Sunday, July 31, 2011

Krystal is amazing

"Krystal is a bitch."

Maybe she is. However, the only people I have heard claiming this to be true are fangirls who don't know her and get all of their news from allkpop. They wrote an article a while back about her attitude towards her skating instructor. It claimed that she "rudely" stated that her trainer basically did not know what he was doing. I had not seen the article, I just saw a friend tweet something along the lines of "This is why I hate f(x), they're a group of rude bitches." They also said that their songs suck but that's irrelevant and a matter of preference. I read the article and then asked my friend if they had even watched the video. They refused to watch it and see that Krystal had actually said it very lightheartedly. They also refused to believe that the article had been biased and that Krystal had actually said that her trainer was not trained in couples skating, which made things difficult.

Sure, her trainer is older than her and in Korea it is not exactly proper for her to say anything against him. That doesn't excuse the tons of Americans I have seen, who go against their elders all of the time, bashing her just because they are too convinced by what everyone else says, without seeing things for themselves.

Krystal is a bitch and that's that. No one ever actually tries to get to know her a little through watching her on shows, everyone simply assumes that what they hear is true. They see her make one face that they do not like and she's instantly a rude bitch.

Krystal works her ass off. Have you seen her skate? She learned to do that in only a few months. That is not easy to do. She had to learn performances while promoting. She had to learn new dances and songs, practice them, then go off and learn a whole new skating routine. She has been getting some amazingly high scores considering she did not even know how to skate before she started on this show.

Krystal is a young girl who grew up in the entertainment industry. Maybe that has made her a little bitchy. However I have never actually seen anything that could prove this. All I see is a beautiful young girl who works hard and is not appreciated enough for all that she does. And no, saying that she is pretty and has a hot body is not what I mean by appreciating her.

Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion. This is just mine.


  1. I was done with her when she said on fx Koala, "I told Luna she looked African and I was surprised because she wasn't offended."

    And I'm sure those CF staff people weren't just making up stories when they pretty much called her and Sulli assholes to work with on Twitter.

    So what? She works very hard and has learned to become charming. She's smart for working on her image. Doesn't mean she's not a bitch underneath.

    1. You're such a liar, Krystal never said that in f(x) Koala and Krystal is really friendly with her unnies staff since ever. Like this same unnies staff work with her since her debut and they just say good thing aboud Krystal. Many people said that this supposed staff twitter accound were false (trolls twitter).
      I'm amazed kids are ignorant enough to believe anything that a anon said.

  2. "I was done with her when she said on fx Koala, 'I told Luna she looked African and I was surprised because she wasn't offended.'"

    She never said that on Koala.

    "And I'm sure those CF staff people weren't just making up stories when they pretty much called her and Sulli assholes to work with on Twitter."

    And you're so sure that they were telling the truth?

  3. if she wasn't pretty i'm pretty sure you would be hating on her


    Starting at 3:30

    They were not trying to be offensive. And I don't see why people are hating on just Krystal for it. I'm surprised people are even hating on her at all.

    I know that in their other show where they went to Africa (the name of the show escapes me) she said something like "I told Luna that she could blend in with the African people because of her dark skin and she was really happy."

    ...I don't get it. What is she saying that's so wrong?

    I'm really not one to judge off of looks to be honest.

  5. i don't really follow krystal or how i pronounce her name: "cristal." i do like f(x) for sulli and luna....and maybe victoria when she flexes.

    but the one time i saw her in action was that article that said that she refused to do what the trainer had asked her to do.

    she acted as a bitch at first, but obviously she was flirting with the guy. but you can tell she is a little more arrogant than most female kpop idols.

    doesn't mean there's a problem with it; at least she acts real...unlike 99% of girls in kpop groups who show off that fake aeygo.

  6. A lot of things Kpop female fans that they hold against female artists are often false. In this case, the Luna/African thing, Krystal and her instructor, Taeyeon and the 'My black friend is pretty' issue.

