Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eyoung looks lonely; I'll stan her out of pity

아저씨 already had a lovely review of the ASB music video but I kind of already wrote this, and as the adage goes, waste not, want not.

So here's some asshat.

Where’s my wig snatching Lee Ji — oh, this isn’t Fin.KL

Once I get my computer fixed I will be shopping some of those balloons into the shape of anvils, so I can imagine Raina’s face get smashed more piglike than it already is.

While deciding whether I wanted to roundhouse Riji or Lamena first, I came to the realization that Eyoung is an adorable princess and the only one to not make me gag from diabetes. I’ve never felt anything but pity for Jooyeon (can’t sing, can’t dance, Nana is a more attractive model so she can’t even be the face) :C poor girl, hope she milks this for all it’s worth.

Video execution: cheap set, basic choreo, kind of tacky, can’t afford background dancers so stick in your next flop boygroup instead (I like the smiley guy tho, at least he looks like he gaf), oh no we’re losing viewership so let’s just have them hold balls and have Lizzy make sexfaces and suck lollipops. Suck hard, Lizzy, suck hard, use the only god-given talent you have.

It would be a lie, however, to say I didn’t somewhat enjoy this. Whether it’s because the recent exposure to mindnumbing(dumbing) sugary asian pop acquaintance have force fed me (likely), my atrophying sense of stylistic taste (also likely), or just the realization that if I don’t dumb my standards down I would immediately jump ship into the caverns of the mouth of a Great White (dingdingding)… well, I though Eyoung (is it Leeyoung officially romanized?) was genuinely adorable and the song wasn’t complete shit!

…the same cannot be said for ASRed’s 5doll-basic level of an asstune. They better have the dirtiest choreo to grace mankind to make up for their trolling.

^LIEK THIS MUCH (Ilu whoever made this)


  1. WTF at the gif .

  2. Since making that post I realized there is some big scandal about it being based on (i.e. ripping off) a Fin.K.L song.
    Some think the "based on" thing is just to cover their asses.

  3. @ChineseNarwhal, that, my friend, is the stuff of fandom dreams. Jugs groping Kahi if you're new.

    @아저씨 oh yeah, they be trying to relive FinKL glory days

  4. yeah, as soon as i heard the intro i was like this is straight up FinKL's Forever Love.
    i don't really mind them ripping off old songs tho that has been the trend lately.. buying copyright songs, recycling songs etc etc.

    OG AS it's still the best to me. the new ones is still irrelevant. personally i don't even think Nana is that hot. worst is Raina tho i can't stand that bitch acting cute. other than that the song is ok.

  5. Perfect AS was BOY imo

  6. Ugh I wish I could rub myself all up on Kahi like that

  7. Wait hold on, isn't she 40?

  8. ^ she could be 50 if she still got that look i'd bang that shit 24/7.

  9. Is the ASRed mv out yet???

  10. 30 is like 50 years old in the idol world lol.

  11. Kahi is an antique, then.
    Seriously, compared to Namie or even Hyori she hasn't aged that well.

  12. to quote an old movie, "i'd knock the dust off of that pussy"

  13. dude....i like eyoung.
    not even gonna lie! watched the mv just for her.
    i feel..bad for her. she's got some talent and she gets stuck in the background of chicks like lizzy. but i wonder if she's dumb or something? why have talents that DON'T fit in an idol group, and debut in one nonetheless!

    fuck, i'll stan her too! she found my weak spot of "decently pretty girl" meets "good enough reason" meets "pity".

  14. Ever since she shredded that guitar on a Bang perf, i decided to quit stanning Nana and stan her instead.


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