Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GP Basic wants to come to America to "study abroad" ?

Fuck no, we don't want them here either.


  1. last time i checked, they showed less skin than almost all kpop girl groups lol...

    their song sounds like a song you'd hear on radio disney lol....

    but yes, they have the potential to lindsey lohan or britney on us

  2. ^they do show less skin.
    lol what a label for a group of 12-14 yr olds :P.

    went and read the allkpop post. if it's just STUDYING than i'm okay with that. but once they try for the american market..."oh look! fail boat is here for you!"

  3. whatever happened to U-Kiss debuting in America? now that would be funny

  4. cool picture there... if only i could see it

  5. ^i'd like to see boyfriend try out America....

    that would be great entertainment....because....they'll actually have fans

  6. old perve for youngsterJuly 26, 2011 at 10:45 PM

    Gimme the young one. I want to teach her something that she'd never forget muhahahahahah

  7. @Anon 10:25: LOL give it a few seconds. Allkpop is slow when you hotlink it ^^.

  8. @BBBB
    take the "static" out of the link, some people (ME) cant see the picture. :P

  9. Edited (it came out freakishly small though).
    I usually save it to my computer, then upload directly to Blogger. Gifs need to be uploaded to an actual site though (tinypic is my site of choice).

  10. @unfaithful kpop fan
    Boyfriend debuting in america?
    They might actually make it with those justin bieber fans..

  11. they show less skin at this stage because Korea is conservative and their company wouldn't want to take a risk. and they don't have anything to show off anyway. not many people consider swollen mosquito bites to be attractive.

    and why do people want to see the picture so badly ? loool i suck at these blogging tricks and shit so thank you david , for editing.

  12. ^cause they wanna see their swollen mosquito bites


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