Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Because of Kpop ____

I'm shaking my damn head.

Because of Kpop I...

"Because of kpop... ive totally abandoned american music"

"Because of K-Pop...I abandoned American music for who knows how long ago. I don't know the current "trending" song or anything."

"Because of Kpop I I'm moving to Korea in the future. fo sho."

"because of kpop im convinced im marrying a hot korean guy living in korea with a cute korean kid"

"because of k-pop I too have abandoned U.S mainstream music, it doesn't seem to be as high quality as k-pop to me."

"Because of Kpop... I surprise random Korean people I meet when I have a better Korean pronunciation than the them"

"because of kpop i stopped listening to other kinds of music"

"Because of Kpop I no longer listen to English music"

"Because of Kpop I want to marry a Korean man"

"because of kpop, i sometimes consider myself korean lol"

"Because of Kpop I am going to move to korea! ^^"

"Because of Kpop I want to marry Taemin. AND I WILL! I SWEAR, I WILL! wait and see bitches."

 Seriously, what the fuck?

Abandoning American music for Kpop? Just what the hell. I don't see why someone would limit themselves to one genre of music (or music from a foreign country.) Sometimes I unplug my iPod and turn on the radio in the car and listen to classic rock. I couldn't see myself abandoning American music just for Kpop. No way in hell.

Why the hell do people want to move to Korea just because of Kpop? Jesus Christ. If you want to move to Korea just for Kpop then just sit on your ass and continue watching videos on Youtube. Most international Kpop fans are too lazy to learn hangeul so why the fuck should I think they'd be motivated enough to learn the language to survive in Korea? A dumbass fangirl can't go to Korea and expect to get around just by saying "oppa" all the damn time. The culture is vastly different from that in the U.S. (as if everyone didn't know that already) and I doubt every single fangirl would be able to adjust to it.

"Because of Kpop... I surprise random Korean people I meet when I have a better Korean pronunciation than the them" <-- Stop being fucking delusional. People work on their accent for years to remove as much as their accent as they possibly can and this person seriously thinks that just because they can say "oppa" and "saranghae" that they have better Korean pronunciation than Korean Americans? (For this person's sake, I'm hoping she meant Korean Americans. This person would be the definition of delusional if they really thought their Korean pronunciation was better than a native Korean.)

The next point I want to tackle is people wanting to marry a Korean. I don't have a problem with this except for one thing: why do they have to be Korean? Liking someone just because of their ethnicity is stupid and extremely shallow. If you're gonna like someone, like them for who they are, not just because their last name is Lee, Park, Kim, Jang/Chang, Jung/Chung, Kwon, Song, Ryu/Yu, etc. Seriously. It's okay to have preferences in Asian men/women because you happen to prefer their physical features more than other races, but to like them just because they're Asian is ridiculous.

"because of kpop, i sometimes consider myself korean lol" <-- Stop it. Just stop. I know 99% of the world (maybe the number is too high) have never suffered an ethnic identity crisis (consider yourselves lucky) but just stop it. Try to be proud of what you are instead of wanting to be another race/ethnicity. One, it's kicking your dad in the nuts and your mom in the ovaries for wanting to be another ethnicity. Well, if you hate your parents go ahead. Two, it makes you look stupid to the general public if you try to be something you're not. Well, you shouldn't really care what others think of you in the first place but you want to present yourself as a sane individual to society instead of a ___ wannabe.

God damn this was long.

So apparently Koreans have become an object to them...umm yeah okay. All the Korean authors on this blog...be scared, be very scared. Run for your damn life if you see a person staring at you in the supermarket for more than a minute.


  1. First, I don't care if someone wants to learn Korean, regardless of Kpop, Kdramas, wanting to bang a Korean celeb, etc. Learning another language can be good for you and you may as well learn a language in which you watch TV/movies, listen to music, read, etc. Koreans are generally nice people too.

    Second, I don't care if someone wants to VISIT South Korea. There are plenty of places for tourists to go in Korea.

