Monday, July 18, 2011

Fanboys in K-pop, obnoxious or rational? Worse than fangirls or a lot better? Have your say!

So I've noticed over some time that we've been receiving several complaints from readers about how this blog often comes across as sexist and misogynistic and how some readers would like to see some articles that point fingers at fanboys for a change...and hysterically some have even thought of launching a sister blog called 'Anti Kpop-Fanboy'!

Just a backdrop.

This blog was initially started by antikpopfangirl the author after I had a conversation with him about how fangirls in general suck the fun out of the K-pop experience (just a general observation at that point) and how I wished if he started a blog about it since he was planning on leaving the 6theory forums once he got banned for posting porn. Although at that point nothing was set in stone since I didn't know if he would take my request seriously.

Now that the blog's somewhat established, I or any other author for that matter have no qualms about writing   on the topic of fanboys, it's just that there isn't enough material. So I browsing through some blogs checking out how others felt about this issue and I  stumbled upon this one entry on a blog...

'' ...there is nothing more evil than the blight fangirls bring upon us Internet users each day. I know what you're thinking to yourself, "But Doom! How can fangirls possibly be more annoying than fanboys?! Fanboys are an abortion of society, with no positive attributes except for their tendency to be easy targets for mockery!". Yes, it is true that fanboys are annoying as hell, but they do not compare at all to the horrors fangirls inflict upon the Internet community each day. You just think they do because fanboys are more numerous in number. Remember, quality, not quantity. 1 fangirl has the chances of pissing off people at the rate and intensity of 100 fanboys combined.''

Although this quote is arguably exaggerated it does indeed have some truth to it.

From my general observation, judging by the demographics if there was any lol most K-pop forums/blogs/fansites are comprised of underage fangirls.

Now, underage fangirl + raging hormones = chaos.

You get a whole legion of Internet warriors surfacing when one's bias is criticized or when people fall for trollbait. Although I could carry out a full scale psychological investigation to test out my hypothesis I wouldn't be surprised to see a positive correlation.

Anyways, I'll have my say on fanboys.

Dear fanboys,
                     I don't mind you guys in general since you do show some level of rationality (can be debatable) but when it comes to a proper discussion regarding your female bias(es) from the following categories : groups/soloists/actresses please do use your brain and not your dick instead and the whole 'PMS' comeback you guys use is starting to get quite redundant tbqh. Plus the dude who almost tried to assault Taeyeon...yikes.


(rofl  it translates to sincerely suck my dick  see what I did there?)

Now it's your turn fangirls, vent it all out yo.
(Fanboys may defend themselves)


  1. Ok for the actual comment.
    Really the only arguement that we can use against fanboys is this
    "a proper discussion regarding your female bias(es) from the following categories : groups/soloists/actresses please do use your brain and not your dick"

    And most fanboys are sensible,most not all.
    Fangirls are a special group of people.They can take the slightest non-complimentary comment about their bias the wrong way and threaten your life,call you ugly and jealous and fat and...and...

  2. The guy that assaulted Taeyeon was a wacko ._. But at least he had the guts to do something besides attacking people who criticize his bias(es). A little psychotic, yeah, but, eh, what can you do?

    Anyways, I think most fanboys are too busy fapping to really be as crazy as fangirls...which means too relaxed to care about fan wars :) just generalizing here. There are a few gems out there.

  3. so.... do you have a laptop in the kitchen or something?

  4. i have a fanboy on my twitter who thinks Dara is the 2nd best singer in 2NE1. "her voice is so soft and smooth and soothing".


  5. If there were just as many fanboys as there are fangirls, I think it would be easy to say that they're all equally crazy. There aren't many fanboys out there, though, and the ones that do exist (that I've seen) try to kidnap SNSD members, have worse attitudes than women who PMS like a bitch, and are quite vulgar.

    Fangirls are usually really young and stupid and they tend to mature once they realize they're being irrational. Fanboys don't change. They tend to form their opinions and stick to them without giving a fuck.

    I wish there were more fanboys out there so that this could be a more accurate debate.

  6. If I never used my dick, I'd never like kpop. Everything I like has to do with me wanting to bang the girls/girl who is singing it in their sexy outfits.

    There is no looking back.

