Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally, someone thought of the children!

So Rainbow was chosen to do the theme song for a children's cartoon called Zoobles. They recently held a press event/Zoobles stage show, and so naturally Rainbow was invited to come and sing the theme song for the kids.

Aw, how sweet... More after the break.

They also thought it would be a good idea to perform a couple of their sexy songs.

"Look at dat ass, children, LOOK AT IT!"

The characters in the background sure seem to be excited about it. I couldn't find any normal recordings of the performance, but I did find a couple Woori fancams.

I'm glad to see DSP/Rainbow having such a progressive attitude in deciding to perform these. The children may not have any ability to comprehend the appropriate application of sexuality, nor discernment of what makes it different from other ways of presenting yourself, and it may well not be legally appropriate for them for another 10 years, but at least now they will have some understanding of one way it is used in the world. Rainbow believes in education.


  1. you know what the monkey in the back is thinking right...

  2. and that bear...and that rabbit..and that car..and that dog

    holy crap she hit her own titty:


  3. Erm.....nice...legs. .___.

  4. It feels good to know that even skinny famous (im not sure if they are rich) girls have cellulite :)

  5. ....All I saw in that first video were boobs.

  6. where are the jaekyung and hyunyoung fancams! Everyone knows they're the only ones that count D:!
    lol and what ass?! this is seung ah we're talking about!

  7. I once dated a lovely Chinese girl with some sexy ass thighs. Hyun Young's looks so scrumptious.

  8. oh woori... you nymph... when you flung off your hairband...

    *waves pound bills at laptop screen*

  9. WHOA BRO!
    Cool It With The Big Words!!
    LOLOL xD

  10. Hyunyoung's expression in first pic turns me on.


  11. LOL really? this was at a kid's events? LOL

    Why didn't they just perform Gosship Girl instead?
    Just to teach kids on how to they pronounce "Gossip" xD

  12. Note that even in Korea, the children get exposed to sex at a very early age.

  13. @liley Technically it can be called cellulite, but a very minor form, not what most people mean when they use that word. Also it is more likely that her skin is twisting because in that part of the choreo she's forcefully shaking her ass.

    @friglet: No way, they are all hot... Okay, so Yoonhye not as much, but it's nowhere near a Hyoyeon situation with her.

    @11:17 Yeah she has been getting fit and she's all sporty-sexy now.

  14. I want my head between Hyunyoung's thighs.

  15. woori's waist is fuqqin SMALLLL

  16. AKF you mean these thighs?



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