    But all of this because you fap to your oppas and have no real interest in the REAL Korea? Fuck that. Just stick to Youtube and your damn fanfics.

  2. Talking about me and only me, watching dramas and such made me fall in love with the korean culture. Of course I find almost of the points above 100% stupid. I will never say "i feel korean" or "I wanna marry a korean guy". But I really like Asian features, be it korean, chinese, viet or such.
    I will never live there because i know i will never be able to abide the age hierarchy for example.
    And I mainly listen to kpop but I still listen to my forever loves the reggaeton and rap. I don't care if it's as good or not I just like it.

    Fangirls who thinks the points above are crazy.

  3. ...& people wonder why we dislike fangirls.

  4. there is more tO korea than kimchi and kpop....

    who am i kidding....no there isn't LOL

    i'd never drop american music for kpop...never...
    i think this is just my current fad

  5. but...koreans are objects. they sing and dance for us on stage in short skirts. what more could you want? personality? bah! more sex objects damnit!

  6. I.... have no words... However, I suddenly find myself in possession of a huge stockpile of facepalm.

  7. i prefer the physical features of koreans over any other asian and i like asians over white/hispanic/black people. so that would put koreans at the top for me. but that doesn't mean i'd get with someone JUST because they're korean. jeez, that would be...shallow as fuck.

  8. @anon 5:19
    I realize you're trying to be cute. You just make yourself out to be a racist misogynistic douchetard. Fun, huh?

    Also Korean, also agree with everything you wrote AKF. Funny thing is, people who make those kinds of comments have no idea they're being racist. They're just like "oOOooo Asians!! It's sooo ETHNIC and EXOTIC, i LOVE it and want to MARRY it!!!!" Blerg.

    Good post, thanks.

  9. @6:48 i realize you're trying to make yourself feel important, but your two cents are worthless. stop being a crybaby

  10. @6:34 I personally think Vietnamese men are quite hot too.

  11. When K-pop went international, it had sown the seeds of its own downfall.

  12. Because of kpop, my standards for music have lowered considerably. I will listen to almost anything.

  13. KWANGHEE OPPA'S BIGGEST FANJuly 12, 2011 at 8:16 PM





  14. Wow wow wow, u sure have a lot of time to collect all these random thoughts. In case u're interested, there're still much more out there, wish u luck with your bashing career.

  15. because of kpop (fans), i can't share opinions without being labeled as troll/ hater

  16. Yes, because it takes so much time (5 minutes tops) to copy and paste shit from one thread. Yes, so much time.

  17. I like kpop, but if people are putting as their pedestal for high quality music, then they must have pretty fucking low standards.

  18. Because of kpop, the abomination that is SNSD has corrupted the minds of female youth worldwide.

  19. this should be called antiinternationalkpopfangirl

  20. @Unfaithful KPOP fan:

    i'm not sure if you thought you were agreeing with the article or not... because if you did then you're retarded. "there is more tO korea than kimchi and kpop.... who am i kidding....no there isn't LOL"

    way to be a racist fucktard yo. so you think wherever you live is the shit ? Koreans don't go around saying "there is more to America than George Bush , obese lardballs with superiority complexes , and hamburgers... OH WAIT , who am i kidding ? no there isn't LOL"

    wow. the IQ level that some people possess amazes me.

  21. ^Too long, just like this essay of a post.

    "because of kpop i listen to great music !!!"
    Best one in my opinion.

  22. Because of kpop, I have been introduced to a world of idiots.

    //sometimes I think I should have stuck to being a metal elitist.

  23. Oh, I saw this thread and my level of disgust for the users on 6theory just kept rising. LOL at the person who thinks they can speak Korean better than actual Koreans.

    All of my opinions on this topic have already been voiced by the author of this post, though.

    I'd also like to add that fangirls who ARE Korean and purposely type in Hangul on AKP or 6theory to "prove" that they're Korean and are BETTER than everyone else are just as ridiculous. I actually saw someone asking for proof that someone else was Korean by saying, "What's your NateOn id then?" Facepalm.