    It's obviously just pure sexism again. Seungri said something about seeing a black person on a bus and how he thought he was going to be killed, but fangirls attacked Taeyeon for her nonexistent comment. There's also Leeteuk calling Suzy fat, but that got no attention. Sulli's diary entry, however, was paid extraordinary attention, even when she wrote it when she was NINE. Shindong and the fat girls issue too.

    Kpop fangirls are really intent on destroying female Kpop acts for some reason.

  7. I hate how everyone calls her a bitch.

    She's got that bitchface, just like Sica, and neither of them are actual bitches.

    People don't seem to respect the effort she puts in Kiss and Cry, to the point of fainting, or the fact that she consistently pulls off good performances on it.

  8. I agree she can be rude. I don't like her that much. But how hard she works and how talented she is, I'm sure she is going to win on kiss and cry.

    @ 8.04 you're right.

  9. @8:04

    Who else but k-pop fangirls would be in these anti-(whatever) forums and groups? I find it hard to believe that groups of guys would be in these anti groups that are hell bent on destroying certain groups like *STAND*

    It takes just one comment for all these "fans" to say: Now I lost all respect I had for ____. I hate them! They're so rude!

  10. I wrote the original comment about Krystal and the "African" comment. My apologies since I clearly saw an incorrect translation.

    BTW, Leeteuk and Seungri (can't stand both of them) have received backlash for their comments.

    This had nothing to do with "being pretty" on my part so don't use that easy cop out. But, again, my apologies for spreading false information. I relied upon someone else's translation which was incorrect.

  11. I love krystal because she's a b i t c h.

    or not.

    i just love her 'cause she got attitude.


  12. I actually wish there were a hell of a lot more idols like her tbh because even if people don't like her at least she's genuine and you know what she's about. I'd take that any day over some girl who is only smiles because a camera is on her face tbh.

  13. What a slutty BITCH!

    Still superior to Jessica.

    but a wicked wannabe virgin bitch

  14. it's funny how when a guy has a "bitchy" image (Key, for instance), everyone loves it and just says he's speaking his mind. but when a girl does it she's a slut with no talent. double standards.

    also it annoys me when they call anyone a bitch for not respecting their elders when they don't even do it. and they just say "yeah, well in Korea you're supposed to" so? that's another double standard. if they should respect their elders, so should your fangirl ass.

  15. Krystal is fucking amazing. I don't understand all the hate on her.

  16. Uh I was expecting this blog typical nonsensical but funny bashing... instead I got 6theory typical *stan/defend your bias here*

    "Of course, you are entitled to your own opinion. This is just mine."

    Girl, if you're trying to stand up for what you believe in, don't say this BEFORE the shitstorm even happens. Be FIERCE! <- hate this word.

  17. OH Antikpopfangirl website how your quality of authors has decreased.

    Might as well call this 6theory 2.0 because you all still stan the suckiest/most untalented groups. [ie. Super junior, SNSD, and 2NE1(dara&CL)]

  18. Krystal is alright.

    I wouldn't call her "amazing" though.

  19. LOL, sounds like something a defensive stan would write on soompi or 6theory XD

  20. I don't care if Krystal is bitchy or not, f(x) still sucks.


    more seriously, I truly hope you're trolling cuz eventhough I don't give a fuck about Krystal's attitude (she can be a bitch for all I care, at least she is hot), this article is the epitome of a typical fangirl/fanboy(?)'s rant about her/his bias.

    "All I see is a beautiful young girl who works hard and is not appreciated enough for all that she does." --> The heck ? Isn't this site supposed to be "Where delusion meets realism" ?

  22. Dark skin is not widely appreciated in Korea --for Koreans to have--

    Their cultural concept of "ideal" beauty involves fair, milky-white skin. She wasn't saying it is bad for -anyone- to have dark skin, but Koreans have built an ethnic identity of being a fair-skinned people, so usually a Korean girl doesn't want you mentioning it if she has dark skin. Korea also isn't the only place in the world like this. There are many, many countries where lighter skin is viewed as ideal, for whatever reason.

