Thursday, July 21, 2011

Question of the Week 3

What the balls?

I have not been on this site for the past two and a half weeks as I have been vacationing, and now I see four more people added? Are we Morning Musume/After School-ing this blog now? Crap, who's graduating!? Which one of us is Bekah!?

Well, nonetheless, welcome to all the new authors! I have really only been able to read half of your posts as my interwebs here at home 2 is pretty terrible, but they are all awesome.

I must also apologize that I have not been consistent with my "Question of the Week"s. I do not have constant access to the internet here, so please bear with me for this past while. As soon as I return, my posts will be back to actual weekly questions.

Actually, I've noticed that pretty much everyone else has also started ending posts with questions. What the hell. I'll be out of a job soon now.

Okay, back to the actual topic. To make up for the missed past two Mondays:
1) Who do you think is the most underrated idol/group. Why?
2) Who do you think is the most overrated idol/group. Why?

Also, at some point I am going to run out of questions. So before that day comes, if any of you guys have ideas or want to have your question (possibly) posted on one of the QotW, e-mail them to I will credit you. Unless I thought of it first. Then it is my intellectual property. Oh, and to all of you adorable haters, feel free to send hate mail there, too, so I can pass it along to the other authors to read. That e-mail account was created solely for me to author this site.



  1. I think the most underrated group are the ballad group like Davichi , 4men

  2. most underrated group, any group that is not an idol group lol. Anon above me is right about ballad groups being way underrated.
    As for being the most overrated group......its a toss up between YG two biggest groups for me lol Not that I hate them or anything, I just dont find some of their music that interesting to me

  3. 1) Dalmatian. At first I wanted to say Rainbow, but they actually get Top 10-level recognition. Poor Dalmatian has basically been ignored even though they are great performers and have one of the best albums of the year.

    2) 2AM. I really wanted to put Super Junior here due to their massive worldwide popularity vs how mediocre they are, but the fact is that ol SuJu has still provided me with at least a handful of highly enjoyable moments of entertainment. 2AM on the other hand is the most boring group I have ever witnessed. It isn't the fact that they do ballads, it's that they do the most dry and sleep-inducing ballads of all time. Nothing in their music or performances is remotely worthwhile and even on shows they appear in, the individual members irritate me. Yet, somehow, they are insanely popular.

  4. I can't think of any underrated group but overrated I can.
    Snsd. I always see "omg! So pretty!" when they lots of them are average, but the make up hide that.
    "Omg they are such good singers!" Wtf? Only taeyeon has an average singing, well she sings well but she's so emotionless And that makes her singing boring as fuck. 2 others are constant. The others have only nice legs (if not suffering from anorexia).
    "they dance so well!!" Hyoyeon is okay. But honestly it's not with their stupid choreo that can affirm that. The main point is always moving their legs.

  5. SNSD and SUJU are overrated mediocre at BEST nuff said~ while
    BEG, Afterschool underrated i guess?

  6. 2am? boring? are you kidding me? They have good voices and have more personality than all the members of the rookie groups put together

  7. I thought "what the balls?" was going to be the question and I got excited.

    I don't even want to get into the overrated/underrated war. There are enough people fighting it already.

  8. Not a group but a member...taeyeon. The best singer in kpop? All snsd isnt overrated in taht aspect because people actually say how limited their "talent" is but everyone seems to agree that taeyeon have an amazing voicewhen shes just ok. Shes cute and funny tho
    I have to agree with dalmatian being underrated (when it comes to idols), they have one of the best vocalists and best rappers of kpop but people seems like they are ignoring them. They have such a god live too~

  9. overrated:
    forever the one and only 2NE1
    and fellow label mate bigbang
    people brag so much about how they're talented when they have yge(the biggest spender when it comes to promotional budget)
    yge is the who's making them look so, i dunno, cool?(errrm, wrong word)
    i don't understand when bjs vip saying that their so talented and stuff while u can find a bunch of other artists(or even trainees who are in the same level...)
    and the way their fans judge on other artists, oh pweaseee -_-

    here's the thing, i'm not even a fan of them, i only know 2 songs, i don't follow them at all but it seems like SS501 kinda underatted....
    their looks are okay(or even handsome), all of them can sing(like really sing)
    i never really cared about dancing because we all know that dancing is something that can be trained(unlike vocals)
    they seemed not as popuplar, alas kinda underrated....?

    overrated: snsd(not that pretty, i can't find even one member that describes the word oustandingly pretty, but, oh well, pretty or not is someone's taste, so snsd'd def not my taste. and one thing: i hate those crazy sones)

    fx(yeah so much for asia's dancing group)


    under: afterschool(good looking kpop gals rite here, excluding raina, ewww that bitsh is bleeeh)

  10. overrated: SNSD. Obvious.

    underrated: Brown Eyed Girls. YES, the hip swaying Brown Eyed Girls. 80 % of the kpop fans only know Abracadabra, heck those girls have 3 albums and 3498766899 mini albums and all they know is Abracadabra and maybe Sign. Fuck you.