    Everyone, just start acting right. For fuck's sake.

  24. WTF, is everybody in that thread fucking teenagers or something. Seems like the mindset of a teenager.

  25. ^yeah, most people on allkpop are like 12 year old delusional fangirls. it's almost impossible to find intelligent opinions in their forums,

  26. any fangirl from the west definitely would not want to go to Korea. i've seen so many Korean Americans talk about how suppressed women are there. and then the fangirls always say "oh~ but i'm conservative so i would fit in" no you fucking wouldn't wearing high neck lines is only a small portion of being suppressed smh

    i understand a lot of Americans have culture identity issues because our race is so all over the place and it's the current trend to hate our own pop culture but smh

  27. But..because of kpop I do want to learn korean and visit sk someday =X

  28. half of these comments here annoys me.AKF this article is beyond perfect! I really loved it.

    What's funny though is that kpop fans think that they escape american music when they listen to kpop. sorry fans, but kpop is heavily influenced by american music, so even when you listen to kpop you're still stucked with american music.
    oh and I find it funny when kpop fans bash american singer, when your "oppa" and "unni" would KILL to be at their place. Yes, you oppa and unnie are overworked, they dont get enough food OR money - but oooops look at american singers. They worked as much (or more considered that theyre famous around the world) as kpop idols yet they earn 1000000000000000000000000 times more.

    So keep bashing kpop fans LOL xD

    - Always support AKF <3

  29. I can relate to some of the "because of kpop" thingies.
    Ofc some fangirls take this shit too far with the 'because of kpop i want to be korean'
    But really because of kpop,my interest about not just Korea but Asia and the countries and cultures within became a lot stronger.Im find myself wanting to go and live in Hong Kong and Shanghai and Seoul and Tokyo,and all of this started because of Vanness Wu "Autumns Concerto" and Siwon and SJ...and..and.

  30. @blackbeltbabee

    "way to be a racist fucktard yo. so you think wherever you live is the shit ? Koreans don't go around saying "there is more to America than George Bush , obese lardballs with superiority complexes , and hamburgers... OH WAIT , who am i kidding ? no there isn't LOL"

    wow. the IQ level that some people possess amazes me. "

    addressing me with yo and using words like "fucktard;" and trying to spell baby in a different way to look "cool" sure does look good for your IQ level as well.

    everyone's a racist, i'm just showing my ignorance. get it straight, "yo." and stop taking stuff too seriously, "yo." maybe you'll catch the joke, "yo."

  31. @blackbeltbabee
    Oh dude burn.
    Now lets read your comeback.
    *please let it be good please let it be good*

  32. @Unfaithful KPOP fan

    If what you posted was a joke or to be humorous, glad you arent a comedian because it fucking sucks yo. It doesnt deliver as a joke......you ass.

  33. err..
    what's the point of this??
    you get my nerves up.
    try to make simple...please?
    I HATE to read the whole thing to get your point!!!
    make it straight forward.
    and you only HATE K-pop fan girl?? -.-|||
    all fan boys and fan girls are NUTS okay!!!!!!!
    it just stupid!!!

  34. blackbeltbaybee should be curb stomped asap

  35. @1st Anon 8:14 Sorry you suck at reading. If you knew how to read you would have known that each paragraph tackles a different issue. No one had to read the whole if they had wanted to. And why are you on a blog of all things if you're complaining about reading. lmao. Go back to your hut and your $1/day job.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. *No one had to read the whole article if they didn't want to.

    God damn, so many typos.

  38. because of kpop...i found out there's so many stupid people in this world....D:

    no seriously i saw that thread on AKP and wanted to punch someone. those people that said they want to marry korean just because of kpop are dumbasses. they think all koreans look like their oppas and unnies and it's going to be like kdrama.
    also the people on the AKP thread blame kpop for having no life and failing in school should blame themselves.

    But seriously there's some delusional fanboys who think they can marry SNSD too so it's the same lmao.

