Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brave Girls gives me second-hand embarrassment...

Last article of the night. Promise. 3 in a row is totally pushing it for me.
ANYWAYS! It's 4:00 a.m. where I'm at and I just finished watched tonight's Inkigayo performances.

I'm sure someone will write about 2NE1's "great" comeback but that's not what I'm gonna talk about. I'm gonna talk about Brave Girls new song "Easily".

WTF??! I JUST noticed no one has written about this trainwreck!
If you've never seen it, here's their comeback on Music Bank:

Lol. Yeah. You JUST saw that shit go down.

The best part is the black guy playing the saxaphone. He isn't even pressing buttons. Also, he's RANDOMLY standing in the back after his part is done. Awesome.

You know what makes me sad? That Brave Girls is created by a guy who gives all these hit songs to other idol groups but can't give HIS GROUP a good song for shit! Brave Girls explained that they kinda flopped (okay totally flopped) with their debut song but they hope this new song will give them some much needed attention.

Okay. I like them a little. Why? BECAUSE THEIR DEBUT SONG WAS GOOD! Not the "breaking ankles" one. Any kpop group that gives me 90s R&B nostaligia is good in my book (solid gold door-knocker earrings in the mv? you don't say!). It's sad that this comeback is going to end in shambles.

Better luck next time! Hopefully you'll have a better song by then.


  1. Should have given In The Night Sky to them.

    I mean, it's still trash, but it's better then this.

  2. Im making bella cullen noises...

  3. wat did i just watch

  4. In the words of Skull rastaphaphaphaphaphpahkasjdkasjdaskdjaskdjaskdajsdklajsdklajdaskldjalsdkjaslkdasdlak;kdasl;dka;sldkal;horriblesong.

  5. don't lie guys, you know you want the girl with the beret and the braided hair; and yejin in bed with you.

    this isn't a bad song; it's actually quite refreshing from all the other kpop songs out right now that are either:

    1. autotuned
    2. repetitive
    3. hook dominated

    but yeah...the performance was tragic

  6. I like this song. It's a refreshing step away from what is the norm in Kpop.

    Performance is bad, but I'm not gonna complain about a guy fake playing an instrument *cough*FTISLAND,CNBLUE*cough*

    Though I really do hate Skull and he kills the song for me...luckily he's only in the beginning

    Generally speaking it's a very well composed song and is so different from what Brave Bros usually writes which is a good thing in my opinion

  7. this just in, the song name has been changed to

    "why so often"

    also, their performance was more livelier for inkigayo:

  8. "The girls’ producer, Brave Brothers, also revealed, “It’s the best song I’ve ever made in my life thus far.”"


  9. All these girls need is some BETTER FUCKING SONGS.
    Fucking seriously.

  10. I really liked their debut song "Do You Know". It gave off a nice vibe without hooks or unecessary voice mods. They were just lost among the millions of other groups that also debuted then. I wanted that kind of similar song for this round of promotions. Oh well.

    Aww I wanted the braid-hair girl to keep her long black hair, it made her look elegant.

  11. I loved Do You Know so much man, and then they came out with that HANDS UP HIGH SECSHI QURL ANKURR crap and I was so disappointed. This is a step up from that rubbish, but the tryhard Bohemian thing doesn't do it for me [I wish they would cut that guy out; the song would actually be pretty nice without that shit.]

  12. I have never heard this song or seen this girl group before. This...


    I don't care if the guy wasn't playing the saxophone, at least the saxophone was there in the song. Such a horribly underused instrument in modern music.

    I love the song. It's so different from the rest.

  13. I thought Do You Know was really good.

  14. how is this bad? just because it's not a hook song? smh i don't like these new authors, they're idiots

  15. My favorite live performance of Do You Know:

  16. @Anon 11:53: no, IDIOT. it's bad because it's bad! And it doesn't need to be a hook song. "Do You Know" (the debut song i was talking about) is a GREAT song and it wasn't some repetitive, autotune, piece of shit song. as for your author comment, i have no control on what you think of the other authors, but if you don't like me because my taste in songs doesn't suit your opinion, than in the wise words of Ice-T, "eat a hot bowl of dicks". still, thanks for reading babe ;).

  17. It's sad to hear that they thought their debut was a flop. I'm hoping they're talking about "So Sexy" and not "Do You Know".

    They promoted when: A Pink, Rania, Piggy Dolls? were all debuting and Dal Shabet was promoting. They didn't stand out enough from everyone else. A Pink -- Simple
    Rania -- Sexy
    Piggy Dolls -- Big GURLS w/ a voice
    Dal Shabet -- Overload of cuteness

  18. I like the song, the rhythm, the girls' voices.

    BUT that Ja-fake-an in the beginning has GOT2GO!

  19. put the video in hd. muted the volume. :|


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