  11. ^ I fucking love BEG. Not just Abracadabra and Sign. All of their older songs are really amazing. Definitely underrated.

  12. Overrated: 2NE1 and SNSD, especially certain members. I really enjoyed listening to both groups before they got so famous, but now, I cannot stand it when someone makes stupid, delusional comments about X as the greatest rapper/dancer/singer in Kpop. I think Dara and Taeyeon are the most overrated in both groups. What really does Dara do? Sure, Blackjacks can go on and on about how "2NE1" just isn't the same without her, but she doesn't rap, isn't particularly strong in dancing, and has the weakest voice in 2NE1. Taeyeon has a decent voice, but the fact that SONEs consider her the best singer in Kpop is completely unbelievable. They voted for her as the best OST singer over Baek Ji Young? Baek Ji Young has been in this industry for years longer, and has one of the most touching voices in Kpop. A lot of these polls are really based on popularity, which is total BS.

    As for underrated singers... 4MEN, Davichi (Lee Hae Ri has vocal cords 32984293 times stronger than any given girl group member), and Navi (who I'm a big fan of, mainly because she can sing her songs steadily on her own).

  13. @ the first comment: Davichi and 4men are defo not underrated in Korea. Davichi even beat SNSD a couple weeks with 8282 but they are not really considered "idols".

    Underrated: 탐탐 (TomTom). NO ONE knows who she is. Girl sounds just like Beyonce and can sing all these pathetic idols out of the water. I heard her sing slow motion with IU and she sounds damn good! Best Korean singer I've heard. Her beyonce medley and stand up for love was also miles better than the other shitty idol versions I've heard. No lie. I know I sound like I'm pimping her out but she NEEDS the exposure because she's really that good.

    Overrated: 2Ne1 and SNSD, not saying they aren't talented but for the level of talent they have and the shitastic singles they put out, they really don't deserve the level of fame they have imo.

  14. Underrated: Dae Guk Nam Ah. They've been around a while, and with a different group in the past. They're absolutely great live and you can always tell they're singing live. I can sort of understand why they aren't popular though. Their personalities are bland as fuck and they don't exactly have that stage charisma. But still, every single one of them can sing very well.

    Overrated: 2NE1, but that's obvious. I don't believe that they can't sing, because I know they can. But they're not great. Bom's voice is unstable and unpleasant, don't even get me started on her face. CL's rapping is annoying and yeah, her face. Minzy's dancing isn't average, and yeah, her face. Dara is the prettiest in the group but she's nothing special either, just a stick.

    and Super Junior: where there are like 3 people who can sing decently. Idk where the fuck any of the members are. None of them are even good looking enough to make up for their terrible music.

  15. Overrated: Any group from JYP, YG, and SME


    Underrated: JQT. They are all pretty decent singers and stuff and they have decent songs imo, but yeah way overlooked.

  16. 1) Who do you think is the most underrated idol/group. Why?

    ummm, wondergirls. Why? because everyone says they are horrible and no one every says how cute they are. So hee is a cutie, the other girls (except for the new girl) is cute. Song wise they are pretty good but need to have an album out. Not sure what's going on there.
    2) Who do you think is the most overrated idol/group. Why? SNSD YUP! OH OH OH OH OH boring, repetitive, same song over and over again, only 5 out of 9 girl are cute and none really super hot just the average girl that's kind of cuter than the others.

  17. seriously? wow. negro please, come up with something original or just quit now.

  18. Overrated: Big Bang. They made two good songs; Haru Haru and Lies, that's it. They also have a murderer in their group. Not even going to get started on SNSD or 2ne1, holy shit..

    Underrated: San-E. He's not really an idol since he used to be an underground rapper until he signed with JYPE. Definitely should get more attention because he is a fucking boss.
    Infinite are underrated too.. Or should I say their composers? Pretty much all of their songs are extremely well put together but the actual members of the group aren't very noteworthy besides that they manage to dance perfectly synced.. But who gives a fuck about their synced dance? Woolim knows what the fuck they are doing but members themselves are lacking.

  19. I want to be a douche and bring up "underrated vs. underexposed."

    But since you just returned from a long-by-internet-standards hiatus, I'll just say welcome back Shin-B :3

  20. Uh, for underrated, I wanna say all genres of music other than idol pop. Especially Rock & Hip Hop!! And yeah, FT Island and CN Blue do not count as rock bands. Their songs are NOT rock, maybe pop rock at most, and they do not make most of their music.