    In a similar manner, sometimes Koreans will sound racist when mentioning the beauty of other races. It isn't that they are viewing some other race as an "ugly" race and they are counting the attractive person as a rare exception, but that their looks are -so- different from what they are raised to appreciate, and yet they still find them attractive. There is a novel feeling of surprise and wonder to it, something worth mentioning.

    Think of it as being raised on white rice. You love it, and if it is not really white but starting to color, that means it was cooked too long and it isn't good. Then one day someone gives you brown rice and you are surprised because it is dark, but delicious. It isn't overcooked white rice, it is something entirely new, something where being dark is okay. That is what it is like. It's difficult for people raised in a multicultural country with various different concepts of beauty to understand.

    Though, come to think of it, maybe if you saw an Asian girl and you're like "I don't get it, she has really small tits and no ass, but she's so fucking hot!" then that is similar.

  23. wow. Antikpopfangirl has SERIOUSLY gone down hill. These new authors are making this site like 6theory. Why did you hire them? At least why did you hire THIS ONE!? Bring back the old blog. Keep the *serious.myidolisawesome* posts outta here.

  24. This kind of goes along with ajusshi's post. Yeah, as a black person, some of the ignorance korean idols/public figures say towards black people makes me mad (since i'm a fan of their entertainment). BUT! I have to understand where they're coming from. A country that is almost homogeneous in race will of course act or say things in a different manner when presented some one "out of the norm". But that doesn't mean they're TRYING to be mean.

    As for Krystal. I don't really give a shit because I don't know her or follow her so my opinion is pretty much just "meh". But people say Sohee has a bitch face/attitude so I know how it is when people wrongly accuse. Though for all we know they COULD be bitches when the camera turns off :P.

  25. i still think shes a rude ass bitch. not changing my opinion anytime soon.

  26. never understood why people think she's a rude bitch. is it because she has her sister's bitch face? is it because she makes blunt jokes? i'll never know

  27. @ 11:42
    Since when was this blog about praising "talented" groups? You shouldn't be upset because your favorite groups are flopping. This blog has been about fangirls and always will be.

  28. I dont really care all these crap other people say about her being a bitch. One of the things I like the most about Krystal and her sister is their bitchface LOL Not everyone can pull it off.

    And seriously, I find her straight-forward jokes [often seen as rude and bitchy by stupid fangirls] much better than other fake ass female idols who keep trying hard with their fake cutesy

  29. I will admit, I was one to call her a bitch before really looking into her or at least to the sources of where she prtrays herself as one.

    But when I saw Dream Team(?) and how hard she worked it really shined a new light to me of her. Yeh her "bitch face" is something that she is most likely going to have a prob with for a while. >People tell me I look pissed all the time and then when they get to know me theyre like wow your a really hyper optimistic person<

    But I do think that she is a person who thinks very high of herself (which people should, don't get me wrong) but I think hers is to a point of smug-ness. Like those people who are like 'oh yeh I know this already, I know that, i've done that' etc.

    but like 4:46 said it is kinda cool because shes not always pulling that aaegyo (which gets damn annoying) card and is showing her true colors. I'd rather someone show me themselves upfront than for me to get to like them and then find out their not worth my time or in this entert. pov my $$$.

