Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spread 'em for Super Junior oppas

Oh my goddd, isn't he GORGEOUS??????


Congratulations, AKF, your MS Paint skills now over-qualify you to work as an SM graphics artist.

(^Eunhyuk btw)

How did the arguably ugliest member get the first picture? Or maybe they just wanted to get it out of the way. But now we have to sit through 9 (possibly 10) more of these pics which show off the ~unique colors~ of the members, god knows with how many brilliant combinations of pee yellow and neon brown we will be blessed with.

And in case you missed the "fine text":
"Distributed by SM Entertainment CO., LTD. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Registered to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under NO. 127. Made in Korea. 2011.08
You know, just in case you think you a thing or two about laws. Nothing quite like the artistry of getting your ass sued off.

But of course, fans are ready:

"My vagina is READY!"

"it'll be awesome if we see ShinDong with his abs! real abs!"

"suju can wear garbage bags as concept and I'll still spazz about it"

Garbage bag concept. Hits pretty close to home.

I hope they have at least two swinging lightbulbs for their mv! Congratulations Super Junior on reaching 5jib! And Leeteuk why are you still here (you too Heechul).

*btw I'm new. Hi.


  1. I love how the disclaimer is huge and stylized.

  2. Nothing says stylish like a fucking huge disclaimer.

  3. Must be the new pop art movement

  4. Something tells me they are going for a cosplay theme. I really hope not though because they are too damn old and they will just be embarrassing themselves imo. I have a feeling they are though...

  5. huhu ;;


    I can't be the only (sane) person who wants to molest his face. And, as a proper young lady, it's only natural for me to see beautiful long fingers and think of where they could go.


    Although all of that text was completely un-fucking-necessary. And the tiara. SME always fucks SJ over.

  6. Wtf ahahaha, this is a huge mess.

    Aren't these guys supposed to be in the army?

  7. Looks like g-dragon but gay.............oh wait.

  8. f(x) wants their wardrobe back

  9. "two swinging lightbulbs"

    HAHAHAHA this will be sorry sorry 3.0 then

  10. ha! loved the last line. those two need to go to the fucking army already.

    and i laugh at how they put the disclaimer on the fucking member. sorry! my bad sm! i was gonna copy eunhyuk but i guess i'll back down.

    and shindong abs? that almost made me choke on my tea.

  11. It's a free planet, sit on his face at will.

    I'm not sure how Shindong's abs will will unless they carve em in there.

  12. What the hell is on his neck...
    Could SM seriously not afford jewelry and just went and bought a 10 pack of sharpies instead?

  13. Is the actor guy who was mia or kia or whatever coming back? Can they just not come back? I swear ELF are all batshit crazy.

  14. it's must be the new trend for boy groups these days 'the drag queen' concept =_= they're going for gay literally

  15. His face lives up to SM graphic's skill,

    Im sorry im dying here you guys,hahaha as a SJ fan my vagina just like that girl's comment is fucking (pun infuckintended) ready.I need to see that 100% pure korean beef cake Siwons pics.I wont be able to hold out till the 20th fffuuuu SM why not now!!!!

  17. =_= I used to smstan over shindong...
    Confessed chubby chaser
    Excited but hope its not the same as bonamama

  18. @mynameisnotsuzy
    I have a new found friend in you *fangirls hard*.This will be the first time seeing SJ comeback and i think imma get emotional *judge me if ya'll want to,i dont give two fucks*

    Edit for my last post i thought they were coming back on the 20th but its the 3rd so un-fffuuuuu to SM.Just dont screw suju with songs that are too shitty please!!!

  19. Wait...is he wearing a fucking tiara ?! O.o

  20. Hi & Welcome mondegreen! :)

    After seeing Teen Top's comeback picture, nothing really shocks me anymore tbqh.

    Ngl, Eunhyuk's the only member I somewhat like in Suju, blame his awesomeness in Dream Team.

  21. err.. that's one bad PS effort right there.
    just wondering, how come suju could still survive in kpop?

  22. I just want their album to be as good as their 3rd album and their title song to be actually good cos Sorry Sorry was ok (not my fav song from the album not even top 5) but Minah was bleh i'm a strong fan of their's but i'm not one of those fans that would say something is good even when it's bad bcos i love them.....

  23. People may say Eunhyuk is fug as fuck (which yeah okay, imo he kinda is) that boy is one of the few real "namjas" in suju. So if they could turn a masculine boy like him into something like that I fear for the rest... namely closet-case siwon, alien looking ryeowook, and asian ken doll kyuhyun (would be plastic face leeteuk but even several new noses couldn't upgrade the horror that is his face tbh). From the looks of it the song might be interesting though although they need to go back to the perfection that was neorago.

  24. The best picture this guys has ever taken. Now if only the neon assult on his head was long enough to cover his dressing gown.

  25. if this is how the album looks, imagine what the songs will be like.

  26. lol at the tag, i love key <3

  27. Judge me, but I think his face is the most precious thing ever, blond hair and all.

    that is a horrible picture, though. I hate overediting.

  28. also I hate lip gloss on men.

    I hope they don't do some f(x) type song for their comeback.

  29. Note that all members of SuJu look gay!

  30. omg, i laughed so hard at soem of these comments .

    lol i'm a pretty hard core ELF and i'm pretty excited for their comeback. but i did cry a little when i saw leeteuk's teaser lol

    they must have lost a bet or something LOL

  31. I'm fucking scared... I'm an ELF and this is freakin' scaring the hell out of me... What are they smoking with this conept and where can I get some?
    Then again, this may be one of those concepts where it looks crazy to normal people but, after some herbs and drinks it looks normal...
    I mean it though, this album better be damn good to survive through this concept of nonsense...


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