    For overrated, like many said, 2NE1 for sure. Yeah, I like the group, but they're not as awesome as they're hyped up to be. I believe they could do better if YGE would just take out the damn autotune from their songs!! Can I also include composers here? I find Hitman Bang totally overrated. His songs all sound the same and they have such a simple format, too much chorus repetition. And the guy is just fugly. Looks like a friggin pedophile when he smiles.

  21. Underrated: Infinite. They have great songs, and kick ass choreography and concepts. I've never been disappointed by them and this most recent comeback is really great. The members are decent looking, as well. I also feel like DGNA is underrated as well.

    Overrated: BEAST. Enough said.

  22. Ovverrated: Park Bom. Yes she has an unique voice but actual vocal skills are not as awesome or even strong for that matter as she is given credit for.

  23. Underrated: BEG. Loved their first album.(not sure if this album can be put under idol category) They need more love and recognition(and not for Abracadabra).
    SS501, they are pretty decent singers and they have some good songs too. Fans of both groups are pretty well behaved in general.

    Overrated : SNSD. Average singing(yeah Taeyeon's ok but not the best idol singer), average dancing, average songs. I tried listening to their non-title tracks. Most of them were boring. Also SONEs really really annoy me with their attitude. Their craziness = Cassies and ELFs squared. I used to think DBSK was overrated but now that they have disbanded, SNSD has replaced them.

  24. @ 12:16 you really don't know what you are talking about, son. BOMMIE is an awesome singer and even with that plastic surgery face, I'd still make sweet lovin to her.

    Also 2NE1 is not overrated, they are more unique than most kpop girlgroups. They are not flashing AEGYO GANG SIGNS every seconds, have their own style of dress, and eh eh ehe he eh eh eh eh 2ne11111.

  25. @sulli_fag: BOM is a good singer IN 2NE1 but her solo live performances are really shaky and gets monotonous after a while.

  26. Overrated 2NE1 beat Snsd and Bigbang to become overrated queen , Fuck Yeah !!!

  27. ^
    wat , how comes she an awesome singer when she can't even sing LIVE?

  28. ^ I didn't say she was an awesome singer. She sounds good when she performs with 2NE1 but her solos are not that great.

  29. Bitches be jealous.

    I always scoff whenever people say SNSD is "average looking". Have you SEEN the sort of people who sit in the audience of music shows and other live broadcasts? Uggs. I mean this is what you get for championing genetic purity, a few hundred years of the same stale ass gene pool and you're not going to have a very attractive population as a whole. I've seen the fobs that come over here. NO. To say SNSD is average in comparison to the rest of Korea is laughable, IMO.

    Personally I also live in Southern California, which is highly respected in turning out some fine ass men and women. I also go clubbing in Hollywood every so often and other nightlife spots so I've seen my fair share of fine women. If Soshi ever turned up dressed to kill at a club in LA, they would definitely be worthy of more than a few "DAYUMS".

    As for overrated groups, I do dislike it whenever a raving fan proclaims Idol X to be God's gift to music. As a whole, I think idols are very professional entertainers who do a good job of providing highly enjoyable music to K-pop fans. I'll defend any idol whenever they get bashed, because I respect their professionalism, the same way I respect someone like Eminem's professionalism. Idols know what they do, they're delivering manufactured pop hits designed to appeal to a wide audience, and they do a damn good job of it (mostly). I hesitate to label any group overrated because there is a reason for their success or lack thereof.

    There ARE groups I think should be better exposed though. 8eight, even though they're not really idols. BGH to, their last two songs are pretty good, even though they're not good looking. Chi Chi has also redeemed themselves in my eyes with "Longer", but they're still considered dumpster idols.

  30. Underrated: Navi, Brown Eyed Girls.
    They have really good vocals but I don't think that many people know Navi.

    Overrated: SNSD. Only 5 in SNSD has beautiful vocals. And when I'm talking about SNSD is overrated I'm also talking about: Yoona is overrated. She can't sing that well and has a pretty face and can dance...


    UnderRATED: Dalmation, 2am, San-E, 8eight, singers that aren't idols I guess.

  32. ^


    I agree so fucking much! I'm not a big fan of SNSD but I think most of them are pretty darn gorgeous.

  33. Overrated : big bang,Gdragon,TOP,2nei,park bom,taeyang(usher wannabe)

    supreme team >>>>>>>> GD&TOP

    LOL YG is a sad and pathetic rip off of American music

    Underrated :Mad soul child,tom tom,davichi,4men

  34. 90% of all idol groups from the Big 3 are overrated or overexposed.