  30. As a female I like Krystal, but maybe that's because I'm not insecure about my appearance and can actually admit when someone is pretty and maybe(though very rarely) more attractive than me. I have always liked Krystal. I find her very charming. She seems mature for her age, maybe even a little sophisticated, either way I think she gets more crap than she deserves. She isn't trying to be cute 24/7 and she is always being herelf which is rare in the entertainment industry. I think she DOES think highly of herself, and I DO think she is a little arrogant, but hey, that is just how some peope are. Atleast she doen't pretend like some of these girls favorite "oppas" who probably even think that their shit doesn't stink. Let her be herself. No point in living a lie for the whole of her entertainment career. So what she has a bit of an ego, most male idols do and they never get called out for it. Krystal is young and pretty and works her ass off.I like her bitch-look. complete contrast to the I'm always happy look that someone like YoonA wears all the time

  31. she's a b*tch, no doubt about it, and most of the male idols work way harder than she does in skating *coughcough* Yunho. I have to say that collapsing like that was a bit too much lol I thought her partner had injured her or something

  32. Krystal's lived in Korea ever since she was really really young (5/6) because they all moved there when Jessica started training back in 2000, iirc. Even if she was being rude or not, it would hardly have anything to do influence from living in a country with different values.

  33. *to do with influence

  34. With the whole "Krystal-is-a-bitch-to-her-trainer" thing, i thought it looked like she liked him and was flirting.
    Also, some people associate good looks with being a bitch so thats why some people might call her one, but i dont really think shese that pretty anyway.
    I dont know her so i dont know if she is a bitch, she has given me no reason to think otherwise so yeah.

  35. Let's just understand this! Asian bitches born in the US are fucking bitches!

    Un nah stand?

  36. she's a b*tch, no doubt about it, and most of the male idols work way harder than she does in skating *coughcough* Yunho. I have to say that collapsing like that was a bit too much lol I thought her partner had injured her or something
    Yes, because Yunho's performances aren't always atrocious.

  37. what the hell is this article. please bring back the old writers please, the first few posts on this site was the best. now you guys have too many writers who defend too much. shit just got too serious/too much butthurt

  38. ^ This article is about fangirls who say Krystal is a rude and disrespectful bitch. Are you retarded?

  39. This fucking article sucks.
    You're basically devoting a WHOLE defending Krystal, what is this fukery? Just because of this article, I've lost some of my love for this blog. Go learn from the old writers, because this shit you just posted is sad.

  40. omg..what happened to this blog???!!! the new writers suck...

  41. ^ gee. if you are so butthurt, go fap elsewhere

  42. A typical and annoying kpop fangirl's post on antikpopfangirl ?! Something is not right here...

  43. at least she's real than almost idols and that's not delusional at all to see that
    this blog is not anti blog, shut the fuck up those bitches above.

  44. Oh wait, Krystal is 1994??
    Ok, she is a bitch, all 16 yr olds are bitches :/ Boys and Girls, both give enough attitude to fill up Kanye Wests ego.

    And i dont quite know why people are saying the writers suck, its like you all come here for tears of bagged idols.

    @anon 11:42
    Does comparing a picture of BOM to a plastic bag, or janice the muppet seem like they stan 2NE1.
    Or for coining the phrase Hyogre? LOL hyogre

  45. i opted not to post against this article. upon reading some comments, i strongly agree.. what a SHITTY article this is. it's a no-brainer.

  46. shes a bitch.. she has a bitch face and a fine one i must say. a little ass and titties she'll be fappable when shes legal.

  47. ...

  48. She did not faint, it is all a sympathy card.

  49. Eh.... yes, this article is like completely contrary to the point of this blog. This "quasi-angry/butthurt/defensive i<3krystal so don't you dare say anything bad about her or i'm gonna need a waaaaaaaaambulance" post has no place here.

  50. I think a lotta people stan Krystal cuz she's a bitch. Just saying.

  51. feel free to hate her. i dont care lol
    i like krystal. the funny thing is that ppl just read comments here and there and take it as reference.
    about that staff account, duh sm ent is not some shitty company fyi. i believe they already taught their artist on how to behave. even if she did make mistake, the company will warn her. imo, so what if she has some attitude issue, it's just a side effect growing up on ent. industry. she's still young

  52. Wow. A AKFG author is actually standing up for someone. *sarcastic claps.*



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