Saturday, July 23, 2011

Epik High vs. Cho PD

The quality of music from the latter is noticeably worse: no shit. But I'm actually here to compare their respective groups (more correctly, the groups that they support {okay fine, Epik High barely plays a fucking role}).

Infinite recently had their comeback (which for some reason, I had no idea about 'till now), and like their pop masterpiece (-is not delusional-) 'Before The Dawn', the new song 'Be Mine', borders on epic insanity and is engaging as fuck. The latter ain't as good, but come on, it's hard to live up to BTD. And no, I'm not ignoring the fruity, sexually questionable concepts that they've pulled a couple of times, but I'm willing to overlook it when they release this kinda music.

And then, we have Block B and their 'Tell Them'. I'm not going to bother linking a video. Those of you that have watched it know how visually painful the outfits + choreography are (and that brain controlling ... creature on Zico's head); those of you that haven't, you don't need to watch it: trust me. The song isn't an awkward wreck like 'Freeze', but hip-hop inspired pop needs to die, preferably, melted slowly on a roast (with Kwanghee, don't forget Kwanghee gais!).

Anyways, since this originally started as a Infinite review, let me just say that the music video is pretty artsy (meaning vague flashes + no real plot), but I still preferred it a thousand times over to abomination that was Tell Them (click for article).

That skinny twig that looks like a girl kinda irks me though.


  1. which one is the skinny twig that looks like a girl? the one with the blue shirt on and he is the only one with color on his clothes??

  2. Just searched it up; I'm talking about Sung Jung.
    Dude(?) needs to take steroids or something.

  3. yeah dude i agree lol if you watch his parts and only look at him and no one else he does such flamboyant things rofl. if you watch him in their music core performance today i laughed my ass off every time he sang tbh. love the song though, being able to laugh hysterically at his goofy ass is a bonus. :P

  4. did you notice it looks like he always giving the death stare ?

  5. I agree about Sungjong... Girls go nuts over him, but all he is is another ugly flower boy, imo. He even sounds like a girl sometimes. He'd probably be somewhat attractive if he gained muscle.

    Anyway, yeah. I like Block B, but Infinite is better in regards to musical quality.

  6. I think you mean Tell Them by block B

  7. Sungjong. I can't look at him.
    I don't know what it is but he makes me cringe.
    He looks like a fetus that was partially aborted but then his parents were like "wait, it's going to be a gay kpop star someday, let's keep it" and now I'm sure their little boy(?) is something they're proud of.

    I'm pretty well adjusted to the whole boys who look like girls thing but I honestly thought Sungjong was a girl when I saw him. And now every time I see a fangirl call him hot I want to punch them in the face and call them a lesbian.

  8. @2:32
    I used to hate the guy so much because he was a tryhard-cute wannabe (cringe-worthiness is comparable to teen top's "fish face" at the time of debut). but yeah, now you can see that he's much [i]much[/i] better, actually with a serious expression and all.

    oh you so mean, i agree that at one time, i did wish that he didn't debut in infinite because of his looks and structure (totally doesn't fit the group's image), but really, he's much better :l


    coming from a fan of this group since "she's back" (absolutely hated "comeback again" because of the annoying guitar intro and chorus), i can say that their sync and singing are not as great as they used to be (judging based on their comeback today and the mv). of course, you can't expect every one of them to have perfect sync all the time...

    this time they divided the singing parts more evenly in comparison to their previous perf songs (which spammed sunggyu and woohyun) and it's probably bringing them down (for that exact reason.../sigh).