    Underrated ones would be the ones that have a niche market and have adequate talent.

  35. I smell a YG hater here~

  36. I think Infinite is underrated, every song they come out with basically and their non promoted songs are good. They have SOME fans but I think they deserve a lot more credit for their talent.

    I'm not even an anti-fan of 2ne1, I enjoy them but they are overrated. Although they also get a lot of hate as well, seems you either hate them or love them in most cases. I swap between hating and loving them constantly kind of like manically.

  37. underrated: miss a
    Is younha consider an idol? if yes, she's way underrated. so pretty and LOVE her voice.

    overrated: any idol group from SM(esp SNSD) and 2ne1.

  38. Underrated in terms of looks is Girl's Day by far, but only Sojin and Minah can sing. Hyeri and Yura are hotasses.

    Underrated in terms of popularity in relation to their vocal talent is probably 2AM. Why 2PM wins all the awards, and the more talented 2AM does not makes me dumbfounded.

    Overrated definitely is 2PM, 2NE1, and SNSD from pure laziness. 2PM has no vocal talent. 2NE1 can perform but they are just a Korean version of the BEP, and SNSD has been lazy (still catchy) starting a few years ago.

    Rainbow is also overlooked but their members don't seem to have much personality. The last two songs by Daishi sucked ballsacks. "A" and "Mach" were two damn good catchy songs though.

  39. 4men & Davichi are not underrated.

  40. what a shit article

    most of the retards here don't even know what underrated/overrated mean

  41. Ovarrated : 2NE1, Big Bang & any SME artist with the exception of BoA, Zhang Li Yin, DBSK & CSJH

    Underrated: 4MEN, Infinite, Eight

    i see a lot of you think Davichi is underrated. i still don't think Davichi is underrated maybe to us international fans. i used to think they are but apparently one of my friend who is stationed in Korea says they are PRETTY POPULAR in Korea so that changed my mind. he is also a fan of Davichi.

  42. BES is definitely underrated tho for a mainstream ballad group.

  43. Giant, 2AM is pretty popular not sure what you mean by that.

  44. @1:02

    Very, very well said. Pretty much summed up all of my thoughts into one post.

  45. There's probably no one as overrated as G-Dragon. Musical genius? Pft.

    I have to say ZE:A's Dongjun is underrated, but that is probably Kwanghee's fault. The guy can hit some high notes, dance pretty well, and is a darn good athlete yet he cant gain many fans because Kwanghee generates all that hate for them.

  46. 1) snsd - sones , SUJU . for obvious reasons
    2) ss501, very underrated and their fandom is pretty decent as well

  47. Ali and TOM TOM.

    Super underrated.

  48. Most underrated: Infinite
    Most Overrated: 2NE1 and BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Blackjack fighting!!!!!

    2ne1 rules

    F da haterz

  50. ^A moronic BlackJack has appeared!

  51. Overrated: Big Bang. Except Daesung, he's cool. ^__^ and f(x). It's kinda funny, because I'm completely supportive of YGgirls but I hate most of their guys.

    Underrated: Navi! Younha! D:

  52. Underrated: Most non-idols actually.
    Overrated: f(x), Shinee. and YES SNSD #1

  53. Underrated : Sistar,Miss A
    Overrated : any YG groups

  54. ^ How is Miss A underrated? lol..

  55. Overrated: SNSD, Shinee, f(x), most male idols groups
    Underrated: Infinite, Sistar, all non-idols

  56. underrated=BEG
    overrated=all of YG

  57. ^ i'd say Gummy is pretty underrated. she has amazing vocals but gets overshadowed by the others in YG. and i definitely agree with BEG being underrated. Infinite should have more attention than they're getting , as well.

  58. not just Infinite , actually. i'd say Woollim Entertainment artists (Epik High , Jisun) should all have more popularity than they do.

  59. I don't know about the situation in Korea.
    1) Overrated: SNSD. Tyvm.
    2) Underrated: Davichi, As One.

  60. Anon 9:55AM and mynameisnotsuzy...of course you heard Second.

    Proves my point that BEG is underrated. Jea's vocals own all those overrated girl groups' singers.

  61. 2. Most Overrated: Miss Fking gAy. Seriously. You can't get more overrated.

  62. underrated: piggy dolls BEG


  63. Overrated: SNSD, specially Tayeon and Hyoyeon's talent. The best singer and best dancer in kpop my ass, lmao.

    Underrated: Piggy Dolls, BEG, Davichi, etc.

  64. I don't think that SHINee is overrated~~~


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