Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hippo-criticism: Fangirls and Me

I've been gone for 2 months and I come back to see everyone with essay posts so I wanted to do one too.

So first and foremost I would like to address an issue that has been brought up before.

Goddamnit I don't give a shit if I can or can't sing better than your favorite idol./rage

Frankly speaking, I am not the one on stage in front of the public. If you become an entertainer you have to be open to criticism or hate, but I guess fans don't know that.

Also when other people compare idols (or anything/anybody for that matter) they usually do it on the basis that the idol is being compared with other idols. So yeah when I see shit like "I'd like to see you sing better than *insert bad singer (Hyoyeon)* then yeah it just kind of makes me go wtf face.

I believe that it's ok to bash on idols because they are up there for entertainment. What's more entertaining then talking about how fugly Kwanghee looks?

But I don't think its alright for fans to bash others for speaking their mind. And yes...I admit that it is a very very very hypocritical statement coming from an author from this blog.

But I mean we bash delusion on here not specifically on fans opinions (or so I would like to believe).

But I'm done with my hypocritical rant and here's a picture of a hot racing model.


  1. yes, very hypocritical indeed, but on a more important note, that girl looks slightly like Subin from Dal Shabet.... *fap fapitty fap fap blowwww my juices*

  2. God, she needs to go to Japan and debut as a fucking AV idol.

  3. Ive seen before in someones else signature in allkpop forums. I wonder who is she since she seems popular

  4. She's hot as hell. One day I was in a karaoke building and I saw a really popular Korean model (forget which now). My eyeballs popped out, and I started fapping right in front of her. She just said, "oppa oppa oppa I be down down down down!"

    It was weird, and I felt bad afterwards.

  5. more info on that girl please

  6. Choi Byul-I. She's a racing model. Go to reallycuteasians.com since there are a lot of photos of her there.

  7. @ sulli_fag's comment: ROTFLMAO

  8. GOD DAMN. I thought I was the only one who knew about Choi Bihyul-I

  9. DAMN! I was totally going to comment on your article but you threw that picture at me and I lost what I was gonna say.

    She's so fucking hot *megusta*.

  10. Must... Comment... Not... Fap

    *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap*

  11. I see the word "hippo-criticism" and think "uee"

  12. That girl has boobs whereas most Korean girls are a bunch of flat bastards!


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