  39. Gotta love it when people rage over misinterpreted sarcasm

  40. bbbb got mad. whut. how dare you anger this opinionated little fuck. just - no. her kimchi iq is higher than all you bitches plus your kpop friends added together yo. don't be jealous cause you is beautiful and she is pitiful,ok! leave her alone :(

  41. Tears rolling down my face.
    This post has moved me :')

  42. This is mine: "Because of K-pop, it made me more interested in fashion and style."

    I find mine more reasonable than the ones you just mentioned. I don't want to go to Korea just because of Idols, but to go shopping and find sites to see there. Besides, if you were to go to Seoul or any other place in Korea, most likely you won't be able to see the idol(s) you like.

  43. i want to go to korea not because of Kpop but because of what i've seen in 1n2d...

    i pity those who blame kpop because of failing grades, they should blame themselves for not balancing their time well...

  44. self-proclaiming your ignorance is a great fallback plan. and awh look , 10:23 cared enough to look up my profile <3 did you see the email link ?

    good. go cry me a river.

  45. hahahahha.... HAHAHHA... just.. LOL.

  46. ^I love this girl! And wow, I like how unfaithful probably wrote a bunch of anonymous comments so he could back himself up. You're retarded. So you're admitting that your comment was racist and yet you insist that it was meant as a joke and didn't actually mean it? Choose one; you can't have both.

  47. Oops, I (9:30) meant my comment to be aimed at BBBB.

  48. @blackbeltbabe, u should post any emails u get from haters:D

  49. I love this site. So much. I'm a girl, I'm 13, and I love Kpop, but most of those fanboys/fangirls makes me wanna break their kneecaps with a wrench.
    Agree with every single you wrote. Give up American music for Kpop? HELLL NOO.
    Go to Korea and marry a guy just because he's Korean? HELL NOO.
    I swear that if one more dumbass Kpop fan calls me a troll/hater and other shit when I say that Hyuna looks like a whore in bubble pop I'm going to find them and shoot them.

  50. The shit fangirls say these days really is creepy.

  51. http://antikpopfangirl.blogspot.com/2011/07/because-of-kpop.html#comment-form

  52. gosh .. people are so one-sided .... I admit K-pop is awesome but it's just wrong to give up other genres of music .... I believe we should always listen to a variety ... not everything in the world revolves around Kpop .. or even Korean for that matter ....

  53. so neckbeard spergs love anime and want to move to japan. legbeard spergettes love kpop and want to move to korea.


  54. Because of Kpop I found this. I can understand where they are coming from. As I am also super into K-pop. I also want to move to Korea. But, I plan on taking steps. Such as going to a college to learn Korean. But then again. I have always wanted to go live in another country. Since I was in elementary school.

    But also, because of K-pop I found myself listening to american top 40 music stations again. I had stopped for over 5 years but just now started listening to it again after listening to enough kpop that I wanted to see what America had to offer also. I will say, that K-pop is better than American but I wouldn't necessarily put it off completely.

    What did I listen to before then? I listened to mostly rock. Which is awesome but, I need some variety.

    Also the marry a korean man, I don't think these girls are necessarily biased to only ever like korean men, but they certainly like the idea. I personally feel that the personalities you see in the idols are different from normal Korean Men. But that still doesn't keep them from wishing.

    Now, the girl who thinks she has a better accent. Is really silly. I mean, seriously? Though I'm certain speaking gets a lot easier when you already have heard the correct pronunciation before learning.

  55. I agree with this. I hate when people abandon their countries music just because they like another countries more. Like...seriously?