    (refering to the perf) sungjong sings twice and both times he has the same old background voices (?) as accompaniment and honestly, it doesn't even sound like he's singing live. same with sungyeol ("do you hear me?"x2). they cut down woohyun's amount of lines significantly (*insert sad face here*, but will keep biasing on here to a minimum) and as always, they relied too much on sunggyu for the chorus (he may be the only guy to actually sing the chorus, and not lipsync it) and more. L was inconsistent in his second time to sing, although this was probably because of after all the dancing. i believe they can do better in any case :) hopefully next time.
    though, the dance break was really nicely done.

    ehh, i sound like a total ass, but i have a habit of criticizing groups that i like far more than other groups that i don't care about.

    nevertheless, the song isn't too bad (teaser kind of scared me at first because the chorus wasn't too eargasm-inducing with the high "oh"'s). i give them credit considering the short time-span that these guys had to work with (still promoting "can u smile" as a follow up in june and had to perform in japan in early-july).

    the lyrics itself are up for interpretation. i've heard of many different possibilities that are completely different to what i originally thought. this probably has no relevance but i've got to say, the most interesting lyrics i've ever stumbled upon was gumi and miku's matryoshka by hachi_p. try decipher the meaning, i dare you :)

    also, hoya's dancing was O.O <3

    also #2, you guys should check their 4th track, "tic toc". it brings back memories of epik high and it's possibly my favorite song of the album.

    also #3 (wanted to mention at start of post), YAY, infinite's back (after what seemed like a long wait)~ *fangirl mode* >_<

    BtD was probably the song that caught my attention the most, including the dance choreograph. my stan-ing began at that point :P

  9. BTD sounds like fighting game music.

  10. infinite > any new boyband that debuted this year.

  11. I've come to realise that the weight of the members are directly proportional to the amount of use they bring to the group.

    The two twigs happen to be the most useless ones.. Coincidence? I think not.

  12. i'll give the kid credit and say that at least he can dance. all the members of Infinite are damn good dancers - it's hard to stay in sync like that , especially for the kind of dances they do. but he needs to stop getting lines because his voice is painful to listen to.

    and Block B is okay imo , but Tell Them was a hideous fail of a song.

  13. Infinite > Shinee

    Too bad record sales only indicate quantity rather than quality.

  14. fuck infinite. block b all the way!
    and lol at the difference cho pd and epik high play in these two groups. i mean...cho pd's even went so far as to be the fucking president of block b's fanclub.

  15. Aw, poor Sungjong. He's a sweet kid that has some growing up to do.
    And lol, Epik High has way too many of their own problems to deal with to be worrying about Infinite. Hoya and Dongwoo are close to Mithra though, but now that he's gone to the army...
    Anyways, Woollim's CEO still has good musical connections and a good ear for music. You should check out the song "Because" on Infinite's newest album, composed by the bassist of Nell. Also, "Crying" was composed by Pe2ny, the guy who worked with Tablo in Eternal Morning. "Tic Toc" and "1/3" are some of my other favorites from the album.


  17. Sungjong is really just a kid. At first glance, he was one of my least favorites, but he's actually just trying to figure himself out. Getting to know Infinite really brought that to the light for me.

    He's still not my favorite, but he is one of the most loving and not shallow people in K-Pop, which is why it makes me sad to see him get bashed. His voice may be shitty (I don't even think he's gone through puberty), and he might be thin, but as he works and grows up he'll improve. Sungjong was put in Infinite for a reason. He's a hard worker.

    On another note, I love this song, and I love this album. The video kind of disappointed me. Woollim didn't even edit out mistakes the members made in dancing. Their choreo was perfect live though, and they gave amazing performances on Inkigayo and Music Core. I feel like Infinite should be way more popular than they are.

  18. ^ not trying to bash him, I like his voice. He sounds fine to me and I enjoy his part I just think he is really funny for some reason. lol

  19. also if he is born in 93 he has definitely gone through puberty, when did you go through puberty? 20?

  20. ^ i honestly think he's going through it right now? his voice has gotten much deeper as of late though it's still kindof squeaky

  21. "Girls go nuts over him, but all he is is another ugly flower boy, imo."

    Seong Jong is probably the least popular in Infinite.. Very few find him "hot" but rather "cute" in the same way that KPop fans like divas like Key and Jo Kwon

  22. ^ I'd have to agree. Inspirits generally love him for being an adorable, sweet little diva, and of course we find him pretty, but...attracted to him? Hell no.


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