn.

  15. Blackjacks are asshats

  16. This should be banned for discriminating against pandas and people with chronic eye bags

  17. @ 11:38

    u just mad cause we stylin' on you, yo.

  18. I am the best was disappointing. But this one is great: catchy, smooth, evolving and with a good mv. At first, too, I didn't pay attention to the song because of the mv. And I thought there will be some love between the villain and dara, I guess I watch too much dramas xD

    Why is bom called a frozen face? I know she had ps but I don't get it ^^'

  19. What does CL find so compelling about the sound "eh"?
    2NE1 eh eh eh eh eh eh ehh You better ring the alarm
    I dont care eh eh eh eh eh
    Go away Eh eh eh eh
    K.o.r.e.a eh eh eh eh
    Loneleh loneleh loneleh
    I hate you ehhh ehh eh eh eh eh

  20. It's a game she plays to troll us, like in Super Troopers when the dude says "meow" as many times as possible.

  21. I didn't like IATB at all but this song is actually quite nice. Though I don't exactly see how the MV is related to the song...

  22. I kind of think that this mv will really be banned because of violence? Idk. Cartoon-fight.

  23. Seriously though,2ne1 keeps releasing the same song over and over again.Im bored.Lonely was a cool song,but this is just another typically 2ne1 song,which is why i get so mad when they are praised for being "original" when they keep coming out with the same shit.arggg BORED!!!!!!! Chi Chi's "longer" deserves more attention.
    I should take a pic of my indifference to this song.

  24. @1:57

    Her face can't move thats why.

  25. I like this song.
    This is the CL I liked.
    The sassy voice I heard in Fire and fell in love with, Teddy if you autotune her voice again I will cut you.

  26. Since I'm a dedicated cartoon artist and a big fan of Mary Kim's art (The art/animation director), I'm satisfied with the MV. I wasn't paying much attention to the song because I found it quite boring tbh.

    Yay for Cornboms! =DD

  27. Edit: I meant 'Mari' Kim.

  28. I love Park Bom and all, but her animated character sure effed up a lot in that music video. But then she got the final kick in the end!


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