Monday, July 4, 2011

I remember why CSJH became irrelevant.

Because despite their obvious talent, they were never really seen as beautiful (in the standard aspect anyways). Now, admittedly, they look especially fucked up here (random Twilight effects and lego-esque hair don't help): hopefully they don't actually wear this shit in the MV / performances (but knowing SM Ent., they will).

After (somewhat) falsely raising the hopes of CSJH fans around the world, SM revealed that only Dana & Sunday would be making a comeback, which happens to be just fine by me. Stephanie looks like your average 5-dollar hooker (that does ballet? Sure, hookers have pasts too y'all) and Lina has always been one of the biggest trannies in Kpop.

Despite all my efforts to prove that I don't care for them, I am anticipating this comeback. I'm also anxious as to which genre they will cover (they've done everything from acapella to club-music to jazz), but hopefully it's something as sexy and powerful as this:


  1. I liked Dancing in the Rain the best. They were in heels dancing in like ankle-high wow.

    Sunday was on that opera show and did an excellent job. Dana is like one of the epicest singers in the idol industry. That's enough for me.

  2. HA! i'm looking forward to the comeback too.

    lol i have this guy on my facebook and CSJH is his favorite girl group...yeah i don't get it either. he's only 19 and he's not even gay (being gay would explain why he doesn't mind the fugliness but it still doesn't explain why he'd like such a boring group). anyways, everyone was posting on his damn wall that his "extinct" girl group was rising from the dead.

  3. Only two members? Female TVXQ indeed. But as always, never got close to TVXQ's popularity. Good news for fans of CSJH I suppose. Somewhat disappointed by lack of Lina tho. Can't vouch much for her looks, but her voice was pretty distinct.

    I hope they'll try to present themselves more seriously as singers and less so as idols. And not wear costumes and bullshit onstage. But knowing SM......

  4. I actually find CSJH a, for the most part, attractive group. Aside from Dana, she's kind of ugly.

    I actually find Lina one of the most attractive ones...

  5. Talent doesn't matter when your songs are shit. Case in point this group & TVXQ.

    But hey SME might suprise us...

  6. I have never cared enough to search about them =/ Ill get to know them with this comeback, i guess. Not liking the teaser photos tho

  7. I have always said that CSJH has a lot of potential to be the female version of DBSK.
    Too bad this never happened (and won't happen never).
    1.- 3/4 of the kpop fandom are teen girls drooling for oppa.
    2.- Almost no1curr about talent here.
    3.- Mediocre vocals,good looks,catchy songs and lollipops are cheaper for SME,but sell more than any talent or elaborated song.

    Btw,I agree that they shouldn't try to promote as an idol group.

  8. Who would give a fuck about these old asses when we have young fresh fabulous vocalist like 2ne1. Next.

  9. I'm waiting for news to come out that CSJH's next single was bought from some nameless producer from some obscure Eastern European country

    The girl in the picture donating blood looks like a tranny.

  10. It is a pity about Stephanie's face. Don't like her froggy voice much but the girl can dance. Maybe if she changed her eyebrows...

  11. I just saw the teaser and it looked shitastic. The girls look old and yet they are dressed like teenagers. Don't know who they're trying to fool.

  12. I like the teaser, I was expecting a ballad or something *relieved*

  13. Even if you don't care much about them, saying something like this "Stephanie looks like your average 5-dollar hooker (that does ballet? Sure, hookers have pasts too y'all)" is a bit too much. I dont see how different she dresses from any other idols. Imagine someone saying Sica or whoever ur fav idol is, looks like a hooker. By saying this, you're just like any other crazy kpop fan out there who writes foolish stuff without thinking.

  14. ^ It doesn't have anything to do with the way she dresses. Stephanie is simply average. And if someone said that about Sica, why should I be affected? I care for her, not people's opinions of her.
    Thanks for reading!

  15. at least Stephanie can pull off the sexy concept.

  16. davidfresh: if it's not the way she dresses and she is SIMPLY AVERAGE.. then which part of her looks like a 5-dollar hooker?? you are contradicting yourself here. Does an average girl looks like a hooker to you?? People did say that Miss A Fei looks like Stephanie, so does that mean Fei looks like an average 5-dollar hooker to you as well? Have she done anything to do to you for you to be calling her as something as DEGRADING as a hooker?


    This is why David likes Sica.

    Life in plastic, it's fantastic
    You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
    Imagination, life is your creation

  18. Ugh I'd have to disagree. LINA was voted number one on a lot of beauty polls back then. Don't know what you're talking about .__.'


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