Saturday, July 30, 2011

'WTF is this fuckery?' of the week.

''TEEN TOP revealed their 1st mini-album and attracted netizens’ attentions with their title song.
Right after they revealed their song and lyrics (No More Perfume on You) on 26th July, we can see some sensible reactions from some noona fans. 
Lyrics from “No More Perfume on You” has some lines like ‘Noona’s fragrance is very very sweet. No one around me has that kind of fragrance from their body. Noona’s make-up is very very beautiful. It’s unbelievable, but that pretty noona is mine.’ and ‘Noona’s body is very very sexy. Everybody says it’s 10 points out of 10 points.” That part of the lyric receives some attention for their embarrassing confession to a noona.
Some noona netizens who likes younger-man posted some reactions like ‘Noona’s body is 0 points out of 10 points’, ‘A good fragrance and make-up is possible, but on body, I will work harder’, ‘I’m happy because I feel like the lyric is pointing me out’. And we can also see some denial reactions on perfume ‘I need to throw away all perfumes in my home’, ‘Because you told me not to spray my perfume, I guess I’ll spray some air freshener’, ‘I’m not spraying it because you said don’t spray it’, etc.''
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If shit like this pops up enough I might just make it a weekly feature.


  1. If they are serious, that's pretty alarming.
    But they must be joking ^_^ (right ??!)

  2. yeah, they are joking and they actually made you laugh so isnt that a good thing?

  3. I didn't laugh. I was surprised and I was wondering if they were actually crazy or bad at joking ^^

  4. If Teen Top said "Noona's fish smell, I like it" would
    Noona's around Korea never wash it again?

  5. i imagine these zombie noonas typing away at their computers. "DO AS TEEN TOP SAYS O____O...."
    of course it's all jokes but still...

  6. i like how Korean netizens are actually really funny, like you always see funny comments and stupid mashup pictures of an idol's face on a random gif or picture

    but international fans just make shitty "edits" on tumblr why do we suck

  7. ^
    Come now, i think an international fan made the "Sulli-dick-suck" Gif

  8. ^ Best thing ever made.


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