Monday, July 25, 2011

Super Junior reveals Yesung’s teaser photo

Being that apparently here at AKF we are the new Super Junior, most of us were given the option of choosing who we wanted to be as our equivalent. If I remember correctly, Anti Kpop-Fangirl is Leeteuk, davidfresh is Shindong, and Suckmydee is Siwon.

Personally, I wanted Eunhyuk. But someone *cough* mynameisnotsuzy *cough cough* else also wanted to be the wonderful boy he is, so I became my second pick, Yesung. Which is still just as awesome being that he has a beautiful and angelic voice and, for the most part, a cute baby face.

But then I saw this teaser photo and never have I been so embarrassed. I do not believe at any point is a pink leopard print shirt ever in order for any man. And what poor roadkill did SM Entertainment adorn your neck with? It matches perfectly with your sleezy gold chains, I may add. Secretly though I do kind of like that hat (if it were maybe a different colour). BUTIDIDN'TSAYTHAT.

Some choice comments about this teaser photo include:

- everyone is ruining my bias list everytime they unveil their imageteaser! and now its yesung oppa's turn! it was such a FBULOUS teaser. perfect all the way ^^
Perfect? Wtf. If that is your definition of perfection, then I sure as hell do not want to see what looks terrible to you.

- Whaaa~ Yesung looks so...manly! :O This concept is making me really happy so far! :D
... Manly? Really? Is that the only adjective you could think of? Because that was not on my list of words to describe this crime...

Words cannot express how I feel right now. I think I'm having a pseudo-identity crisis. What the balls is wrong with so many of you delusional ELFs...?


  1. Heh n_______n

    My first thought was gay 50's mobster, my second thought was Fred Flintstone in pink, and my third thought was that he's a watermelon. What's not to love about this ~amazing~ comeback?

  2. god....i never realized that super junior fans can rival 2ne1's fans in delusion.

    articles are getting 10k comments like 2ne1...on akp

    i'm gonna hate the start of this august...god hope some other band puts out surprising numbers

    have to deny them an award....god help us all

  3. Suju's comeback = Brazilian Carnival on Crack gone wrong.. or right? depends how you look at it lol

  4. lol so many articles featuring SuJu teaser pics.

    and damn..i didn't know we were ALSO picking members for ourselves. I pick Heechul since we both have people questioning our sexuality. I can appreciate a hot chick...and heechul just likes dick (rhyme!).

  5. @8:45

    Actually not all of the comments are things like "OPPAR SO GREAT" and all that. Most of them are "wtf is this concept" so there's not as much delusion as you think. I still think 2NE1 stans get the award for delusion.

  6. Absurdity taken to the whole new level you got there.... is that suppose to be fashionable and hot? look even trashy than Keisha

  7. if the concept is what people are saying it is then i think it's awesome.

    i mean i do think that the outfits are... lawl worthy, but SJ is a hallyu group.

    that being said, the concept of them each representing a different country is awesome. As an international fan i feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking how SJ is looking towards their international audience so deeply in this comeback.

    that being said, i don't think they will be wearing these outfits, because for one, Leeteuk doesn't even have that hair cut, and a lot seem to difficult for stage.

    they're just concept images, and i think what they represent is awesome. might be ugly as hell clothes, but the fact that their reaching out to international fans is pure <3<3<3<3

  8. @mynameisnotsuzy i agree 2ne1 stans forever delusional!!
    "the concept of them each representing a different country"
    say you are joking,which countries are they representing? Gay middle earth...?

    As offensive as these teasers have been,im starting to like this "homothug" theme that they are going for haha.And Yesung is ma bo and that voice is just perfect but this shit is just funny.Can we please have a Siwon teaser post please,i know his is going to kick some serious ass!!!

  9. @11:31 As umm.. clever you sound o.o gotta actually use your brain a bit ;]

    The shirt: pink panther ---> France

    The cape: colors of the french flag.

    the hat ---> one used to represent the three musketeers ----> FRENCH

    fur Scarf --> places where it boomed includes france and holland----> FRANCE.

    not saying you have to like the clothing. cuz i also think it's ugly as hell. but i also think it's clever.

    and that maybe before ignoring a comment you should try to understand it instead of simply blowing it off because of your own ideas.

  10. After seeing Leeteuk and Eunhyuk` teasers I started to get worried for Yesung, so when the picture came up,I was more like "phew~" (see the effects of brainwashing?! )

    I`m glad they didn`t mess up with he`s face (or half of it seen) and his hair, but the clothes ... sigh ...are HORROR! animal print on PINK background,fur, all colors of the rainbow on one outfit? is just too much even for kpop.

    Till now, I think Donghae was "tortured" the less, lucky bastard! ^_^

  11. Super Junior's comeback song is going to be a Korean version of "YMCA" or "Every Woman", judging by the looks of their teasers.

    Or some awful male version of an f(x) song. :/

    I wonder if Kangin can see these pictures in the army. If he can, he's probably thinking, "I'm so glad I assaulted someone and got shipped off to the army for a couple years because I'd rather be known as a dude with anger issues than a not-in-the-closet-anymore SM cocksucker."

  12. Fuck, Shindongs teaser is so hot, he is the only one who doesn't look gay.

  13. I need a fucking nap... I can't with these teaser pics...

  14. i sêe christopherstreetday in Berlin LOL


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