  7. How do I apply to write for this blog?

  8. I think during a Dream Concert a couple of years ago....some male sones raped e.l.f.s? :S

  9. Somebody's son raped an elf? Santa WILL NOT approve of this fuckery! I TELLS YOU!

  10. >fapping to kpop


  11. i think fanboys can be just as bad, it's just that there's less of them, at least internationally.
    i have a feeling it's the opposite in Asia/Korea, if you can judge by the popularity and amount of girl idol groups.

    it's not about being boys or girls; if you're annoying you're annoying.

  12. I've met plenty of extremely stupid and obnoxious fanboys. Some of them take insults to their idols just as personally as the fangirls do.

  13. Rationality? Brain? MADNESS!

    I like Sunny, all rationality is now gone.

  14. It isn't sexist to think someone is sexy and want to have sex with them. I think you will find that while fanboys talk about those two things a lot, they will also be quite realistic about the quality of their idols as people.

    Do I want to sex up Jiyoung? Yes. Do I want her to be my girlfriend? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's not because I view her as an object, but quite the opposite. She's really immature and I'm sure she would annoy me. Someone like Hyosung seems much more mature and interesting as a person.

    Girls don't seem to understand that sex and relationship can be different realms of desire, which is why they see male idols and simultaneously get out-of-their-minds-horny, possessive, and worshipful of them.

    It's like all their feelings have to match how horny they are, so when they see fanboys having a certain detachment despite being very attracted to female idols, they immediately assume it is because the fanboys recognize no other qualities in them, which simply isn't true.

  15. ^ I may fap to Sulli, but dammit I know we will never ever be together. I will just have to settle for fapping near my computer screen to the HOT SUMMER MV with the shades down.

  16. Yeah, I know I'll never be able to blow a load in Soyeon's mouth, so I just drew this picture.

  17. well, there's not much arguing going on (i'm suprised). ppl are just stating writing a post and bailing.

    as for all this shiz. i'm a fangirl. yes, i said it. i'm a girl and a fan of kpop groups (both girl and boy). i hate the word fangirl, it feels so...dirty, HA! i've been posting on this blog for like, what, a month or two? not long, but from those that read my posts, i'm not delusional. i'm pretty chill with everything. fuck, i'm 20 already and past my days of "OMG!! HE'S SO HAWT I WANT HIS BABIES BITCH GET OFF HIM!" (i was a dbsk fan when i was 14...yeah, i've been to the dark side!). but it seems like fangirls that are in their 20s and older seem the most...relaxed. I've had whole fucking kpop groups that i stopped liking because their ENTIRE fandom was underage and stupid (example: did you know the head admin of shinee's forum when was 14 FUCKING YEARS OLD when shinee came out? yeah, and the bitch acted her age). But i don't get the chance to see stupid fanboys as much because...i'm never in the same fandom with them. like, the places you'd see these fanboys are in the big girl group fandoms (2ne1, snsd, kara, t-ara, etc) but the only girl group fandom i'm in TOTALLY is wonder girls and our boys are awesome, and plus our girls are MOSTLY sane.

    So, basically in a nut shell, i don't have much to say on fanboys (though i've heard instances) but i know for sure there are alot of sane fangirls as well

  18. "a proper discussion regarding your female bias(es) from the following categories : groups/soloists/actresses please do use your brain and not your dick"

    why do i find it funny that this is beeing said by an akp-author....

    i mean i love you guys but irony much.

  19. We have different authors and yes the male authors on here have a tendency of thinking that way at times. *coughDavid/Charlescough*

  20. ^i know i have been thinking of puting that quotation on david's latest article...

  21. Hey, hey, HEY.

    you may continue.

  22. All I can say is that I feel sorry for those unfortunate males who end up in relationships with those passive-aggressive sexually frustrated girls.

  23. I am a Girl's Day fanboy and I think of different ways to fuck Yura every day.

    I KID, I KEEEEED.. But holy shit, Yura is hot. They need make Hyeri stop trying to sing because she can't do it for shit. Minah resident troll with annoying forced aegyo but damn she can sing.

  24. The deal with fanboys and fangirls is this.

    Say an idol is caught mingling with the opposite sex, be it on stage, on a variety show or whatever.

