Monday, July 25, 2011


After School - BANG! (Japanese Version) [PV]

Words cannot express how sad I am that After School chose BANG! for their Japanese debut. Why not Because of You or even Shampoo? Tap dancing would have been equally as awesome as drumming. Or if they really wanted to keep to their original Pussy Cat Dolls concept, AH! would have been nice.

But clearly, they need Bekah more than they thought. Pledis, you dumbass. Kahi's rapping is usually fine (or even borderline good). And I love Kahi so damn much, but this... this was just wrong. Please do not try to rap in English or Japanese anymore. Ever. That goes to you too, Lizzy.

But I must admit, they were as sexy as ever. Nana, why are you so beautiful? They really made the girls look gorgeous, so I will give them that. The entire video was more like an elongated photoshoot. In motion.

Overall the music video was not bad per se. I mean, there was not much going on much like the Korean version, so there was not any major losses. But that also means there is not much to pick on. The main difference is that the Korean version had children inappropriately showing their stomachs and had the bridge filmed on a soccer field. The Japanese PV on the other hand was all done with dancing and drumming in their various outfits (of the same thing in just different colours [that's right. I spell colours with a U because that's how it's done in Canada). Music wise, they changed the instrumentals ever so slightly for the Japanese version and (thankfully) took out the atrocious Engrish as the beginning. The song did not sound terrible in Japanese as most translated-from-Korean songs do, and they did not throw in insane amounts of English to substitute for an inability to pronounce Japanese (as though their English pronunciation was any better). I'm looking at you Big Bang and 2NE1.

By far my favourite part of this entire PV though was when they changed JungAh's koom koom koom to dong dong dong.

Because everything is better with a dong inside.


  1. original was better. Meaning both the vid and the song.

    meh, it sounds so strange. Their japanese is a bit off. bleh

  2. I would use my 'dong' to "Bang!" them so hard

  3. dong dong dong? why didn't she just say "BOOM BOOM BOOM"? sounds closer to koom

  4. Like how they spiced up the actual music instead of making it exactly the same but ugh, that intro was too long for me and the engrish was ugh! i thought their were like 2 or 3 who spoke english well?

  5. the loss of the kids from the original MV made this AWESOME

  6. Kahi's Engrish rap rates one Hyuna Booty Shake out of five on the Cube Engrish Scale.

  7. And I thought I was the only weird one who spells colour with a 'u' ;__________;
    Seems like Asians and Canadians aren't that much different in terms of measurements and spelling. Random rant. But the 'dong dong dong' really sound kinda weird to me. Especially when I noticed her emphasizing the 'd' part into a 'dd'. And 'ddong' does mean sh*t in hangul. LOL.
    Loved the article. :D

  8. I lol'ed when I heard "Dong, dong, dong!"

  9. "[that's right. I spell colours with a U because that's how it's done in Canada)"

    FUCK YES!!! Long live the Queens English,I think Americans are the only ones who spell colour as color.

  10. @randomuser: haha I happen to be a Canadian Asian. And thankies <3

    @liley: lol <3 Where are you from? [if you don't mind me asking a fellow author =D]

  11. This MV is a lot better than the korean version but the song transcended to japanese sounds weird, Kahi's rap in japanese sounds horrible or maybe is it that Bekah does it better than her? so the song in korean is better.
    Jungah's "dong dong dong" was so cringe-worthy, it sounds a lot better in korean.
    but I believe this is one of the better music videos that was remade (not the song though).

  12. Damn... They need Bekah for this... This sounds okay... It's not unbearable like some other Japanese debuts but, it's not great either... They really should've done "Because of You"...
    Still... For me, Kahi makes this vid worth my viewing.


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