Thursday, July 21, 2011

2NE1 = Korean Gorillaz?

A little background information about the Gorillaz.

"Gorillaz is a British musical project created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. This project consists of the Gorillaz music itself and an extensive fictional universe depicting a "virtual band" of cartoon characters. This band is composed of four animated members"

~from Wikipedia

Anyways the new music video "Hate You" by 2ne1 is all animated and turns the 4 members of 2ne1 into cartoons. It just really reminded me of the Gorillaz.

At this point they could still continue 2ne1 without the actual members since they seem to rarely sing anymore and autotune everything. They could also just continue to animate the 4 members in new music videos which would be a positive thing for everyone's eyes. The creepy animated 2ne1 is better to look at then real life 2ne1 for sure...

The only difference is that the Gorillaz's music is actually good...


  1. lmfao. Man, this is your best article in months.

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  3. How could you say this about my fav kpop group and THE BEST (NEGA CHE CHALAGA...or however you spell it) Kpop group out there.

    love cl
    love bommie FIGHTING!
    LOVE Dara especially cute in 2ne1tv
    Minzy is a little fart...jk I like her too.

    Also, eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh this article suxxxssss.


    But honestly I love 2ne1 but this mv did suck. Still can't wait for the new video coming out.

    Also, I would sexy up all the gals of 2ne1 and never feel ashamed about it. They are hot like FIIIIIRE (FYYAHH)!

    2ne1 Farting! I mean, FIGHTING!

  4. and people praise 2ne1 for their "originality". people should shove this video up those diehard BJs asses.

  5. @bassfreak

    They are original. Haters gonna hate! And superior to all KPOP GROUPS!

    That's just my opinion though.

    Damn, I think I'm the only BJ up in here. LOL BJ!

  6. lol btw gorillaz live performance is very good
    dont ever compare them with 2ne1 :))


  8. actually a lot of blackjacks refer to Daft Punk similarities co'z ppl think Daft Punk came out first with anime type of mv but of course there's also Gorillaz and no bj's never stated owning the concept they're not the first but i guess first girl group in korea that released this kind of mv.

  9. Oh jeez I thought you were straight up calling them gorillas for a sec

  10. Always disliked the Gorillaz.

    Not that 2NE1 is musically outstanding, butchaknow.

  11. i don't know what i should dislike more at the moment....gorillaz or 2ne1....why don't they both go to hell?

    seriously, gorillaz; we know 2ne1 copied crap...but to praise another crappy group is just equally as awful

  12. SNSD has been copying Japanese idols concepts for quite some time now, yet no one has ever complained about that. From cheerleaders to Marines, delusional fans swear on their life that they did it first and bash other groups who attempt to imitate it.

  13. Gorillaz? Now i f***ks with them all day everyday and even putting 2NE1's name in the same sentence as them is quit insulting....

  14. @ anon 8:51

    yes because clearly cheerleader concepts havent been done since japan started
    to but I will agree on the marine one.
    Beppin and snsd's marine concept were similar but different in a lot of ways.

  15. dont put the gorillaz in the same sentence as 2ne1!!

    I bet you in the near future YG will disband 2ne1 and a computer will take over the singing for them.

  16. @8:51 No one's complaining because they did it 10 times better. SMH at you calling it "Japanese concepts" . . . fuck people are dumb

    @OP You could consider 2NE1 Korea's Gorillaz, just a shitty version lol

  17. Just because they did one animated mv you say they copied gorillaz? That's ... Stupid.
    Anime is in the asian culture.
    And you can shit on 2ne1 but the mv was mari kim's and was really good ^_^

    Saying it's shit because it's 2ne1 is pointless in any way.

  18. @PiouPiou

    No I didn't say they were copying the Gorillaz. I said "It just really reminded me of the Gorillaz." and then I continue to joke about how they could become something like the Gorillaz.

    I also never said anything about the song or MV sucking because quite frankly I like the song and the MV isn't half bad.

  19. ^
    'Anime is in the asian culture' LOL

    Anime is a japanese culture!!

  20. ^
    yeah but korean ripped that off with manhwa :P

    this isn't anime style anyway. because the art style isn't similar to anime. especially the way they draw the eyes bug me with all that texture in the iris.

  21. Er... except Gorillaz are original and awesome. And 2NE1 are... manufactured kpop idols. Gahhh I'm so thrown off by this post and the comparison even though it's made in jest, must go play Demon Days on repeat to cleanse my mind.

  22. is not like gorilla or 2NE1 are the first ones to use animation on their music videos.

  23. @Antidelusionalkpopfanism

    I wasn't aiming at you, your article is relevant & funny =)
    More at some shithead that commented xD


    Anime comes from Japan, BUT, it spread everywhere in Asia, that's what I meant :)

  24. @PiouPiou ok that makes more sense now -_-

  25. the only unpleasing girls to look at is Bom because it hurts my soul and CL at bad angles

    other than that Minzy makes me feel like a pedofile in the best way possible and Dara has a nice face so it works for me

  26. no no no they copied not only gorillaz(rulez) they also copy kat deluna on fire, benie man on lonely, brithney spears(the slut one^^) on dis video, and etc ... (yodaime)

  27. Well, I'd say that 2NE1 and Gorillaz are good in their own right. ^-^

  28. what the hel is wrong with this blogger? yeah. im referring to you BITCH. how could you ridicule their music? they are one of korea's most amazing girl groups. probably the best with cl at their lead. if their music is not your style then kindly SHUT UP.

  29. i will take Gorillaz over 2ne1 any day

  30. CL Smooth is way better than CL

  31. Look, just because you dont like kpop doesnt mean you set up a blog like this and criticise them.Shouldnt we be proud that finally the asian has its own worldwide recognised music industry? It gives Asians a chance to prove ourselves to the world. Even i dont really like kpop but i dont criticise them. So im not calling you bad names or anything. Just change yourself to see what it really is all about


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