    A typical fanboy response would be:


    A typical fangirl response would be closer to:


    Now in all fairness, both responses would most likely be just a joke. Theres no way either would be entirely serious. But even at the level of a joke, the fangirl is clearly at a different level from the fanboy. The way I see it, even though fanboys can be just as STUPID, in their stupidity, they'll rarely ever go as flat out crazy delusional insane as a fangirl.

  25. It's actually more of the differences between males and females.

    Females are more emotional than that of males. They have PMS, and experience a whole shit load of mood swings ALL THE TIME which I guess, explains how fangirls usually overreact. Not to mention, majority of fangirls are young. Hell, they're immature.

    Fangirls consider their idols like properties and associate them with perfection. Fanboys?As long as their favorite idol keeps dancing in frilly mini skirts. They have someone to jack off too. They're pretty much contented.

  26. I get it, you wanna fuck female idols, but fanboys try and keep that to yourselves. Fap in silence.

  27. Don't see too many vocal fanboys many places besides here. I like it. Fanboys and fangirls are both horny and can get stannish about their biases, but fanboys are much more honest and direct about it, generally speaking. I feel like fangirls are a lot more repressed and careful with things they say cuz they don't want to get jumped on by other fangirls, and that leads to higher probability of developing twisted and catty tendencies. Imo. While fanboys are generally united in their open fapping tendencies, and don't seem to care (as) much if other fanboys do or don't fap to the same girls they do.

    Also, fanboys seem to be able to have objective opinions on idols they fap to, unlike fangirls who have to believe that everything about the idol they fap to is perfect and godly. Generally speaking. I guess I'm comparing extreme fangirls to general fanboys, so none of this is really a fair comparison, but it's just that there are so MANY extreme fangirls... and I haven't really come across any extreme fanboys yet.

  28. I think fanboys are more rational than fangirls, because fanboys can get angry, jack off and blow a load and be to tired to give a fuck.

    But i do remember saying on a youtube video of kara,(my bias is kara) and it was a the mv for wanna, and i said that nicole look way better with long hair than short, and about 15 fangirls told me to shut the fuck up, and if i dont like kara i should just go die, 1 fanboy said to me, i think she looks better with short hair tbh... yeah
    I can be a cunt though when i feel like Kara is being bashed, i oncer got into an argument with a t-ara stan because he compared qri to gyuri and said qri was a better singer, i put her in her place.

  29. I agree, i think most guys will keep to themselves and not give a fuck most of the time and when they do get into fights they're more rational when compared to fangirls. Imo.

  30. @J.K Doogarn I'm a bigger T-ara stan than I am a Kara stan but I would have fought along side with you. Qri is one of the ten weakest idol singers in history.

  31. Fanboys of K-pop are slowly becoming like their female counterparts in the departments of stupidity and imbecility.

  32. ^ What is this fuckery of a statement? Mind providing us with examples?

  33. Very well.
    The best example of this phenomenon is the Sone-Blackjack fanwar.
    Many male Sones and Blackjacks are exhibiting stupidity in the ongoing Sone-Blackjack fanwar. Instead of giving rational attacks and defenses, they resort to ad hominems.

  34. SONEs and Male Blackjacks are the worst in the KPop fandom for me... I'm a female fan and I do agree that yes, women and girls are fucking crazy. I should know, I am one. However, I will take every ELF, VIP, Cassie, and SHAWOL before I take SONEs and Blackjacks. They are crazy enough for four FCs... Fucking crazy... Each gender of those two FCs are crazy enough but, put them bitches together and you have fucking WWIII.

  35. i respect kpop artists because even they are lacking in talent, at least they try hard enough to debut whether they try to make their vocal and dancing ability become better or just go for plastic surgery.
    for this fanboy stuff, at least fanboy you guys are talking about is a fan BOY who likes to watch GIRL band whatever the reason. that's normal, even if they love any lacking girl band you can think. that is so normal.

    what if there is fanBOY who loves BOYband?
    i heard there are some fanboys for DBSK (yes, i still listen to them). it's okay if they act normal and they love dbsk because of the song or performance. once they tweet saying dbsk oppa is cute blah-blah-blah and become defended whenever dbsk's bad news come out, that's surely making me BLAAAAAAH -___-

    sorry for rambling haha


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