  56. ya that can get annoying but seriously "i want to marry a korean guy..."

    you haven't lived in asia darlings where you see all the ugly and tacky looking guys who think they look cool (not saying that other cultures don't have wannabes too)
    but seriously

  57. want to learn korean..lawls..it's not going to help you besides just being able to listen to kpop..which btw is NO WHERE close to as good as american music..not going to help you in ur life

  58. well i'm absolutely agreee..most of korean fans love them coze of their dramas n song..n they DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT KOREANS CULTURE..my friends are a huge fan of koreans..BECAUSE OF KPOP..I HAVE THE DUMBEST FRIENDS EVER..i like this blog..i can expresss my feeling about this fucking korea..hehehe

  59. while i don't typically agree with your opinions on this blog, i have to agree 100% with this one.

    thats so stupid. so you like kpop, that's awesome. i love kpop too. but i'm not going to go around screaming how i'm going to live in a korean fantasy.

    kpop is still music, whether you like it or not. music is music. music is not marriage, or living, or careers, or your ethnicity. music, is music.

  60. omg everything here is the same with me LOl except for the taemin part. LMAAOOO AT THT ONE.
    Anyway, I still know some english songs popular right now so I havent entirely abandoned english music. jkays.

  61. the kwanghee part is awesome! and i really want to beat the crap out of those people calling shitty band like CN Blue awesome just because they're a korean band working in japan, lots of effort bla bla bla while actually the songs they had at that time were all crap! they really need proofreaders! awful songs has been invading japan lately T.T

  62. I have nothing against KPOP but these days I'm beginning to hate it with a burning passion because of its crazy-ass fans who's lives seemed to only revolve around their idols. I'm tired of hearing my friends and co-workers, who are die-hard KPOP fangirls that they're wives of their KPOP idols, even declaring in Facebook that they're married to them, WTF. It's just stupid and annoying because we all know it's not true. They're trying to live in this fucking fantasy life even though they're not kids anymore. They're 20-year old adults for fuck's sake.

  63. ^dude, it's the same with every other fandom.

    you don't hate it because it's actually that bad, but you hate it because of the fanbase.

  64. I am half Korean, and yeah..many other Japanese and Chinese want korean husband or wife, that's just so damn ridiculous...

  65. haha so fuckin right. ive been there. and btw, NOT ALL KOREANS you see are NATURAL. they're face is RENOVATED BY PLASTIC SURGERY like that of JiYeon. and wtf? goddess? like hell yeah, plastic surgery damn koreans. and marrying a korean? dude, i have a korean penpal and she told me all there is, koreans are handsome, tall, rich are so not fucking true. and btw, our country is being filled with some koreans who keeps spreadin their disease in here! and all our tv shows are so dumped by korean dramas and jap and taiwanese dramas and so as our local dramas are not being appreciated here! ive had enough of their fucking craziness. srsly. wtf? calling every korean oppa? unnie? ugh. they sucks i want them to self-destruct with their idols and detonate ryt now! im so tired of listening to their music which has no sense at all and trolling with some english grammars they cant pronounce it well btw!

  66. @randomuser
    yeah this post also moved me to tears; tears still keep rolling in mah cheeks. hahaha. not to be personal, but koreans are fucking everywhere and think they look so awesome like fuck. keeps stealing american ideas bout music. tsk. and hell they keep on trending in twitter i fucking hate to see those damn snsd who gives a fuck?!

  67. I think this post is too mainstream though :\ However, I definitely know of people that are over obsessed of Kpop in this manner. I love Kpop too, but saying 'I wish I was korean' blah blah blah is HELL CREEPY. Neither do I give up listening to songs of my own mother tongue or at least in a language that I understand.
    I'm NOT criticizing your post, really! But I wish you can understand that there are Kpop fans out there like me that aren't as obsessive as you think we are [My tolerance level for people like this is almost 0]

  68. I like Korea just bc of korea!! But i got to know korea better trough kpop so yeah... I am currently learning the language but its not just korea i like asian things. But i do get why you hate fangirls i am fangirl but not too obsessive i have different reasons to like asia/korea not just kpop or whatever. I kinda hate fangirls too. And i hate my own country way before kpop so it didnt change that eather. But i get your point!! Oh and i too wanna say i dont wanna be westerner i wanna be asian but its not like omg i wanna be KOREAN ... I just like asian features so so much better.


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